Fallout 4: Bethesda VP says fans shouldn’t expect info anytime soon

Undoubtedly, there has been a veritable storm of speculation in regards to Fallout 4 as of late.

Last month, the executive producer of VGX, Geoff Keighley, tweeted an image stating that he had a “great night planning with the ladies who run Bethesda,” hinting at the minute possibility of a major game announcement – possibly Fallout 4 – at this year’s VGX.

Furthermore, just today, Bethesda has apparently filed for 2 patents related to the Fallout license in Germany. The patents are for Fallout: Shadow of Boston and Fallout: Ultimate Collection. With these 2 aforementioned developments, could Bethesda be gearing up for a Fallout 4 announcement sometime in the near future?

Unfortunately, according to Bethesda vice president Pete Hines, the answer is most likely a simple, resounding, “No," staying that fans shouldn't expect any info "anytime soon."

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BigBosss1381d ago

yeah, but now we know that the game is in the works! :D

DesertFoxJr1381d ago

That's true, but we all know how tight-lipped both Bethesda and Hines can be.

kalkano1381d ago

You know A game is in the works. Everyone just assumes that it's Fallout 4. It might be. It might not be.

Jonny5isalive1381d ago

This game I want the most.

XanderZane1381d ago

Probably won't be ready until late 2016. Hopefully they will give us some info next year at the E3 or at least at Gamescom. Even a little teaser wouldn't hurt.

Tempest3171381d ago

I personally hope they don't release any info until it's almost ready to release...i really hate getting teasers and hearing info about games years in advance, at least when it comes to established IPs. New IPs it makes sense, they have to establish a fan base...experienced IP's don't need that exposure, so they should announce it's in development, then open the floodgates when its nearly ready.

St0rm_Cr0w1381d ago

Don't be naive. Its years away and Bethesda are ***holes for treating their fans this way.

PabloMustasch1381d ago

Why are they ###holes?

I'm more than happy to wait as long as the game is top notch quality when it's finished

Or should they rush the game out half finished


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-Foxtrot1381d ago

Well hopefully they are lying because no announcement in December will just be a total p*** take in my opinion

We are due for Fallout 4 next year, if they don't announce it in December like they did with Skyrim in 2010 then we are not going to see Fallout 4 until 2016...and nobody wants that

Fallout 3 came out in 2008
Skyrim came out in 2011

3 Years apart, we're overdue for a Fallout game

DesertFoxJr1381d ago

I need my Fallout. I'm a withdrawing addict, and Bethesda is my dealer...and yet, they slight me so.

BlackTar1871381d ago

Seriously, Fallout is the game i want to play the most out of everygame. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SAY SOMETHING OTHER THEN DON'T WAIT AROUND FOR ANY NEWS.

St0rm_Cr0w1381d ago

I also think I'll haunt the earth as an undying rage wraith if I should die without playing Fallout 4. It sucks.

Spikeantestor1381d ago

Isn't that amazing? It's been 6 years since Fallout 3 and it could be another year or two before we play it's sequel. I realize New Vegas and Skyrim take the sting out a bit but it really has been a long time.

IVanSpinal1381d ago

another Skyrim with terrible bugs? please no, 2016 sounds better

-Foxtrot1381d ago

Dosen't matter how long you wait, it's Bethesda, there will be bugs

The more time they work on it the more stuff they'll want to add/do...the more stuff that they add with extra development time means there will be new bugs created by the new features.

chippychan1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

You know what's crazy to me? My daughter was 10 when Fallout 3 came out, and if Fallout 4 doesn't release until 2016 (which I actually feel is much more possible then a 2015 release) she will be 18.... 18!! She'll be a friggin' legal adult.

THAT is what tells me it's been a really, really long time coming. :P

... at least she'll be able to come to the midnight release with me this time, she already says she wants too. :)

generic-user-name1381d ago

It's not as simple as that but even going by your logic it'd be:

Fallout 3-2008

So that's a gap of 2 years and then 3, so their dev time increases with every game, meaning a 4 year gap this time meaning a 2015 release, so it's not overdue. Add in the fact that they have to get used to new hardware and that adds more time.

If we're lucky they may even give us a new engine that improves their terrible animation, which would take even more time.

I'm looking forward to the next Fallout but I can wait til 2016 if it means a better game. Besides 2015 is gonna be a great year for games regardless of FO4 or not.

OutcastMosquito1381d ago

Sorry foxtrot, making games doesn't work like that. They could've recently started earlier this year on developing it, who knows.

-Foxtrot1381d ago


Just started developing a huge selling game like Fallout 4 this year....I highly doubt that, they would of started this the second Skyrim finished.

OutcastMosquito1380d ago

@ Foxtrot

Bethesda announced earlier this year that they have begun developing their next big title. Don't quote me on this but it's most likely Fallout 4. Nobody knows for certain. They might have gone through some rough drafts of what the story may be or what the characters may look like years ago. What I do know is that they've only recently been developing in full force what very well may be the next fallout.

Gatsu1381d ago

Yeah couldn't agree more and I hope we get it soon :(. I love playing in the Fallout world a lot more than TES. Just traveling around in the wastelands with all the Super Mutants, Ghouls and maniacs etc is so awesome imo.

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King_of_Nothing1381d ago

Yea... not what I wanted to hear =(

OmegaZKing131381d ago

Eh. I think they're yanking our chain. Of course they would deny it. Nobody wants to announce a game that we already know we are going to see. Nothing creates hype like that initial reveal. Bethesda knows this. That leak before Skyrim's reveal kinda soured the surprise(although I must admit not that much). Also, am I the only one who remembers how Bethesda denied werewolves in Skyrim forever. Look how that turned out.
P.S. I still haven't forgotten that four on your Christmas card, Bethesdy!

CocoWolfie1381d ago

;__; like not tomorrow soon, but maybe next week soon yeah? yeah? *wipes tears*

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