Hundreds of New Features Delivered in Xbox One’s First Year

Later this month marks the one year anniversary of Xbox One. As we look back on the year, one of the best marks of progress for Xbox One has been our commitment to delivering continuous innovation. When Xbox One launched, we said we were deeply committed to our fans and our ongoing service updates have delivered hundreds of new features throughout the year. In fact, we launched a new website, Xbox Feedback, to enable us to hear from you directly and let you vote for your favorite ideas. We received thousands of new feature recommendations and more than three quarters of a million votes this past year, and your feedback played a huge role in shaping new experiences on Xbox One. Keep them coming!

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KionicWarlord2221293d ago

The Xboss and da xbox family laid down that work this year.

christocolus1293d ago

The update team have done a terrific job so far,i wonder what they have planned for January and February.

donthate1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Can you believe that this is achieved in a span of 9 months? It is not even a year since the monthly updates started.

At this pace I don't think anyone can catch up to MS relentless pace of feature releases!

Sonital1293d ago

It's been a good year. Only real outstanding items for me is to make sure that party chat is 100% reliable and that Twitch will then also broadcast party chat. Neither ruin the experience but would be great to have.

Other than that, I'm really happy!

yarbie10001293d ago

I never have party chat issues unless someone in the group has a strict or moderate NAT on their connection

Sonital1293d ago

I don't know what causes it and I'm not keen on finding out, I just expect it to work. It's been a lot better recently though and a hard reset always fixes it.

Exies71293d ago

Xbox certainly personifies the phrase, "Work with what you got" and they're certainly doing great at the moment.

jrshankill1293d ago

Say what you want about the Xbox One, they have features and updates nailed. Always exciting to see what new stuff is introduced monthly. Keep up the good work.

2cents1293d ago

WoW! That is a lot of changes. Impressive when looking at them in one list.

Thanks Team Xbox!!!

Christopher1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Well, not that many. 102, not 'hundreds of'. And, most of them aren't new features, but updates to old features.

But, regardless, XBO has been killing it with monthly updates.

Edit: @disagrees: you guys can hit that button all you want. My only issue here is on their wording to make it look like more than they even present themselves. We complain daily about gaming sites using improper headlines to not focus on the absolute truth, MS did the same here. That doesn't mean I don't think what they've done is lesser, just that they need to stop PR-telling us stuff, especially when what they've done is awesome without the spin on grammar.

mhunterjr1293d ago

Technically, 102 is "hundreds"... 1.02 of them to be exact... In English (and most other languages as far as I know), decimals are referred to as plural. For example add 1 cup of water to 1.75 cups flour.

The syntax is accurate, and your point becomes moot once you realize that they listed each item. I think that's why you got the disagrees

Naga1293d ago

I think you would probably have more support if you made these sorts of semantic corrections more consistently and evenhandedly.

Christopher1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Technically, 102 is not "hundreds of." "Hundreds of" denotes at least 200.

There's a difference between 1.75 cups and hundreds of cups.

So, no, grammatically it's incorrect.


Scroll down to the definition of "hundreds of" specifically.

Specificity is important, IMHO. Just as we argue over the titles that many sites chose to use to paint things in a different light.

***I think you would probably have more support if you made these sorts of semantic corrections more consistently and evenhandedly.***

I do. Check my comment history.

Was I consistent enough when I made these recent comments?

SteamPowered1293d ago

Most probably disagreed because you went all Grammar Vigilante. I know I did.

Christopher1293d ago

***Most probably disagreed because you went all Grammar Vigilante. I know I did.***

Okay to go grammar vigilante on Dualshockers item, not on official Xbox item. Gotcha.

donthate1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

From your own source:

"hundreds The numbers between 100 and 999: an attendance figure estimated in the hundreds."

"the hundreds
a. the numbers 100 to 109: the temperature was in the hundreds.
b. the numbers 100 to 199: his score went into the hundreds.
c. the numbers 100 to 999: the price was in the hundreds."

It appears MS is correct to me ad that you are wrong.

Christopher1293d ago

@donthate: You might want to read what I wrote. Meaning actually getting the definition of 'hundreds of'.

From my source:

ˈhundreds of
1. several hundred.

You see, the use of "of" after hundreds is vastly different than just saying 'hundreds'.

No_Limit1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

What do you want MS to use in the statement if you think "hundreds of" is clearly grammatically incorrect? Every company from Apple, to Samsung, to Sony does this to promote their products, even exaggerating it a bit. Technically, hundreds of can be anywhere from 100 - 999 as far as I know so MS is correct IMO.

You can't use hundreds in a sentence without "of" because "hundreds new features" is grammatically incorrect.

Anyways, why are we even debating this? We should be happy that we are getting monthly updates to make the system better and MS should be commended regardless of what the definition of "hundreds of" really is. We all get that it is alot, period. Gosh

Christopher1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

***What do you want MS to use in the statement if you think "hundreds of" is clearly grammatical incorrect? ***

Over one hundred...

Still a more impressive number than what Sony has done in the last year.

@mhunterjr: Not at all false. Trust me. Also trust the link I gave you above that specifies the difference between 'hundreds of' and 'hundreds'. But, c'est la vie. I think the point is made enough here.

Again, MS still killing it with their updates.

mhunterjr1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

That's not true. In this case 'hundred' isn't being used as a just number, but also our unit of measurement, like dozen. Again, when you have a decimal amount of your unit, it's plural.

For example it isn't inaccurate to say 'dozens of people showed up' if there were 23 people at the party. No their wasn't 2 dozen, but again we consider decimals to be plural.

Even your source refers to 'hundreds' as being anything between 100 and 999

gangsta_red1293d ago

"just that they need to stop PR-telling us stuff, especially when what they've done is awesome without the spin on grammar."

It seems the only person concerned with grammar is you as all of us here appreciate the updates the X1 has been giving us since launch.

To come into a positive article and TRY and nit pick something as irrelevant as the wording which you are definitely wrong about by the way, is not only extremely petty but the real reason why you are getting the disagrees.

If you are not used to PR talk from video game industry heads by now then maybe you should go mod the paperweight news or, anything else that doesn't get your knickers in a bunch.

I also find it funny that you have to come in here and say that but an article that at the moment is on fire, where the title states:

"Uncharted 4 – “Never seen anything like it. Almost scary real, photo realistic.”"

That PR spin gets no comment from you, but the use of "hundreds" raises your eyebrow.

And a "well said", something tells me that was self given.

Christopher1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

***That PR spin gets no comment from you, but the use of "hundreds" raises your eyebrow.***

Check my comment history. I comment on this sort of stuff often, no matter who does it.

I'm against 'false advertising' of any type.

And, by the way, I'm not wrong. I'm actually right. That's the sad part. People just don't know grammar.

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2cents1293d ago

I just said it's a lot. never mentioned hundreds, but I know the article did, so maybe your comment is directed at MS and not me?

Too much effort being put into semantics.

100+ updates... less baiting.

Now could we get back to being happy that we have had some real improvements to the platform, or should we argue over something else now?

Christopher1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

I didn't intend to make it about you, but I'm used to people reading titles and jumping to conclusions and oftentimes have a habit of saying what I'm thinking as it relates to the article at hand. That can be good and bad. People sometimes just want to have their "pat on the back" posts sometimes and nothing else. Though, it varies from submission to submission, I think this is one of those times.

I will say, people put a ton of effort into semantics in some submissions and then forget that desire in many others. Consistency in that would be appreciated just as much as I would like consistency in grammar.

But, again, this had nothing to do with you. I just replied to you and not someone else.

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