Silent Hill 5 is for the PS3?

Waaaay back in July there was this rumor going around that Silent Hill 5 is in the works. Now, as an update to that earlier article which could either fan the flame or totally kill it, Jeux-France reports that the fifth installment of the popular series is indeed in the works, and not only that, the lucky chosen console for it is the PS3.

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Bhai4400d ago

Great news indeed, still I won't be surprised if this game goes multi-platform for in the current-gen, even when there were around 30+ million PS2s in homes, Konami gave MGS2 and Silent-Hill2 to Xbox and PC...they're like one of the first Japanese devs who go multiplatform alongwith Tecmo. In any case it sure is good to know that Konami prefers PS3 as it is the console of choice for the Japanese audience, and a system that is popular in Japan is the system that leads the market. This has been test-proven !!!

TheXgamerLive4400d ago

Did you even read the article!!

This is just a ps3 fanboy rumor, and not, I repeat NOT a Konami statement. It will not be a ps3 exclusive, nor does Konami prefer the ps3 anymore, since the MGS4 fiasco. The game looks and plays horrid on that system.

wait and see.

NubreedLive4400d ago

so I assume Mr. [email protected](XGamer) that your like a top of the line dev in Konami and you played MGS4...
anyway......MY opinion is that the game wont be PS3 exclusive, it will go multi after its release on PS3, cause as the first guy said, if a system is a success in Japan, then its the way to go then... look at the DS

marionz4399d ago

that this game would only come out on the most powerfull next gen comsole, so i guess that means its a 360 exclusive :p

devv054400d ago

Would be too bad, I'd like it to come to Xbox 360 as well.

RuffRyder4400d ago

Im just counting down the days when they finally admit that this will go multiplatform.

MissAubrey4400d ago

I doubt it. Itll be only on the Wii.

NubreedLive4400d ago

My prediction is that it will go Multi-Plat... cause its just to expensive to stick with one console....

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