13 New Details About New-Gen GTA V

By now, you'll almost certainly have read about Grand Theft Auto V's new first-person mode on new-gen consoles and PC. But it's not the only new detail that has emerged in the past 24 hours.

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endi1231175d ago

Well done R, can't wait!!!

lipton1011174d ago

I knew I'd buy this re-release but I wasn't truly excited until they announced fps mode. They are seriously one of the best companies in the industry. Well done rockstar, well done

byronimus1175d ago

Still no word on heists?

GarrusVakarian1175d ago

All they've said is that they are coming "shortly after launch".

SouthClaw1175d ago

I am not one of those who moan about heists but they said that last gen... lol

Dee_911174d ago

They said spring 2014 right?
Also you could see bullet holes in yourself in last gen mode.

Kidmyst1174d ago

Yeah we've heard that before. I was hoping for heists last gen, but the changes in the game alone I can't wait to play this again. More excited for it than AC Unity.

1174d ago
smolinsk1175d ago

This is old news, next.... And oh yes stop with your moaning about heists, it's coming a few days after lunch, that is already confirmed.

smolinsk1173d ago

Yes you heard it right after Lunch:O so eat up fast..hahahaha...ahh okay after launch then


Cancelled a diff pre order to get this day 1 just because of 1st person view... Would've had to wait until the 21st originally but screw it, this remaster deserves day 1 purchasing. Sorry WWE 2K15 but you now have to wait until the 21st

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