Nvidia Unveils Pick Your Path Game Deals To Compete With AMD's Never Settle Space Bundle

Take your pick of Ubisoft's upcoming big titles with Nvidia, or get a game to play now with AMD.

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Peekayboo1348d ago

I like Nvidia, but I wouldn't buy anything that supports Ubisoft and would love to see this deal replaced with something else.

Roccetarius1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

I would rather support someone else than Ubisoft as well, but these deals usually include the big boy games with another shady publisher.

Psychotica1348d ago

Sounds good but I am waiting for the GTX 990 Dual Core..

SnakeCQC1348d ago

I bought a gtx 970 like a week before they started the promotion and i contacted nvidia about receiving a code. They flat out refused me a code.
In the past when I've been in similar situations with amd they were always more than happy to provide one.

TorpeAlex1348d ago

^This. I am baffled why they didn't do this out of the gate when their cards were released a couple of months ago, or at least allow people who have them to register them with NVidia's product registration push in order to get a game.

NVidia sells great products and it's a shame to see a marketing blunder like this bite back at their existing install base.

Reddzfoxx1348d ago

Why should they its for future buyers.

1st Wave of customers get the cards @ full price.
2nd Wave of customer get the card @ full price + a Ubisoft game.
3rd Wave of customers get the card @ discounted price + free ubisoft game that is ? months old.

Most people never expected Nvidia to try to get free games with the cards so why should people be upset that future purchasers get a little better deal?

TorpeAlex1347d ago

Because I'm being punished for supporting NVidia products when they launch. Especially when I paid a premium for a product that they couldn't keep on shelves for its first three weeks of sale.

brandonb211348d ago

i bought a 980 on launch day and i got one.... almost 3 months before the promotion, contact your retailer you bought the card from such as newegg is backdating

SnakeCQC1348d ago

Im in the uk and the retailer was scan who have refused.

brandonb211348d ago

yes i heard scan was refusing codes.. newegg and amazon is funding them

TorpeAlex1347d ago

Newegg flat out refused me, but I did purchase the EVGA version of the card. Might that have something to do with it?

brandonb211347d ago

weird newegg gave me mine, mine was evga aswell maybe if you try again you will get a better support person

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