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Submitted by Twizlex 2783d ago | news

CliffyB Calls Metal Gear "Passive Entertainment"

Cliff Bleszinski, lead game designer of Gears of War 2, cites Metal Gear Solid as the kind of game Epic doesn't want to make. What were his exact words? Read on to find out. (Culture, PS3)

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Wildarmsjecht  +   2783d ago
lmao....ok. Whatever you say cliffy. Frankly, guns ablazing big steroid induced burly men are so 1990s. Id rather MGS4 over UT/Gears thx.
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Bill Gates  +   2783d ago
This guy's a (______)<--- insert 3 letter derogatory word here.

Hey CliffyNutjob, it’s not Kojimas fault that M$ stuck you with DVD9, and last gen hardware. If you’re so jealous of MGS4 put your money where your mouth is and make a game for the PS3, you BABOON.
BulletToothtony  +   2783d ago
He should've said.. &quot;The Type of Game We CAN'T Make&quot;.....
There really was no need for that comment... i guess he's so wrapped around action and action (which is not bad) that he couldn't simply appreciate some slower pace game.

By that comment only thing that i can detect is jealousy...
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solidjun5  +   2783d ago
oh boy
I predict this thread will turn the cold war into a blazin hot one.
Monchichi025  +   2783d ago
I agree with Cliffy...
Those games aren't my cup of tea. I want action Dammit!!! If I want to watch a whole bunch of long cutscene I'll go to the movies. But that's just my own personal preference. To each his own!
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iHEARTboobs  +   2783d ago
With or without the cutscenes, there's still a great game there.
morganfell  +   2783d ago
Someone needs to tell him that faux hawk hairdoos are passe and on the way out. Unreal Tournament 3 didn't sell worth a dam because instagib producing mindless shooters are on the way out.

Maybe if he smoked less reefer and employed his mind more then he would understand the undertones of MGS. Sorry wanna be surferboy/new wave/giblet, but your comments are on the way out.
LaChance  +   2783d ago
Look at them cry babies
I bet Kojima would say the same thing about Geow.

And all you guys woul have agreed with praises.

edit : Kojima would probably would have said "I dont Gears is the kinda game we would want to make , all violence etc".Its just perssonal taste.

You guys seem to be pretty one minded and closed up to any kinda differance in opinion.

edit 2 : @ Morgan Fell below : oh well , thanxs for the link.I admit I didnt know he like Geow.
But sorry man Kojima isnt my father and I dont spend all day long looking at his portrait and checking up everything that comes out of his mouth..Maybe thats why I dont know his each and every word.

Once again to everyone : dont mind my post but Im not deleting it because evry one makes mistakes and the really is no problam at all.You guys should chill out.
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xhairs  +   2783d ago
@Wildarm, well said, nothing more that can be said that practically sums it all up. What I see happening is, just like the Halo series, no more campaign just simply multiplayer gaming. As well I see their franchise coming to an abrupt end very soon. Can someone also remind me how long the MGS Series has been alive...since the SNES (but I also believe there was a game way back on the very first PC of MGS). QQ more Biffy.

Did you even play the game? If you'd played the game you'd realize that the only, OMG long......(QQ) cutscenese are after you've beaten the game. Other than that you may also SKIP the cutscenes!!! (say what?????? no way!!!) Yeah, that's right you DON'T HAVE TO WATCH THEM. Now STFU and be on your way.

MGS4 -- game of the year hands down. Will it get it? No. Why? Because it's a game for MGS Series FANS not newbies. But even newbies can appreciate this unmatchable game.
sunnygrg  +   2783d ago
Cliff Bleszinski, lead game designer of Gears of War 2, should cite Metal Gear Solid as the kind of game Epic cannot make.
morganfell  +   2783d ago
No last lachance, that just shows how little you know about Kojima.

" I'm a fan of Gears of War as well, it's very interesting."

Now go crawl under a rock and never come here again.

@super below, it doesn't change the meaning at all.
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Superfragilistic  +   2783d ago
Ripten is just taking him out of context...
He wasn't dissing MGS4 at all he was merely answering an IGN question regarding the story and used it's storytelling methods as a contrast to what will be seen in Gears 2 - essentially implying more interactive storytelling/scenes rather than the "passive" MGS4 cutscenes for players to watch.

You can read the full interview/hands on @ IGN here

I've reprinted the quote in it's proper context. Something which Ripten obviously realised wouldn't have garnered as many hits for such a nothing story! lol

IGN: "What lessons did you learn from the first game?"

Cliffy B: "We wanted a blockbuster pace, and in doing so, we lost the story a bit. So that's one of the lessons we learned. This time round there's more repetition. Games aren't movies and aren't consumed in a single sitting. So secondary characters will remind you about stuff, which is re-established in plot cues. Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we're not doing. Passive entertainment is on its way out – you need to hook up with this web 2.0 stuff."
cmrbe  +   2783d ago
that is what i think as well. People should really hold back a bit. I really doubt Cliff would diss Kojima. It dosen't sound like him. I read it as well and its obvious that he is just saying that they doing something different from MGS4 nothing more nothing less. In saying it he should be careful with his words though. Internet nowdays can take two words you say and take it completely out of context.
zapass  +   2783d ago
cliff Douchezinsky would love to be DukeNukem but he ain't
bubble++ Wildarmsjecht
Liquid Dust  +   2783d ago
&quot;Passive entertainment is on its way out&quot; ????
-1.3 million gamers on MGS4's release didnt think so, even though many had somewhat of an idea how long the cutscenes were

-Over 70 game sites/magazines don't think so

-And the next million gamers who show up on day one to buy the next metal gear won't think so either

-Not passive, STEALTH ACTION with beautiful and captivating cutscenes necessary to the story.

-It is what it is, Metal Gear

I am thankful for: a game that actually has a great story, Naomi Hunter, mustaches, and Hideo Kojima

David Hayter for president
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Monchichi025  +   2783d ago
Yes, I did play the game and as CLEARLY stated above, it's personally not my type of game. You tell me to skip the cutscenes??? You do realize that a person would be totally lost and not get the full story if one did. So you are kinda forced to watch them. and your in deniel if you say they ain't long. They are!!! So why don't you STFU!
NewShadow101  +   2783d ago
Sony Fanboys!!!! there you are!!!
MGS4 is great. ive only played the first two levels and its really good... but just because Cliffy B is making a great game for the xbox doesnt mean you should Bagg on him. Gears is a great game, to me alot funner than anything else out there. MGS has a good story like always but after you beat it then what? online? lol. gears has a much funner online experience. Just like kojima made a masterpiece, Cliffy B also has one and is making another. DONT HATE ON CLIFFY B!!!
NO_PUDding  +   2783d ago
@Monchichi025 -
Thats such a bad point. Scratch that, it's a non-existant point.

If you don't like the story, why are you watching the cutscenes? Make your mind up. Just skip them, and what the pretty levels go by, like you do in average games like Gears. The truth is there isn't a valid critisism of the cutscenes.

You are just so ignorant it's untrue. And a dumbwit, but that titles goes to anyone who can't make a game any more depthy than an 11" Chainsaw. Or soemone who buys that game.
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Millah  +   2783d ago
Cliffy B is sort of a toolbag. Does anyone remember how this dude looked before he became this "hip and trendy" game designer celebrity figure? Guy was a total weirdo. Now hes the poster child for 360 cuz hes "so cool :p"

I mean I love Epic Games, but just because they can't make a good narrative if their life depended on it, doesn't mean they should be talkin crap about games that can.
Light Yagami  +   2783d ago
Cliffy's just jealous. Remind me to write his name on my notebook.
MikeGdaGod  +   2783d ago
MGS4 had 20 years of story to tie up.

i don't even remember Gears story. just shoot the monsters, THEY"LL KILL US ALL!!!...............that's about it.

i enjoyed Gears, it was one of the few games on the 360 that i really really liked. but i'd take MGS4 over Gears 100x's. i hope the new Gears is good and i'll play it, but if Cliffy thinks his games are in the same league with MGS4 he's delusional.
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Dark Collosis  +   2783d ago
LOL more flame bait
Gotta love people who take words out of context and spin them up they way they so shall please to.. This is nothing more than flame bait, but even with that said i would much rather play Gears than Metal gear. But thats because i am a action buff.. MGS4 is much more of a game you have to set some time aside to play. While Gears is a pick up game and ACTION right away in your face. Nothing wrong with either game its all in what you prefer. I am of course a gears of war type player while i know a few people who like metal gear so to each his own..... And to say MGS4 is better then GeOW and vice versa is just ignorant fanboy talk. Oh btw it is a FACT that MGS4 is a SLOW paced STORY DRIVEN gameplay.. While GeOW is in FACT a FAST paced ACTION DRIVEN gameplay.... THIS IS A FACT FANBOYS... Comparing the two gameplays is like comparing a Ferrari to a Rolls-Royce....
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littletad  +   2783d ago
Purely taken out of context
Both games are different and a breath of fresh air for whatever gaming taste your craving at the moment.
xhairs  +   2783d ago
They aren't long. And the story is MUCH, MUCH longer than just MGS4. Simply playing MGS4 you are CLUELESS to the background information that was built up from the ground in the beginning of the series, so don't give me that crap that "skipping the cutscene leaves you clueless" because quite frankly, unless you've played the whole series prior to MGS4, you are, in fact, quite clueless to begin with.

Second, I do believe that my bowl of STFU soup got cold, and if you weren't starving for it, I might have just asked for yours.
Madgunner  +   2783d ago
haha i completely agree with you... u can skip these cut scenes and if long stories arent ur cup of tee well them skip them.... and if u feel like u missed an important fact about what u need to do.. heres a hint.. call otacon and in less than 15 seconds hes sums up where u need to go... OR look at the map.. the next OBJ is MARKED on your map... then u can proceed to your game... .. but honestly Xhairs summed it up better than i did i think... Cheers and bubbles Xhairs
LJWooly  +   2783d ago
I actually sort of liked CliffyB before he started talking crap, then he went downhill. Everyone's cool, until they open their mouth, only for an ungodly amount of crap to come out.

I hate when they do this. I don't see the point on ripping a game that is not only far, far better than anything Epic could even dream of creating, but is guaranteed to remain that way, Gears of War 2 is obviously not going to change that, let's not kid ourselves here.
thesummerofgeorge  +   2783d ago
I agree with Wildarms.... It's fine for him to say they're making a different game but they clearly took a shot by saying passive games are on their way out. It's not all that passive first off, you do interact at times during cutscenes but I would have been disappointed if they made the scenes short "press the corresponding button" kind of thing just to appease those who are too impatient to enjoy great storytelling. I'm glad Kojima is dedicated enough to his craft cause too many games/movies are cookie cutter archetypes designed for the impatient and full of mindless action. Not to say gears will be the latter, too early to tell.
deeznuts  +   2783d ago
"Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we’re not doing"

That part is ok. Nothing wrong with saying that.

"Passive entertainment is on its way out – you need to hook up with this web 2.0 stuff."

That part is a dig. No doubt about it. There is nothing taken out of context, he just said the Game, nay the masterpiece Kojima made is on it's way out. Essentially telling everyone (possibly including Kojima himself) they/he needs to hook up with this web 2.0 stuff.

Essentially that his game is web 2.0, Kojimas masterpiece is 1.0. That's out of context? NO!
permutated  +   2783d ago
You fanboys are stupid.
How are 90 minute cut scenes NOT passive?
morganfell  +   2783d ago
Cliff Blahzinsky could learn quite a few things from Kojima. Monoichi or whatever the hell his name is above should consider that.

First off the bat is cutscene placement. Yes there are great cutscenes in MGS4 that you can skip. You can also save the game right after cutscenes. Can you do that in Gears. Hell no. Save points are before cutscenes. And why? Because Cliffy decided people need to watch cutscenes when coming back to a game or when dying. Even if the story line was 2nd grade simple. Apparently Cliffy thinks his fans are idiots that need to be refreshed even on simple matters. MGS4 fans fart in your general direction Cliffy.

There was nothing worse in Gears than some of the cutscenes that you could not skip. They were always right before a point in the game where you died..a lot. And then the player was forced to go back and repeat that same idiotic unskippable cutscene a bazillion times.

Or just as bad, you would have to travel a long distance and then see a short cutscene then die only to repeat it all over again. Remember when you first meet the Theron Guards at the pumping station? Sheer bad design with placing checkpoints.
juuken  +   2783d ago
Personally, I call them action figures, because that's what they look like to me. Action figures in big burly suits of armor. I'm surprised none of them fell over yet with all of that armor.

"cites Metal Gear Solid as the kind of game Epic doesn’t want to make."

It sounds like he's dissing MGS4 to me. What the hell does he mean by *passive*?

And Fallen Angel, if CliffyB (what a stupid name, lol) wasn't saying anything bad about MGS4, then why did he specifically site this game? What the hell did he mean by it being *passive*? It sounds like an insult.

This quote here sounds even more of an insult to me.

"“Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we’re not doing. Passive entertainment is on its way out.”"

You explain to me what he meant by that.
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CrazzyMan  +   2783d ago
well, i hope next geow will have more then 6h story gameplay
because THAT is FAST entertainment, lol.

p.s. yeah, stealth - passive, sure. =))
MADGameR  +   2783d ago
ROFL wow
Cliffy B is a loser...just like MS. MS= fail just like their products. If MS had HALF a brain and made Halo 1 on X Box 360 with just better graphics and more maps, made it X Box Live compatible and had a MORE relable console, THEN I would buy it. But not crappy Halo 3.
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juuken  +   2783d ago
Nice going Fallen_Angel. You have been reported, for that offensive comment. If MGS4 is trash, then Gears of War 1 and Gears of War 2 are the biggest piles of trash I have ever seen. I'm sure trash like MGS4 wouldn't have gotten so many 10's and 5's. I'm sure that trash like MGS4 wouldn't be praised as being one of the best games of all time.

Lol, of course you would say that Lee. It seems that 360 owners would even follow MS off a cliff these days. The man clearly insulted the game-no ifs, ands, or BUTS.
#1.37 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2783d ago
I can't believe all these people just attacking Cliffy for this comment. All the MGS4 and PS3 fanboys coming to the rescue. Fact is that all Cliffy is saying is that these are not the kind of games Epic makes as they are focusing more on "action" (or should I say more gameplay).

Let's face it, MGS4 is a great game and cinematics are awesome, but man the cutscenes are long. This game is certainly one of the most passive games I played.

Cliffy's statement is pretty accurate to me.
PoSTedUP  +   2783d ago
yeah jukkens right, if mgs4 is a bad game then so is gears1&2, halo1,2&3, uncharted, hevenly sword, mass effect, bioshock, gta1,2,3&4, basically every game ever made is bad according to you. and im sure you heard mgs4's cut scenes are pretty exciting and amazing, so like why make your self look dumb? i dont get people these days, you sound like your under age to buy a T rated game. (T for teen)
Mr Fancy Pants  +   2783d ago
He just said that MGS it's the kind of game that Epic doesn't want to make. What is the problem with that? It is just his opinion...
sunnygrg  +   2783d ago
You call that art.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2783d ago
@fisd - 1.35
"It seems associating with xbox brand make people DUMB,first that peter moore,then shane kim and greenberg,then Itagaki and now cliffy B.Take this friendly advice seriously and Avoid xbox and anything related to it by all means!"

Wow! We should definetly listen to you with such an intelligent conclusion from your observation.... [/sarcasm]
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xhairs  +   2783d ago
MGS4 &quot;Cutscenes&quot;
For those of you complaining about the cutscenes I have some questions for you. First off how would you tell the story? Would you just tell it while you're stealthing around? Probably not, why? Because it's a long series of games that started years (not year or months or days or even within the first hour of MGS4, years) ago. You can't exactly jam pack those first 3 games (and more if you consider them) into the game WHILE you're playing it.

Second, if people have trouble understanding the story line now, how will they ever understand it while trying to sneak past a guard without being seen? They wont, plain and simple.

Third, what good is the story line if it's not to be told in its entirety? It's not, because then you have a simple FPS game. Lets face it, the story line in an FPS is told to you in the first objective, from there on out you just kill people to reach your destination (with the exception of the sniping stage in CoD4).

Would you all like it better if you just ran through the game as they told you briefings? What about the whole story that started over 20 years ago? I mean it makes total sense to me to just complete an objective and move along just like in call of duty 4 right? Wrong. This isn't an FPS game, it's an action - stealth - game. Hence it's supposed to be slow, it's patience that allows you to beat the game not your weapons. Trust me, if you've beaten the game and gone to extreme boss mode you'll find that out within the first act.

@Fallen Angel
I know you're not cliffyB but you're trying to protect him by saying he didn't say anything (when in fact he didn't state it but he did say it subtly (meaning of subtly -- not clearly known)). That's the problem is you're a hypocrite and that's what I was getting across to you. How can you protect him while stating the game is bad because of cut scenes being so long -- not to mention I told you that you can skip them and call otacon to figure out what to do/where to go. So why watch them? If you don't like them, why did you play it? Obviously you would have had to have some background to pick this game up correct? So you obviously knew based off of the past 3 games he put out that the story is the main part of the game. If you couldn't pick that up, then I say good day sir. You have no point commenting on the game if you cannot figure these things out yourself.
ChrisGTR1  +   2783d ago
you know, if metal gear 4 wasnt called metal gear 4. and it was just some random game called sneaking boss or something all of you would of agreed. the cutscenes in the game are monumentally long. especially the one at the end of the game and the one at the end of chapter 3. i literally was like OMG end already! on my first playthrough.
in a game that takes 20 hours to beat and 10 of them are cutscenes... i would defenetly consider that passive.
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Domenikos  +   2783d ago
OHHH Cliff u just lost my respect....
You not even played MGS right...?

Are you trying to get some attention for your game?

What if Kojima says: GeoW is "dumb entertaiment (kill everything blocking the path)"
vickers500  +   2783d ago
Gears of War gameplay > Metal Gear Solid 1-4 gameplay
DG  +   2783d ago
Clif has a point...I have never played an MGS game more than once. I havent played MGS4 so I cant say anything about it but its safe to assume its like the others. Both are and will be great games. Just enjoy them and stop sucking corporate diq you waste of a brain fanboys.
Domenikos  +   2783d ago
Sorry @vickers but u look dumb comparing GeoW and MGS... especially gameplay
morganfell  +   2783d ago

I don't either. His comments were carried by plenty of publications. And from what I have seen you spend all day attacking Kojima and anyone else that happens to like the PS3 and any thing even remotely pro PS3.

And if you did something besides complain and attack the PS3 you would see that N4G carried the article I referenced.

Game, set, match.

Metal Gear fans > vickers500.

Snake > Marcus Fenix who never saw Snake coming.
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permutated  +   2783d ago
I love MGS, but 90 minute cut scenes ARE passive, you watch them you don't interact.

It's still art, and it's still an amazing game, but a huge chunk of it is PASSIVE. Cliffy is right.
Tomdc  +   2783d ago
why are there so many stupid people in the world?
ChampIDC  +   2783d ago
Fanboy colors sure show when somebody doesn't want to make the same type of game that you absolutely adore and would die for. All he said is his opinion, that cutscenes are less welcomed these days. He's saying that most people want to see stuff in-game, which is true for a lot of gamers. I can't see how you people think he's dissing MGS4. All he said is he doesn't want to make a cutscene-driven game. You Playstation fanboys are far too sensitive about your precious MGS4 to look at what he actually said. Chill out, please. Just because the idiot that did this article put it way out of context, you just have to go and flip out without looking further into the real interview.
SPECTRUX  +   2782d ago
EPIC fail
i like epic's games but to be honest, unreal tournament had the WORST (by far) story and single player mode ive ever seen. not to tsay the action wasnt good. but it was just a bunch of instant action with bots tied together with a lousy generic plot
INehalemEXI  +   2782d ago
Hideo > Cliffy, no contest. MGS > Gears no contest. The story told through cut scenes in MGS4 was better then most "Blockbuster movies" and it did not take away from any gameplay. MGO also is great and takes up many hrs of my time currently.
THE_JUDGE  +   2783d ago
Don't worry about it Epic
everyone knows you couldn't pull off anything close to MGS if you have 1 billion dollars and 10 years to spend on it.
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Condoleezza Rice  +   2783d ago
The MAIN difference between Gears and Metal Gear Solid=
Metal Gear Solid has an Amazing Story;A Story that has captivated Millions of gamers and tugged at each ones Emotions for years and years.

Gears of War?After I finished it,I literally wondered out loud if they had even hired Writers.
#2.1 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
The_Firestarter  +   2783d ago
Tell me about it; I just love those one liners in GeoW...

The game was fun, but the story was anything but engaging or interesting...
Veryangryxbot  +   2783d ago
Cliffy: &quot;this is the kind of game we dont want to make&quot;
Reality: this is the kind of game you dont even know how to make.

Cliffy, you talk a lot of shiat. Is that jealousy I sense? Metacritic MGS4 = 9.6

Magazines called it GAME OF THE CENTURY.

This boy needs to sing a tone lower. You havent really accomplished anything here cliffy. Youre a noob compared to Kojima. The fame is clearly getting to your head.
pimpstation  +   2783d ago
They just ain't got tha skillz to make this type of game. Just stick with dumbed down PC shooters on xbox, boys.
Millah  +   2783d ago
They are just different developers. Its not that he doesn't want to make a game like MGS4, because I'm pretty sure every single game developer on the planet wishes they could develop a game as polished as MGS4, Epic just does not have the capability to make a game design that well. Look at all their games, none of them have the polish that comes close to some of the greatest games ever. Sure they have good graphics, big whoop, that doesn't mean its polished or have an excellent presentation. Their specialty is mindless shooters, and they will never be able to make anything else. They make games with fun gameplay, but nothing that breaks grounds or drops jaws.

Cliffs just very arrogant and has a biiiig mouth, mostly because the American journalists gas his ego up even more than it needs to. I swear, G4 especially always has Cliffy B nuts shoved down their throats. This guy is clearly letting his 15 minutes get to his head, he should show respect to the legends who built the ground for young clowns like him to tread on.

Oh yea Cliff, how were UT3 sales again?? Yea exactly, Passive entertainment is on its way out I guess huh? Lawl, Gears of War will be the last successful franchise for these guys, that is after they milk it completely dry.
#2.5 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
rogimusprime  +   2783d ago
Cliff is right on the money....
if you consider passive gaming to be anything where the writers spent more than an hour on the story and dialgouge.

Metal Gear is a story that took over 20 years to tell and 4 generations of hardware.

Show some respect you little twerp.
Bad_Karma  +   2783d ago
In a recent interview with IGN, CliffyB was quoted in saying the following:

“Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we’re not doing. Passive entertainment is on its way out.”


" Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we`re not able to do. It`s just beyond us"
Super-Brad  +   2783d ago
'Metal Gear Solid as the kind of game Epic doesn't want to make' or maybe they just can't make.
I'm not a hater of the GOW franchise but I would much prefer a stealth logic game over a mindless killing game any day.
If GOW2 could compare to MGO with online diffinantly with SOP I would be impressed to play or keep a impressive storyline then yes.
LaChance  +   2783d ago
thats your opinion.
I like both games.
Anyway I give you rendez vous at the end of the year to see which game the planet prefers: Geow 2 or MGS4.

MGS4 at 1 million already in one week , good performance.

Lets see which game the gamers choose.

BTW , wow pretty surprised cliffy said THAT !

To me that was a tiny bit disrespectful but hey thats his opinion.It wasnt really rude or anything.

edit : hmmmm werent you the same guys hyped up for Geow 3 on PS3 ?
Wow , funny how in 10 minutes Geow is all of a sudden a crappy game.

btw , gears aint never coming to PS3.
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xhairs  +   2783d ago
That 1 million is strictly Europe. There's more countries in the world than just Europe so expect more.

2nd, MGS4 was created as a game for MGS Fans. Not for people new to the franchise (as stated by Kojima himself). Therefor newer people may not be as interested as MGS devoted fans are and will probably want to play a game such as GeoW. If anyone has ever played the first 3, who would be saying any different than, MGS4 IS Game of the Year.

3rd, it is disrespectful because like IGN stated -- It came from nowhere (meaning they weren't even talking about MGS4). Also because he made an incredibly stupid claim, "Passive gaming is on its way out". Incorrect, what is the Wii, and why does it lead all consoles to date by a very very large margin for $500 please Alex.
KingME  +   2783d ago
My Goodness
Can ANYONE make a non-favorable comment about a Sony related game, or console, or periphal without you guys attacking them. You dudes are like voltures. You will praise a person one day and attack the next. I remember when UT3 first came out, because it wasn't out on the 360 yet you PS3 fans praised it, and talked about how great it was.

Now CB makes an unclear comment about MSG4 and suddenly he sucks, UT3 sucks, etc. Where does it end. I'm not even sure if what he said was even a negative comment, making this type of game is not his style, okay that's not a bad thing, that's his preference. The game is passive, well to be honest, shouldn't a "tactical espionage" game be passive. Is splinter cell passive?

So, what';s all the fuss about? You folks are so difficult to understand. And you're so frickin spoiled. Totally frustrating.

@Bill Gates (Below)
Please take the time to read your comments, then imagine someone that is a 360 fan making a similar comment about MSG4. (Take your comment and reverse the names, put gears where you put MSG4 and vice versa, put cliffy B where you put Hideo Kojima.) Now, would you take that person seriously. Thank you, so why should anyone take you seriously, you are WAY too blinded by your love for the Sony Kool-Aid.

All you're doing is speaking from anger and frustration which is kinda of strange all in itself considering you mean nothing to any of the parties that you are defending.
#3.3 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Twizlex  +   2783d ago
Honestly, I'm not entirely sure how to take this. It could have just been an off-the-cuff comment that he didn't really think about, or maybe he totally meant it as a jab at MGS. It's interesting either way.
jwatt  +   2783d ago
I wouldn't want gears to be like MGS4 anyways, I couldn't imagine 20 minute cutscenes for gears unless the cut scenes were very interesting.
BilI Gates  +   2783d ago
Hideo Kojima is a genius. Cliffy B is just an idiot that thinks his games are actually good. MGS4 outscored Gears of War and it will outscore Gears of War 2 as well. Epic will never have the talent to make a game like MGS anyway lol. It's not that they don't "want to" make a game like that, it's that they can't. They've got zero creativity.
#5 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
zethos56  +   2783d ago
MGS 4 didn't outscore Gears
They're equal

Gears = 94

MGS4 = 94

MGS 4 WOULD be higher but there were several 80's that brought the score down.
BilI Gates  +   2783d ago
When they add THESE reviews...

...It will be at 95 or higher, and higher than Gears of War. And the only idiots that reviewed MGS4 with an 8 are the morons that never played the previous games in the series and found the story to be confusing. Not to mention Microsoft paid for most of those 8's, just like they pay for good reviews.
#5.2 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
zethos56  +   2783d ago
Does everyone think that MS pays for good reviews/bad reviews. Ever think that there might be people who DON'T like MGS4?
#5.3 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BilI Gates  +   2783d ago
Nope. If you've seen their complaints you'd know they're biased.

"Cut-scenes are too long"? If you're not a MGS fan, don't review the game.
"Story's too confusing"? Again, if you're not a MGS fan, don't review the game.
zethos56  +   2783d ago
If you had nothing but that game series fans reviewing a game then many sequels would recieve extremely high scores that they don't deserve. It would be like having nothing but Halo fans reviewing Halo 3 and giving it 10s across the board.

Though instead of giving it an 8 they could have said something like "only MGS fans should play this."
NO_PUDding  +   2783d ago
Zethos that actually happened for Halo you idiot...

So why not for MGS4? GameDaily and Eurogamer didn't have good reasons, I even emailed Chris Buffa, and he put it down to taste. You can't review a game on taste, you review it on it's good and bad points. His bad points were that the glass doesn't break properly.
NewShadow101  +   2783d ago
All of you are talkin like its impossible for MGS4 to get anything below a 9... its not a fact, its not written in stone! when it gets an 8 that means it got a %*#@$*% 8!!!...... MGS4 was an amazing game though.
zethos56  +   2783d ago
Wow lol
I just noticed that Halo 3 had over 10 100% reviews.

But the point I was trying to make is that you shouldn't always have fans reviewing games. You need reviews that would reflect the opinion of some average guy who picks up a game because it looks cool. I think if a game is getting 10s everywhere it should appeal to everyone, not just it's fanbase.
NO_PUDding  +   2783d ago
Yes NewShadow it was an amazign game, and thye are different games, but there's no need for one developer to disrespect the other. The term passive gaming is an underhanded insult.

And MGS4 did NOT deserve under a 9. If you disagree, you haven't played it. The variation of missions and the endless possibilities make this game superb.
pumpkinpunker  +   2783d ago
kojima sucks
kojima is not a genius. last mgs I played was MGS2 and it was crap. one of the worst games I ever played. I refuse to play another mgs game after mgs2.

check out this link:

you think a genius wrote this stuff? more like forrest gump or a 13 year old shut-in who read too many philp k d*ck novels and thinks he's teh hotness. i'm sorry. I'm calling an spade a spade.
#5.10 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Common Sense  +   2783d ago
Apparently, no one told Clifford the big red douche,
that pride goes before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall.
Testo  +   2783d ago
@ Pumpkin
I didn't see what was so embarrassing about half of those videos.

Does it hurt you to watch those videos?

If you can't deal with that type of thing I think it shows your age.

Lets all giggle and laugh as Snake grabs the statues crotch.
Meus Renaissance  +   2783d ago
&quot;Passive entertainment is on its way out.”
It's a sad day when a developer can criticise Metal Gear Solid 4 in terms of entertainment value. Question is, who will the world remember more? Cliff Bleszinski? Or Hideo Kojima?

meepmoopmeep  +   2783d ago
i think cliffy b took it personally when he saw that kojima had a snake grabbing balls animation in the game. he thought kojima was cutting into his homosexuality grass.

lol, but seriously, they're completely different genres. kinda odd that he would be relating them with each other.
THE_JUDGE  +   2783d ago
Very true
until "Cliffy" (the lamest name btw, are you 8 years old still?) has 25 years under his belt with platinum game after platinum game, he should maybe keep his words to just praise.
Johnny Cullen  +   2783d ago
Note My Use of Rike
I rike Cliffy B. He's sounds cool and his chainsaw enterence at GDC was epic (No pun intended) and I riked Gears of War, 'twas awesome. What I dont rike is him coming out saying MGS is passive entertainment concsidering that MGS4 is one of the best games of all time while GOW, as good as it was, isn't.

So, who'd would be the most popular? Hideo Kojima or Cliffy B? I'd know who I'd rike.
#6.3 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
meepmoopmeep  +   2783d ago
let it alone guys... it's an MS dev thing.. they always act/talk like this.

ah well, gears 2 this nov.
#6.4 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LastDance  +   2783d ago
Too much brain work for cliffy. he could only wish to make a game half as good as MGS4. I have so much hate for idiots like this guy. God forbid we have to use our brain for once.

Whats he's idea of Crazy entertainment. Weak storyline and repetitive gunplay?

I couldnt even play through gears with my cousin for more then an hour bfore putting halo back in.
#7 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LastDance  +   2783d ago
It's good to see microsoft pulling in all the people that think and act just like them.
clintos59  +   2783d ago
Dont get me wrong, gears 2 will be bad a$$...
But I think cliffy b is just trying to stear the hype up back for gears 2 since MGS4 has just shot down every hype for every game coming out this year, with scores of 10 and praises of it not only being the best game this next gen but also saying that it is one of the greatest games of all time and also setting the bar as a whole package in one game, which is going to be hard to top for any game. Maybe not graphically but everything in one package as a whole game, MGS4 is going to be very hard to surpass. I think cliffy b wasnt really dissing on MGS4, but more likely trying to hype gears 2 and clearly its obvious they aint trying to make a game like MGS4 because they couldnt never make a story as deep as MGS4's story can be unless they found a proffessional writer to write the story for gears which I doubt it. All I know is gears 2 will shine from graphics and crazy gameplay, but thats about it. First gears story was mediocre and short. So I dont expect much this time around from the story, but the gameplay looks bad a$$ as ever.
jwatt  +   2783d ago
I thought it was totally unnecessary because Geow2 release date is so far away from MGS4 that it shouldn't have an effect on Gears.
shotputking  +   2783d ago
this american will regret the day he talked down about a game on our system...
Jihaad_cpt  +   2783d ago
made me laugh really hard. I agree lets put a jihad on Clifford, MGS4 is a brilliant game and it's completely dumb to comment on what is on the way out since MGS solid a truck load...
chavafx  +   2783d ago
get mad aor what ever but is true
mgs4 is not a game ill play more then twice only a super phatetic fan boy i mean is like a movie more then a game is super cool waching it but after you know the story/movie is not fun any more
zethos56  +   2783d ago
Learn how to spell
Shaka2K6  +   2783d ago
MGOTYS4 is the best game of all time.
MGOTYS4 will be remenber 100 years from now,
gears of cartoon 1.5 will be forgotten next year LMAO!
morganfell  +   2783d ago
Ignorant isn't he? Don't worry. It isn't a game he even played once.
steck67  +   2783d ago
You are "phatetic".
Old Snake  +   2783d ago
Cleary you have never even played it so Stfu. MGS has a ton of replayability. Way more thans Gears, if were leaving out online. What did Gears have to replay? COGS? Ya MGS has way more sh!t than that. This guy is a f#cking twat
bosels11  +   2783d ago
well you can go over to the WII when the XBox 360 is discontinued by the end of next year. And believe me its end is coming -MS has and will always make inferior garbage that doesnt last and sucker morons like you into buying their products. I will just laugh at you and state the fact that the cheaper XBOX as it has been for a while now, will continue to lose worldwide in sales to the PS3 like ......... FOREVER!!!!
joevfx  +   2783d ago
MGS4 is how every game should be. i dont mean in gameplay, but in attention to detail and engrossing story. this game is as close to being in and playing a movie as it gets. honestlt gears of war is cool but its just liek every other shooter out there
Crazyglues  +   2783d ago
HOW DARE you!!! CliffyB
How dare you call our game "Passive Entertainment" HOW DARE YOU!!!


It's cool I don't really care what Cliffy B thinks, I Loved MGS4.
sunnygrg  +   2783d ago
Let me rephrase &quot;Chavafx&quot; words properly in a more proper English so that everyone can understand
Chavafx writes:
"Get mad or whatever, but is true.
MGS4 is not a game. I will ("not" is what he probably means) play more than twice, only a super pathetic fanboy, I mean it is like a movie more (than a game). It is super cool to watch but after you know the story/movie, it is not fun anymore."

I say:
LMAO, disagreed.
MGS4 is a art. Even the great Da Vinci of Gaming(whoever the hell he is) will drool playing this game.

BTW, get an English course, and thank me for correcting your stupid writing.
CyberSentinel  +   2783d ago
Lemmings Are Passive Gamers
They like staring at a loading screen for 20 mins while a game installs, before they play their games.

Lemmings like waiting months for their consoles version of a 3rd party game to be converted. (NG:sigma, Eternal Sonata, Bioshock etc.)

Lemmings would rather watch a movie, then play a video game. This is why they love Movie Gear Solid 4.

Lemming like to "Wait B3yond" this gen, for next gen games and features.

Lemmings are "passive" (slow) gamers, this is why they don't like FPS, because they are NOT real gamers.

Azures  +   2783d ago
Getting insulted by a guy named CliffyB is like having a kid call you a stupid head.
kingme71  +   2783d ago
Lol. That was witty.

I think he requested people call him Clifford from now on.
Nineball2112  +   2782d ago
Haha... I'm still laughing at the "stupid head" reference.
Booourns  +   2783d ago
*Grabs Popcorn*

Can't wait for the fireworks!!!
Pp p  +   2783d ago
True once is enouph for me i would not want to play it twice
pwnsause  +   2783d ago
Traumatized much since NG2 got spanked by MGS4?
Sez  +   2783d ago
@ pp p
i know what you mean. once i watch a movie. i rarely watch it again for the second time.
NO_PUDding  +   2783d ago
I know what he means too, but I only just bought the Lead Ball Rifle (3rd Playthrough), and MGS4 certainly isn't a movie, and certainly doesn't rely on the story to make it awesome.

I only have 600,000DP now, cus I had 1 milliona nd bought the rifle in the war recession so it was half price.

I still want that Solar gun, and the Bandana and the Stealth CAmo, so I can get the Big Boss FaceCamo.
Surfman  +   2783d ago
you never played loser, and MGS4 have the best replay-solo of all time.
Sez  +   2783d ago
dude i've played MGS since nintendo. both metal gear and snake revenge and so on. the only game i've not played is the one on psp. so i doubt i'm missing much. and the only loser is you and your comment.
Mr Fancy Pants  +   2783d ago
look how pathetic fanboys are... trying to lie that they played MGS4 to have the privilege to criticize. WOW -_-

the fanboys of this site are so loooowwww.
DJ  +   2783d ago
With MGS4 solidifying so many Perfect Scores.
It's definitely not wise for Cliffy to badmouth the game. Maybe the sales of Gears 1 got to his head?
steck67  +   2783d ago
Gears is an awesome game and im sure Gears 2 will be awesome as well, but what is Cliffy talking about? IMO Gears 2 doesnt really look to have anyting special besides the chainsaw fights, while MGS4 showed true next gen power. Is Cliffy afraid?
aiphanes  +   2783d ago
Actaully Resistance 2 will be better than Gears 2
Resistance 2 is more of an epic will be 50 gigs and it will be all out. Have you guys seen the new videos today? And they are actually from December 2007...Ciffy B only wishes he could do 60 players online and 8 way online co-op..

but MGS4 is killer and kills any game up to now...
dragonZ28  +   2783d ago
Lol, that's funny right there. Nobody knows, but I bet Gears 2 gets better reviews and sales. Time will tell. Just remember, the game ain't out yet and to KNOW one will be better shows your inner-fanboy.

RFOM better than Gears???? You can't be serious.
THE_JUDGE  +   2783d ago
Wait til the games are both
out before that declaration. I think they will both be good and R2 definitely has what it takes to dethrone gow2 but sales wise gow has the past history of winning, but then again, sales aren't everything.
1stKnighT  +   2783d ago
Resistance? Keep that trash out of this article. We're talking about 2 real big hitters, Gears and MGS.
steck67  +   2783d ago
And you know R2 is better than Gears 2, how?
Sangria  +   2783d ago
Trolling seems to be a fashion in next gen era. I guess mister Bleszinski only has to insult others' creations to feel that his ones are good. Yes, Gears Of War is good, but it will never be a masterpiece like Metal Gear Solid series.

Please continue to develop your no-brain game, mister Bleszinski, but never think it will be able to peg MGS, even in a matter of entertainment.
#17 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
dragonZ28  +   2783d ago
He's right
GOW is a better game than MGS4 because GOW is a videogame. MGS4 is a movie cleverly put inside a PS3 game case that Kojima N*Tswingers worship as a videogame. MGS4 is literally 80% cutscenes, I kid you not, I beat the movie 2nd time through in under 3 hrs (actual playtime).

Go ahead and flame, but for what it's worth, Iron Man was 10X better movie than MGS4 - and it made sense.
Solid_Snake  +   2783d ago
not worth the trouble
Gears is a videogame only to Americans mainly. Or haven't you heard? Japan, Europe, and the rest of the world aren't too crazy about FPS's like Gears, Resistance, etc. Stop trashing Resistance; most of you have never played it. Gears isn't on another level; if you remember, most reviews have put MGS as the "first true next-gen game"; Gears isn't at the same level of MGS. And all of the pictures and videos of Gears 2 isn't all that much of an improvement of the first. Cliff should just shut up and worry about making a good FPS. There is no reason to compare games that are totally different from different genres, especially when most reviews claim MGS4 as a masterpiece. Cliffy should just worry about his limitations on a dvd.
#18.1 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Statix  +   2783d ago
It has a lot of cinemas, that's for sure; but you can skip all of them. The total amount of actual gameplay time without the cinemas is around the same as Gears.
Superfragilistic  +   2783d ago
I'm sorry but everytime someone says they hate the cutscenes in MGS the standard reply is you can skip them. Metal Gear without the cutscenes is like a hamburger without the meat! There's no bloody point without it!

You either dig the cutscenes and love MGS, or despise the cutscenes and hate MGS! Simple. Each to their own. But can we stop pretending that having skippable cut scenes is a legitimate way to defend them, because the value of MGS ceases to exist without them!
#18.3 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
iceice123  +   2783d ago
He's so correct as usual
I like my games to actually have, you know, gameplay. MGS4 was lacking in that, considering the game was half cutscenes. Gears is all about the top notch gameplay, something MGS4 failed to deliver on. MGS4 is great if you're looking for a 60$ movie, if you're looking for great gameplay you come to Gears of War.
Peekay  +   2783d ago
are you speaking about length of game play? It took me about 17 hours to finish MGS4, i reckon four of that 17 was totally devoted to cut scenes. So that would make it 13 - 12 hours max game play wise. We know Gears wasn't that long - in fact in the 10-9 hour range.
iHEARTboobs  +   2783d ago
So you're telling me
you actually played MGS4? If you did and didn't like the cutscenes why not skip them if they were too long for you? I, as did the majority of reviewers, thought the gamplay was great.
chavafx  +   2783d ago
get mad or what ever but is true
mgs4 is more like a movie then a game after you pass the game/movie
is no fun any more at all . and yes i beat it twice and 2nd time makeme wonder why 10s every where?? and the cutcines look amazing but when playing not so much? so i dont know but grafix is not the inpresive when playing the game cut cines are amazing like i sed
iHEARTboobs  +   2783d ago
As i'm sure you're aware of, people have opinions. The majority of people reviewing the game don't agree with you. I doubt you played the game but i could be wrong. But if you didn't like it then that's fine, you're entitled to your opinion. But to say it doesn't have much replay value is silly because of the different ways you can play it.
nycredude  +   2783d ago
Are you serious?! you make a statement that it is no fun after you're done and then proceed to contradict yourself by say you beat it two times!!

Am I missing something here? I usually don't finish a game I don't find fun, let alone beat it two times.

For those who think MGS4 is all movie and no gameplay, I agree that there are alot of cutscenes (little over 8 hours in all). However I beat the game and it took me exactly 26 hours and 34 minutes. I have been playing MGO for a couple of days and now I am on my second play through the hardest level.

What do you me there is mo gameplay or replay value? This game is the best bang for your buck in a while and I have the limited edition!

Lastly, is it me all the developers for Microsoft have a habit of talking trash about other developers or games? Valve, Ninja Gaiden Creator, and now this!
DJtyler  +   2783d ago
I see no reason for this insult but jealousy.
iceice123  +   2783d ago
To explain how that is true? Gears is about gameplay, MGS4 was about cinematics. He doesn't want his games to be mostly cinematics like MGS4. How did you get jealousy out of that? Oh yeah, fanboy delusions, I forgot.

@ Below: Wow at the irony of your comment, amazing.
#21.1 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
DJtyler  +   2783d ago
I think Metal Gear Solid and Gears of War are great games. To go out of your way to insult the competition is childish. Make the best damn game you can and Shut up. PERIOD.
angel604  +   2783d ago
how about you
care to explain what was so great about the gameplay of gears, i guess ill break it down for you since i like gears, here we, cover, shoot, cover, chainsaw, cover, shoot, done with game...yeah great only had what 4 hours worth people still liked it, the story was trash in gears

metal gear you can have variety, guns blazing or stealth, kill everyone or knock everyone out, if you dont like metal gear thats your opinion every fan knows what there getting into and story centric emotional roller coaster with gameplay to match..if your gonna bash mgs learn what your talking about

and all those people saying that they beat it in under two hours..well i call bs, and you can pretty much beat most games in that time if you rush to prove a point
GameDev  +   2783d ago
how sad
that the gameplay of the "movie" game , runs circles around the "game" game.....pathetic fanboys always make me laugh.
deeznuts  +   2783d ago
I expect damage control shortly from CliffyB.
Azures  +   2783d ago
Once again proving how immature this industry is getting.
Figboy  +   2783d ago
what a douche,
especially when Kojima has nothing but praise for Gears of War.

he's been quoted numerous times saying that he and his team REALLY loved Gears of War, and enjoyed the cover-based system, and over the shoulder camera, as it wasn't motion-sickness inducing first person. as you no down know, the over the shoulder camera is in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Cliffy is a wannabe rockstar, but sadly, is still just a gaming geek, no matter how big, better, and "more bad@ss" his games may be.

considering that Hideo Kojima is one of the pioneers of the gaming industry, with each title he releases practically redefining the genre the title is in, i think "Cliffy" could be a little more respectful.

and MGS "passive?" lol. maybe the older ones, but this new one is a hybrid of gaming and cinema like i've never, in my 28 years on the planet experienced before.

what Cliff should be concerning himself with is something i like to call "Unreal Engine burnout." which is when a game engine is used in SO MANY games that it becomes, well, BORING, and not as interesting and exciting as it was when we first encountered it (see the Doom 3 engine, and Unreal Engine 3 for examples of this). he's the epitome of a c0cky, arrogant, American developer douchebag (and i'm American, by the way). "humble" and "modesty" clearly isn't in his repetoire of social responses...
kazuma  +   2783d ago
clap clap clap

well said! bubbles to you
steck67  +   2783d ago
You speak the truth, like always. Have a bubble :)
Figboy  +   2783d ago
i'm not a Gears fan, but there's no denying that it's a great game, but insulting Metal Gear Solid 4, a game that is, for the most part, garnering universal praise, is silly, and done just to stir up the pot.

even before this statement, i've always thought Cliffy B. was a douchebag. he just reeks of overall douchebaggery in every interview i've read and seen.

he just smells like PR and hype, and i hate PR and hype, no matter WHAT the company or developer (ie, Nintendo, Sony, and MS).

over my many years of gaming, i've fallen for enough hype myself to disregard ANYTHING anyone who works on a game has to say, until i can get my hands on time with it.

if i'm interested in the game from a synopsis, feature list, story, screenshots, or videos, that's enough for me. i don't need a developer, programmer, director, etc to tell me "buy my game because it's doing things nobody has EVER done in a game before!"

his boastful statements about how they've created the best cover system in the business almost made me upchuck, and you'd have to be a naive little kid to believe it. i dont' doubt it's been improved (hell, it'd HAVE to be, as the cover system for Gears was far from perfect), but "the best in the business?" i don't think so.

if there's one thing that makes me NOT want to play this game when it comes out, it's everytime Cliffy B. and Mark Rein open their mouths.
juuken  +   2783d ago
Well said. I remembered Kojima praising Gears of War at one point. This Cliffy B or whatever his name is shouldn't even try comparing the two games to begin with. His words sounded like an insult and I read the article carefully.
Vlaitor  +   2783d ago
Jealous ?
Seems to me someone think his dad is better.

You are someway to go before you reach Kojima little Cliff :P
midgard229  +   2783d ago
its cuz idiots dont like story that is good, im sick of the shooters with bad to no story. i wanna know why im fighting, i wanna care bout the character.

apparently cliff doesnt care since he made marcus phoenix look the same as guy from unreal. gears isnt even that good, its just ok in my book, i wont even buy gears 2 just cuz now there are chainsaw duels
Bnet343  +   2783d ago
I don't like passive games either. I like playing fast and having fun. That's just my opinion.
#27 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
iceice123  +   2783d ago
Of course not
If it isn't a good review of MGS4 they think someone must be talking sh!t. They're blind, it is sad.
BigKev45  +   2783d ago
I traded in my MGS4 already. Bring on Gears 2!
NO_PUDding  +   2783d ago
You obviously didn't.
Kleptic  +   2783d ago
yeah you never even played is pointless to only play it get all your weapons back the second time through...there is no way to experience even half of the game in one play through...

you 360 fegtrons can try to downplay MGS4 all you wrecks every other game this generation without breaking a sweat...Cliffy B. is righ thoug...Epic isn't trying to make a game with absolutely unmatched narrative...Epic isn't trying to make a game about the absolute hands-down most kick-ass soldier to ever grace gaming...

they are making a game with about a tenth of the production value, a tenth of the script, a tenth of the budget, and a tenth of the visual excellence...they are rushing a game because the 360's lineup looks funnier than a dude with an esshole for a mouth...they are making a game to address the millions of ADHD diagnosed 360 owners that won't pay attention unless blood is splattering everywhere...

they are failing at keeping up with this can give them credit for starting it off more or less...but on keeping up?...UE3 isn't capable of keeping up with where MGS4 has set the bar...simple as easy route is to criticize it...
#28.2 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
liquidsnake  +   2782d ago
hahaha Kleptic, that has to be one of the funniest comments ever.

Did I mention that it's true as well.
Pp p  +   2783d ago
Actually truth is i played mgs4 half way and got bored so i exchanged it for ninja gaiden 2
Surfman  +   2783d ago
haha you never played.
juuken  +   2783d ago
You don't own a PS3 ya stupid inbreed.
flexbox360  +   2783d ago
that comment is so true. MGS4 coming to a theatre near ur ps3 lololol

edit: oh yeah and grab those pop corns and keep your controller close, cuz u might play for 5 minutes or so.
#30 (Edited 2783d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
heyheyhey  +   2783d ago
whenever someone complains about their being more watch-time than play-time....

i know they haven't played the game

the game took me 23 hours to complete first time

il play it again and again and again.. then play MGO

ignorant b@stards

can't see past what the media feeds them
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