Sony Comment On Future PS+ PS4 Games Will Be AAA or Dec/Jan Reveal Is DriveClub Delay Peace Offering

Sony talked about whether from now on AAA titles likely to be on PlayStation Plus for PS4 for most months or this latest Jan/Dec early announcement was a peace offering because of DriveClub delay and many more things.

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Neonridr1382d ago

Wow, some AAA games on PS4 PS+? A dream..

shame I already platinumed Infamous and I am not interested in Injustice. But great for those who haven't played them and/or wanted to.

GribbleGrunger1382d ago

It was always going to take a while. You can't expect 3rd party publishers to strike a deal with Sony when they need as much income from their 1st generation games as they can get. Once this generation is in full swing, then we'll see more deals being struck.

Neonridr1382d ago

yeah.. but I do also wonder if these are being offered because of some of the issues lately (Driveclub, 2.0 Firmware).

I will be excited to see what they announce for February to see if this trend is continuing.

On a side note, I thought it was Infamous Second Son being offered, not First Light. I haven't played First Light, but I bought it when it first came out... shame

GribbleGrunger1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I would imagine they're offering First Light in the hope it will spur further sales of Infamous: Second Son.

vishmarx1382d ago

never played injustice or last light. win win for me.
i almost bought first light 4 days ago before deciding to wait for a sale

MRMagoo1231382d ago

YAY AAA games that I have already played, I am glad they brought them cos having indies that I havent played before is so much worse than getting free AAA games I have no interest in at all /sarcasm

All this fuss about wanting AAA games and IMHO they arent as good as the indies we get. Injustice I sold because I played it once my son played it 4 times and that was it, not impressed I hope we get some games worth having along with it.

Spenok1382d ago

Yeah people seem to completely ignore this fact for some reason. If a game is brand new and still $60. Why would they be willing to give their games away for free so soon? Sure, we have several games that are dropping in price now that it's been a year. However it's still too soon for that. As you said, once 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation games are out you will see plenty of AAA games on PS+ just like we did with the PS3.

thereapersson1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

@ Spenok

Don't forget that PS+ came late in the system's (PS3) lifecycle, with a decent library of games already existing at the time of inception. The PS4 has had no such head start and will need time to build a reasonable amount of potential free content.

Gamers are so damn impatient nowadays, though I suppose the epic times of all the free PS3 games probably spoiled people a bit.

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joab7771382d ago

I have no problem with ps+ right now. They can't just give away all of their limited library right now. Trust me, as it opens up, we will get some great games.

I believe it will be soon too. Once x-mas passes and we move to yr 2-3, all launch titles will be on the table and even more most likely.

Neonridr1382d ago

Oh I understand that. Still didn't stop games like Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider from appearing on PS+ for the PS3 like 6 months after their release.

Besides, it's not like I am going to download every game from PS+ for the PS4 once the AAA titles hit. It's one thing to do it on the Vita or PS4 currently where the games are like 1GB maximum. Injustice will end up being a good 30GB to download. Not going to waste my bandwith unless it's on a game I really, really want to play.

Phoenix761382d ago

@neonridr, actually Tomb raider and bioshock got put out on plus 1 year after release. I remember buying them in late 2012 and then redownloading in late 2013.

Neonridr1382d ago

@Phoenix76 - yes you are right. It was 11 months. Retailed in March of 2013 and was free on PS+ in February of 2014, my apologies. Seemed like less time I guess.



Completelly different moments of each console's life...

By 2012 the PS3 user base was already huge and 5~6 years old, any game would reach the potential buyers pretty fast and about 1 year after release was due time to strike a deal with Sony for PS+ distribution.

PS4, as fast as it's selling, still have a young and small user base, many people which are yet to get the console will likely get some early games they skipped along with the hardware so far... As this potential for sales is still considerable, making a deal for PS+ right now may not be the best movement for the publisher.

For PS4 PS+ to become more like PS3 golden days PS+ (more games per month, big budget games becoming regular offerings, more discounts, DLC, betas and other free stuff - themes, avatars may come back for PS4? who knows...), it will take time, not just to develop the library, but to enlarge and understand the user base and its behaviour (at the very least make sure if it remains the same from last gen, where sales of most games would die off after 8 months or so). Of course, it will also take Sony's will, are they going to offer that great deal again or rip us off as they put the multiplayer behind a paywall anyway? I'd say by late 2016 we'll have an answer...

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Jaqen_Hghar1382d ago

You can never appeal to everyone. A man has also platinumed First Light but it is a GREAT game and probably not over a million people got it so a man is glad it's getting more exposure and everyone who is a Plus subscriber will love it a man is sure. A man literally had Injustice in his amazon cart a day before these announcements but luckily didn't buy it lol.

They listed ahead to show people that they were getting to the AAA stuff and it's just a year after release. We didn't even have Plus on PS3 at this point and it took about 4 years into its life to start giving away AAA games. A man honestly wasn't expecting them this early so Sony is really giving us all an unprecedented surprise here!

Cra2yey31382d ago

Uninterested in anything plus throws at me anymore...

ThatOneGuyThere1382d ago

Injustice is a real treat. The story is as fun as the combat.

RedstonerMC1382d ago

This makes me happy :) injustice was alright since it's one of a very slim selection of local multiplayer games but i'm not too interested in it either but i am loving getting first light because i was about to buy it but i held out and then BAM they gave it free. Thanks sony :)

Dramacydal1381d ago

Injustice is some good stuff. Dope story and fighting gameplay. Check it out (it's free, what do you have to lose?).

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yarbie10001382d ago

My head hurt trying to read the headline

Axonometri1382d ago

The article continued more of the same for me.

jrshankill1382d ago

Strange.. my eyes started bleeding.

WeAreLegion1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Injustice was $5 on a flash sale. I wish I enjoyed fighting games more. Should be a great addition for those who enjoy them though. And First Light is great!

MRMagoo1231382d ago

I love fighting games but injustice to me was just plain boring, I got it the day it was released and played it once then my son had a few goes then it got traded in.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1382d ago

That titles kinda takes a while to comprehend.

ThatOneGuyThere1382d ago

its like 4 titles in one but without proper punctuation. Seems like possibly some missing words, too. I'm not going to look at it any longer to try to figure it out.

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