GameStop UK Drop The Price Of The PS4 To Just £299

The console war is hotting up for Christmas with deals an offers propping up all the time, most of which we don’t bother reporting but GameStop have our attention as they dropped the price of a PlayStation 4 below the mythical £300 barrier.

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G20WLY1351d ago

Grab 'em while you can folks!

VenomUK1351d ago

Hot-diggity-damn that price is good!
Yeah that are some great value bundles for more but the £299.99 price point is psychologically cheaper and will lead to more sales from people who are on the fence.

RosweeSon1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

I understand it may seem cheaper but if your not smart (not yourself personally but people in general) to see that you could pay £50 and get mine craft (at least a £10er, Fifa easily £40, infamous DLC, another £10er or so even if it is going free next month, can always sell the games on if their not your bag but yeah it's still a great deal but let's face who doesn't want a game with their new console or more value for money, I went for the mega kill zone bundle shame about the game (it's ok) but was mainly after the extra controller and camera and even now it's still a great value deal, I paid £429 a year ago got kill zone extra controller (£40) and the camera (£40) knock the price of kill zone off I paid around £300-320 tops for my console, shop around some place do loyalty rewards on top of good deals ;)

There are other bundles than I mentioned but that's the one I saw that seemed pretty good, can always sell the games 3/4 games for an extra £50 what a rip off.

Magicite1351d ago

Its 345euros in Latvia now (without any discounts). Now what You call bargain? :D

P.S. £299 = 382 euros.

RosweeSon1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Not bad at all but when you could get it for £350 with Fifa and minecraft and sometimes even another game not amazing but yeah not bad at all.
How's this sure it's sold through GAME but when they will give you a good £6-8 back in reward points and the console for £349 with call of duty (meh!) and the last of us download code £349 and rewards points know which id rather grab, sell call of duty and I've for a ps4 and last of us for £310/320 tops. Hey ho bought mine last year and even with this temp price reduction I still got great value for my money.

Immorals1351d ago

I'd rather go for the 299 deal, already have minecraft on 360/one,and fifa can go to hell!

No_Limit1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Love these price drop. That is why we need a healthy competition as we all benefit.

vikingland11351d ago

I see you got a disagree for saying competition benefits us all. Darn kids I bet. Oh well I agree with you.

vikingland11351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

It's hotting up lol. Competition is good though.

BLow1351d ago

Wait, there can be deals for the PS4 as well...what dafaq...O_o

I thought....oh well nvm :-)

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