A female politician is running for office on the ‘Gamergate’ platform

On the eve of Election Day, Austin City Council District 6 Republican candidate Mackenzie Kelly is in the trenches.

A mailer from rival Matt Stillwell painted Kelly as too green to be taken seriously. It’s not good—but it’s a sign that she’s on the radar. She’s vigorously tweeting, conducting Q&A forums, and—as politicians do—beating the drum for her cause with hopes of rallying the base. The curious thing is, Kelly’s most famous cause exists independently of her district’s political outlook.

Her cause is Gamergate.

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donthate1351d ago

I like this lady. She says all the right things, and we will see about her actions. I am hoping for the best!

Deadpool6161351d ago

She didn't get the vote. Politics aside, she has one hell of an impressive profile. She's a "do it" type, instead of a "say it" type.