Is Xbox One's fast food fetish unethical?

Microsoft will soon add voice-activated pizza delivery to its Xbox One console. Just say ‘Domino's, feed me’, at your Kinect sensor and pizza will arrive at your door within 30 minutes. In doing so, argues Dan Howdle, Microsoft has broken down the last barriers between fast food and the world’s most sedentary subculture.

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aviator1891134d ago

Unethical? No. I think it's just more convenient for some people, assuming they have a kinect.

thorstein1134d ago

[He] Keeps Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What [he] Thinks It Means

bunt-custardly1133d ago ShowReplies(3)
SilentNegotiator1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

This is the dumbest article I've read all day.

There's already several ways to quickly order pizza; apps, websites, the PHONE (honestly, who believes that the "barrier" between using the phone and barking at a Kinect is really massive?)...

rainslacker1133d ago

Honestly I could see this app being used more during football than gaming. Having been a pizza delivery driver in the past, people watching sports get more pizza than people playing games.

Pizza isn't exactly easy to eat while playing a game.

Robearboy1133d ago

Lol at the irony, "is it ethical to purchase a pizza from your Xbox" as you sit on your.arse for 4-5 hours playing the thing, they should make the pizza ordering "only.available on kinect" so no mixed messages are portrayed

jimmins1133d ago

Perhaps read the article before commenting? Nah.

Robearboy1133d ago

I was referring more headlines more than the actual article, it's sataire

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WeAreLegion1133d ago

Life is short. Even after losing a great deal of weight, I like to enjoy some pizza every once in awhile. Everything in moderation.

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The story is too old to be commented.