Frontier Developments Dicusses the Making of Elite: Dangerous

VRFocus - Following an extensive Beta testing period that has spanned much of the last year it appears that Frontier Developments is finally preparing to launch its anticipated virtual reality (VR) compatible space simulation title, Elite: Dangerous. The studio recently revealed that it will be hosting an Elite: Dangerous Premiere Event later this month and has now released a new video documenting the making of the upcoming experience. That video can now be seen below.

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Orbilator1267d ago

Yes please cant wait, pretty sure I lost a fair few years of my life to elite and frontiers lol

ATi_Elite1267d ago

Watch any footage of No Mans Sky that you can find, read all the articles and interviews that you can about No Mans Sky that you can which is very limited, sketchy, and basic info.

Now watch this video about Elite Dangerous and you will see the difference between Elite Dangerous a game that is delivering AAA space sim quality and No Mans Sky which is all talk and will not deliver anything.

When you are making an Ultra MASSIVE Game like Elite Dangerous or StarCitizen or Starpoint Gemini 2 you will have a solid stream of information from the devs because so much goes into these games the sci-fi aspect the ship concepts the combat mechanics and most of all what the devs view and idea of space is.

You will find NO information like this about No Mans Sky which makes me believe that NMS is CRAP or at least no where even close to the scale of Elite Dangerous or StarCitizen.

I'm currently playing Elite Dangerous Beta and it is grander than I ever thought. The Scale is Ultra massive and you feel like a drop of water in the ocean in this game.

So much to do 400 billion galaxies to explore most are Procedurally done but nothing is simple or repetitive about them because the artistic code is very complex that nothing seems the same.

Gonna need a beefy PC to play this and this is just the beginning as Elite will release several modules including a FPS module.

Awesome game and it only gets better. Watch out RSI Industries because you got SERIOUS Competition.

edqe1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I think SC and E:D are quite different kind of games. And even if they were much more similar I don't think there would be need for competing (in bad a sense). There's easily enough room for E:D, SC, X:Rebirth, Starpoint Gemini 2, etc. Space sim fans will buy them all anyway.

Oculus Rift + HOTAS is they way how they should be played -

It sad that those games gets zero attention in gaming sites like here in N4G.

Spenok1267d ago

Uh... or maybe, the devs of No Mans Sky just don't want to show off the game yet until it's closer to being ready, that way most of the game is a surprise. You know, like the good old days.