Why I'm Still Optimistic About Drive Club

Vaughn Highfield writes for TheGamersHub
"It was here, on this page, that I intended to write my Drive Club review. About three weeks ago it was named ‘Drive Club Review’ and the page slug was ‘drive-club-review’. I decided to hold off, waiting for the servers to kick back into action so I could write something a little bit more comprehensive about the entire experience; letting you know how club dynamics and Face Off events worked, and chart my progression with Club TGH against my online rivals.

"However, as I’m sure you can guess, that never came to be. A game meant for inclusiveness for all has, unfortunately, become the most exclusive PlayStation 4 title around; only letting a few play online at a time, while operating a strict one-in, one-out policy.

"In fact, it doesn’t help that even the single-player mode is lacking some sort of personality, with its linear progression of event after event growing tiresome as the races wear on. It’s certainly an improvement over the terribly narrated, and awfully told racing games that try to weave some sort of story around your antics. But still, it’s a bit limp and lifeless.

"Yet, I’m still pretty optimistic about Drive Club and the possibilities it holds in the future."

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joab7771231d ago

Yeah. I just think they should have released the free version 1st. I know. The problems would have been much worse on the server side...but no one would have spent a dime. It would have been like a beta. Once it was fixed, ppl would come back to it, and those who loved it would buy it.

ThatEnglishDude1231d ago

Why you're optimistic about DriveClub? Because you spent money on the game and want to justify your purchase.

Spotie1231d ago

... or maybe there's actually a good game under all the hate?

Just a thought.

Spenok1229d ago

It's entirely possible that a great game exists under some crushing issues. So long as they fix them, get the game running, and fix/change whatever imbalances they have it only makes sense.

MysticStrummer1231d ago

I'm optimistic about DC because it's very fun (even in *gasp* single player mode), it will be fixed eventually, people will try the PS+ version, and many of them will buy it. The racing is fun and intense, and the graphics are amazing. I'm looking forward to the free tracks and cars, but do need to sort out the online problems first.

Starfox8111230d ago

Seeing as I didn't buy it, it's definitely because there's a good game underneath it all.

CloudRap1231d ago

I was kinda hyped for this, but between the server issues, lack of content, stupid AIs, and not to mention the shady delay of the plus version, I opted out and Im glad I did.

SCW19821231d ago

Nothing about the AI is stupid but nice try.

ps4fanboy1231d ago

Suddenly a.I that behaves like a human trying all he can do to win is stupid....??

MrUndrhill1231d ago

I think the AI in the game is great. The other stuff, yeah, some major issues there. What is nice, is that Sony studios support their product in a massive way post-launch. So hopefully a lot of it gets addressed.

VforVideogames1231d ago

You can't, the game just plain sucks, if you buying this for graphics then its a great buy but when you're playing it makes you forget how good the graphics are.

amiga-man1231d ago

You obviously haven't played it then.

MysticStrummer1231d ago

I play it every day and the graphics have nothing to do with it. The game only "just plain sucks" if ALL you want to do is race online. Playing solo I still get data to beat from other players. Yeah that data doesn't work all the time either but it does most of the time.

I'm optimistic about DC because it's very fun, it will be fixed eventually, people will try the PS+ version, and many of them will buy it. The racing is fun and intense, and yeah the graphics are stunning. Looking forward to the free tracks and cars.

quantumofmalice1231d ago

I want to love and defend this game but it really is just tech demo-although at times a glorious one.The career mode is really just a brief tutorial for the multiplayer as 6-7 hours single player is pretty lean for a car game. But then multiplayers not really working so eh. Compare this to Forza Horizon 2 and which one is really the console seller? I love cars, Evolution Studios and Motorstorm so i bought the game and season pass and hope the online gets sorted out. And Motorstorm 4 gets made.

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