GameStop ad (11/5 - 11/11)

This week's GameStop ad has gone live.

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Kakashi Hatake1385d ago

When is Gamestop going to get out of bed with Microsoft. Their ads are so MS centric it isn't funny.

CoryHG1385d ago

it's whoever pays them the most money. They could care less about the games, it who pays for the advertising.

DivineAssault 1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I agree but americans stick together in this game... Politics & corruption.. Everyone knows that PS4 is the best console for multiplats but xb1 isnt that bad.. Im going to buy it when the slim version gets made & more original PERMANENT exclusives get released...

All the gamestops i go to have employees that encourage their customers to go PS4 but whatevs.. Sony, MS, & Nintendo need eachother for good competition & evolution that helps us all in the end with innovative games, hardware, & prices

Borma1385d ago

Lol under the Titanfall picture it says "Also on PS4 and PC." Oops.

DC19801385d ago

I must say, that Urban Camoflauge Dualshock 4 controller looks badass