GTA 5 gets First-Person mode, but is it worth buying again?

Dealspwn: "Grand Theft Auto 5's new-gen first-person mode was unveiled yesterday via an IGN First Look, amongst other things, and here are a few of our thoughts on the reveal, the new perspective, the prospect of new-gen GTA 5, and whether or not it's a must-buy this Holiday Season."

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caseh1385d ago

Not for £50 it ain't

Septic1385d ago

Why not? Its actually adding things to the package unlike other remasters. Denser traffic, FPS mode, more online players etc plus all the usual performance upgrades yo expect.

Why wouldn't you want the definitive version of one of the best games of last gen?

caseh1385d ago


Because I paid less for it last time around and as you stated, it's a remaster.

Paying £50 (for the merican's, that's about $80) for an FPS mode and dense traffic on a game that looks prettier than last years release.

Like people say, don't complain about remasters. My complaint isn't about the remaster, it's about the pricing.

starrman19851385d ago

@caseh, you're totally correct, it's worth more!

Sir_Simba1385d ago

On console Yes
PC the highest I pay is £30, I dont pirate tho
G2A, G2play, Greenman gaming there are so many selling at different prices

caseh1385d ago


It's RRP is actually £60 on consoles, if you think that's worth it for a game that's currently about £15 on the 360 i'm wondering...would you like to buy some magic beans from me? They are really magic, honest.

Massacred1385d ago

Probably not at full price. But when it goes down a bit for sure. Too many new games to try out, before replaying the same thing in HD with "FPS mode"

TheSaint1384d ago

Go to Sainsbury's, it'll be at most £45, that's what I payed for Destiny.

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SeanScythe1385d ago

Not yes but Hell Yes. I never finished the game on ps3, so this will be a must buy and I can't wait.

Entonations1385d ago

Waited for it to come out on pc! can't wait to play the game for the first time in January!

Amuro1385d ago

never played it on PS3 because I knew they were gonna port it to PS4. 1080p, consistent frame-rate and first person mode. I don't even like FPS but as long as I have the control to go from 3rd to 1st person whenever I want I'm fine. Especially when in a vehicle.

Kurisu1385d ago

Yep, same here. Got a PS3 but knew it would come to PS4 so I held off. I'm also not a fan of the first person perspective, but it's just an option and I'm sure many people will have fun with it :) Yesterday I also picked up my first ever FULL HD 1080p TV, so look forward to seeing it in all its glory.

Kurisu1385d ago

GTA V PS4 will be my first time playing the game! I'm looking forward to it now. However first things first I'm getting Assassins Creed Unity, as I've not played any of the games apart from the first one. This one looks really good.

ab5olut10n1385d ago

AC2 & Brotherhood were both really good, you should check them out.

Kurisu1385d ago

I've heard that they're good but there are too many games coming out for me to back track :)

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