Why Should You Be Worried About Choices In Dragon Age Inquisition?

Clipping Error discusses why people should begin to worry about the choices they're going to make in Dragon Age Inquisition, because the reach of those choices is potentially limitless.

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hazelamy1292d ago

yeah, you could be stuck with the red ending when you want the blue one. ^_^

seriously though, i can't wait.

HeavenlySnipes1292d ago

Tempted to go to the website to pick choices from there for my backstory but Without much context to the decisions I don't know if what I'm picking is what I'd actually so if I played Origins and DA2

Might just leave that and start fresh with this game

BattleTorn1292d ago

This is the exact boat I am in.

I have create my Tapestry for previous choices, but I don't know which are important, or good v evil.

Ive ended wiki searching each choice.

I would love for a DA veteran to provide a guide.

HeavenlySnipes1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

The site should have at least provided a synopsis with every choice

All they have are very brief descriptions (like "did you let ___ live?") and color the choice either red or blue. If Mass Effect is any indication, even red choices have some sort of justification too them

PabloMustasch1292d ago

I'm gonna fire up DA Origns tomorrow, never played it before,

I just can't enter a franchise at the 3rd installment without knowing about all the groundwork in the previous two games

Also can't wait!

--Onilink--1292d ago

even though i agree in certain scenarios some additional context would be nice, part of the problem is that you (and some of the people that reply to you)are expecting a good vs bad choice, but thats not the case almost all of the choices in dragon age.

Sometimes a certain character will disapprove one choice but 3 others will approve it.

Something you can choose not to kill one character but it will mean someone else dies.

Its not really a good vs bad choice, its just choice.
There are some sidequest that I do advise checking a wiki to confirm who you are actually deciding to kill is, for context. But other than that, its all up to you.

For example, in several parts you will have to choose between templars and mages, there is no good or bad choice here, and you can only choose one side

HeavenlySnipes1292d ago

^ and that's my point

There is no context for the decision making in the tapestry thing which is why I'm not even gonna bother with it and start fresh

BattleTorn1292d ago


Yeah, exactly - I found through my work wiki searching that there are intricacies to each decision, that almost always are against the way it initially seems.

I had to learn a lot of DAO/DA2 lore (which I did enjoy) in order to fully understand the repercussions. And still, not actually having met the characters, its hard to decided who to side with, especially on the unpopular outcomes.

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Godmars2901292d ago

Meh. Unless there are a chain of choices which lead you to going over to the other side, the game has no choices. Bioware and their supporters should stop suggesting otherwise if only for their own good.

thekhurg1292d ago

Guess you haven't played a Dragon Age game before.

BluFish1292d ago

Bioware games don't have choices? You have to be trolling.

Having to pick a "side" is billshit anyway. Reality doesn't work like that. We are all sitting in a grey area in between "good" and "evil" and games that don't let you adhere to that normalcy are far more limited than Dragon Age.

--Onilink--1292d ago

do yourself a favor, go to and tell me there are no choices to make.

Even having played the 1st one, it took me over an hour just going through all the choices i wanted to have imported to Inquisition

Sketchy_Galore1292d ago

I'm just worried about what character I'm going to create, I doubt I'll be able to top my DA2 character. My Origins character was a pasty floppy haired douche Rogue always going for the cheap joke, he's quite replaceable. My DA2 character however was created during a very pissed off time and turned out to be a humourless and ruthless Mage that looked exactly like Daniel Day Lewis in There will be blood. As much as I enjoyed Origins more as a game I think I enjoyed acting like a contemptuous snob to everyone I encountered and wearing a fine handlebar moustache more.

Trouble is I only just finished DA2 so it's still too recent to play as another manly-tached Mage. I don't want to play as a warrior either though that's the only type I haven't tried. I'm thinking of going back to Rogue and maybe trying another race, though I usually like to play as a human.

GamePeace1292d ago

Boring RPG, I prefer to wait for Bloodborne. Bloodborne is a real changer of the genre. Dragon Age is just generic and boring. Nothing that you can call serious art. Dragon Age is just the art to play in a boring open world with stupid characters.

cplus1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

"GamePeace think game boring. GamePeace like bloodborne because bloodborne serious. GamePeace no like dragon age no serious art. GamePeace like serious art. GamePeace no like boring open world with stupid characters"

Saints941292d ago

can I have your copy then? You've obviously have played it before

GamePeace1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Do I really have to play something like Dragon Age Inquisition?(I have played the other Dragon age games, they weren't that good in my opinion) I don't think so. I think that the Dragon Age Series is kind of boring and stupid, I mean, why should I have sex in a videogame? Some people produce really stupid things, hate me all you want, but I can't call something that stupid "good", I see nothing positive in it. It looks like the same old stuff, while Bloodborne looks much more diverse and original, something that will set itself apart from the typical generic Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age stuff.

Everyone is free to buy whatever he wants to buy, it's just my personal point of view of the game, because I don't see the point of this game. The problem of such games (The Elder Scrolls/Final Fantasy or Dragon Age) that they all have superb vistas/environments/worlds, where the ridiculous/stupid-looking characters stand in contrast to that wonderful settings. Thinking realistically, I have almost no faith in this game, when I look at their past games (design and gameplaywise).

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