‘Need for Speed: No Limits’ is Confirmed as an Upcoming Mobile Game

Now if you take a look, IGN spotted a logo of a new Need for Speed game under the title “No Limits” and it was confirmed by EA that this title is a mobile exclusive game in partnership with Ken Block.

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WeAreLegion1350d ago

No_Limit is going to be happy about this.

No_Limit1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Not really. I didn't get any royalty for it. :(

Iceball20001350d ago

BRING US NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 3 please! That's the only NFS game I've been waiting for!

porkChop1350d ago

As long as it's not made by Criterion. They ruined Most Wanted.

MRHARDON1350d ago

Also, as long as it's not published by EA, they ruined every franchise they have published recently.

CerealKiller1350d ago

No Limits to the amount of micro-transactions EA will include in this game.