How AI may react to some players in Far Cry 4's co-op mode

Ubisoft has already revealed that the AI in Far Cry 4 has been reworked to give gamers the most dangerous adversaries that they have seen in the adventure series to date. Fans can expect to see smarter opponents that will change tactics depending on the actions taken by players. Thankfully, executive producer Dan Hay spoke with us to explain that users will have many more options available at their disposal in order to combat the game’s new advanced AI.

While the enemy AI of Far Cry 4 might know how to react to a gyrocopter-launched player attack from the sky as opposed to a full-frontal assault from the back of an elephant, the addition of full co-op to the franchise gives players access to a new tactic in order to fight these smarter opponents. By adding a second player to the mix, gamers can make their foes in Kyrat have to deal with two-pronged attacks.

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