Six Reasons You Will Love Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer Game

Everyone is talking about Advanced Warfare’s new exoskeleton player movement mechanics. Yes it's a “game changer” but we share with you six additional things we are certain CoD fans will love about the newest installment of the CoD franchise.

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Datgoon11054d ago

Is it really a "game changer"?? Is that a good thing for this franchise? Don't get me wrong this franchise needs new upgrade and new ways to improve the cod multiplayer experience.

Fizzerd1054d ago

Yes, it is. And yes, it is.

Matt6661054d ago

Not really we seen a lot of perks and some of the weapons from the previous CODs, also not the mention the lag compensation.

vallencer1054d ago

Yes it is a game changer. Without it it would just be another call of duty. With it it'd call of duty and more. At its core it's still cod but the exo suit is just so good!!

Christopher1054d ago

Does it still focus primarily on the gains of the individual rather than working as a team? Does it remove the goal of awarding you points for your individual successes or does it replace it with one where your team is awarded solely based on their successes by working together as a team?

If it still doesn't do that, I'm still not interested.

FullmetalRoyale1054d ago

Does Dragon Age: Inquisition let me use a machine gun, instead of a sword?

If not then I'm still not interested in it. See how stupid that looks?

The reason I used Inquisition as an example is because it is my most anticipated game of the year. Also, I am loving Advanced Warfare.

Christopher1054d ago

@Fullmetalroyale: Yes, you're comparing a fantasy game to a game with guns when I'm comparing competitive multiplayer that awards people for teamwork rather than just their personal ability to kill more people. That does in fact look stupid, as far as comparisons go.

FullmetalRoyale1054d ago


I was referring to you wanting a game to change what it is about. I thought that was pretty clear.

Christopher1054d ago

@FullmetalRoyale: I don't see how including team-based gameplay would change what it is. Many games have single-person focused and team-focused multiplayer modes.

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tlougotg1054d ago

I have it on Ps4 and dont think its a game changer. It is fun but idk BO2 movement wise, graphics wise and mp in general just felt better to me. ive placed top on a few occassions but i still feel ppl die wayyyyyyy too fast in this game and rounds go too quickly.

By the way im not saying the game isnt good because it is but i just dont see all the raving. Compared to Ghost any game is better so this one definitely is but when compared to BO2 which i enjoyed immensely i think it falls short in many way.

3-4-51054d ago

It's a big step in the right direction for COD.

I don't think the next two games will have the same type of movement, but they will do their own "different" things.

I think with the 3 year dev cycle and 3 dev studios, we will see more noticeable differences in the COD's that are released from now on.

* I could completely see Treyarch's COD game in 2015 being absolutely NOTHING like this.

This game is really fun though. Enjoying it a lot.

Newmanator1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

Can you offer a suggestion? What could they do different that would risk losing fans who like how it plays currently? I eagerly await how you think they could change it while keeping the much loved mechanics the same.

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Exies71054d ago

Meh, it's coming in the mail through gamefly but my expectations are pretty low as I don't usually enjoy COD games, but hey, who knows? Maybe I'll love it.

WeAreLegion1054d ago

How is the co-op? I can't stand competitive stuff.

BurntWolfAnkles1054d ago

Definitely very competitive (feels like everyone is a pro player), been getting killed from behind most times, also it is lightning fast and I'm usually decent at shooters but man I'm getting absolutely destroyed in this game. Still a good bit of fun though.

LegendZelda1054d ago

This is my fav CoD game since Black Ops 1!

Kidmyst1054d ago

I like the new addition of these items and the loot rewarded between rounds. I got a helmet that only lasts 30 min though but I want the helmet permanently just for the look. Overall with the game I'm pleased what Sledgehammer has brought, maybe will replace Treyarch. Plus it runs smooth on my PC.

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