Pure Pool Xbox One release date confirmed

Neil writes "Xbox One owners have had to sit back and wait patiently for the release of Pure Pool, but finally a confirmed date is with us….and it isn’t far away!"

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2cents1380d ago


Always enjoy a good pool game, great price too.

Another to add to the collection me thinks :)

jp_footy21380d ago

How does it compare to real pool? If it at least provides a similar experience I might pick it up.

2cents1380d ago

I haven't tried this particular one, but I have always enjoyed a good pool game.

Normally it can be set up to be as easy or as hard as you like it. As in, you can have guidelines for the initial strike of the cue ball. Some games even will show a guideline for the secondary bounce to make things even easier. Also most will have a free cam so that you can look around to work out the best angles for the shot and a birds eye view. Full cue ball control is almost always available for follow shots, spins and pull back.

I love the sounds and the pacing of pool games, I just love that click sound when the balls strike each other. I cant imaginge this missing any of the common features I mentioned, but please don't take my word for it :) as I haven't played it yet!

Cant really go wrong at that price, might be worth a 'shot'.

shmeedy246851380d ago

I'm getting it :) Cheap enough as well.

IrishSt0ner1380d ago

I'll still get this but the 6 month delay was very annoying.

bauer0071379d ago

should of picked it up on PS4 then

IrishSt0ner1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Yea that thought has crossed my mind more than once.

spence524901380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

It's a very good pool game. My only gripe is the camera angle is way to close to the pool table and it's not natural at all making it hard to do longer shots. Multiplayer could be a little better as well as there wasn't any matchmaking last time I played.

MarcoGT1380d ago

I have this on PS4, it's a damn fine game and for a good price.
Good graphics, nice music. The campaign is 3 stages: long line, medium line then no line for aiming.
So if you like pool then it's worth a shot.

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