Best Buy Mystery Rewards Out Now: Minimum $5

"Best Buy just sent me an email detailing its Mystery Rewards"

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IWentBrokeForGaming1381d ago

I'm a Elite Rewards Member so I hope I get this coming to me! My local Best Buy is offering their Gamers Club membership for $30 until Saturday... And that gets you 2 years of it! 20% off games for 2 years! I signed up yesterday

RjK311jR1381d ago

I have done this!! And they price match so when target next week does their buy 2 get 1, Im buying 6 games on 11/18 all pre-ordered total w/ $10 preordered comes to $23-$35 depending on the totals

annoyedgamer1381d ago

How much in rewards did you get? Id don't really want to make a trip to BB for $5.

RjK311jR1381d ago

if u pre order u get $10.. I have the prices broken down I will post it later

traumadisaster1381d ago

They don't price match and give 20% off. It's either or.

RjK311jR1381d ago

you sure.. they price match... and then when you pay... you use your card and it applies the 20%, it did for me... last year

GothamReturns1381d ago

Preordered halo for $41 and metal gear solid the phantom pain for $25