Media Create hardware sales (10/27 - 11/2)

Media Create published the latest gaming hardware sales from Japan.

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qwerty6761264d ago

everything besides the the 3ds is selling like crap.

most of the studios don't even make console games anymore

Concertoine1264d ago

Even in a weaker market, the PS4 is outpacing the PS3. No one bought the ps3 when it first came out in japan

jjonez181264d ago

Interesting. I did not know this.
I figured if anyone would buy an overpriced PS3 at launch it would be in Japan.
Was the PS4's launch that good or has it been selling better on a weekly basis?

Concertoine1264d ago


They lacked any good Japanese titles at launch, and for a while. Also the PS2 was still too hot for people to move on.

Both. The PS3 actually had the worst year one performance of the past two gens in Japan, outside of the 360 and xbone. The Wii U just barely beat it, and the PS4, at this rate, will barely beat it too.

At the end of the gen, assuming its shorter than last, the PS4 will probably match or exceed the PS3's lifetime sales in Japan.

ABizzel11264d ago

3DS is just killing it in Japan. It's averaging 4m - 5m per year there which should put them in the 30m range by 2018, which would match the DS JP sales, and be just in time for the 4DS.

Vita is doing ok, and should be averaging 1m per year over there which isn't bad at all, but I think Sony's giving up on Vita and their handhelds to focus on their mobile and tablet line-up all of which are getting remote play, and IMO a tablet is a much better option than a handheld for Sony since they choose to go with the high-end mobile device technologically, and a tablet can simply store better hardware due to it's larger size, so if they have a dedicated mobile device I expect it to be a PS Tablet.

The PS4 is doing ok too, for the complete lack of JP games it has. Based on their recent weekly sales they should be averaging in the 750k range (2014 was their JP launch so, we can't use the full year). But when the heavy hitters start dropping their sales should be 2x - 3x better, and average 1.5m - 2m a year which would put them at 13m for the generation (2020), and about on par with what the Wii sold last gen in first place.

Wii U was doing good too, but sales have dropped. MK8 bundle and Smash should get sales back up and they should finish in the year with 750k. They also have a strong 2015 line-up all year, so they should be up in the 1.5m - 2m range next year as well, giving PS4 some competition in JP this gen for the console crown.

Finally PS3 is doing well for a 8 year old console, and averaging 500k per year

kalimero21264d ago

PS4 – 8,906
Xbox One – 599

Good job SONY! Raping xbox one in japan just like in rest of world.

OldDude1264d ago

What are you 12? Your intelligence is overwhelming.

Predaking771264d ago

The Xbox one sales are decreasing every week with no sign of stopping.

I guess we all knew this was going to happen.

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