Why The Evil Within Fails on Multiple Levels

Here's a nice quote for Bethesda to use out of context: "The Evil Within is the quintessential horror experience". I do not, however, mean that as praise.

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gantarat1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Dear Yahtzee Developers have their own definition of "Survival Horror".
Survival Horror of Shinji is Balanced between action and horror (fun gameplay first scary second)

vishmarx1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

alien was scary as hell but after 6 or 7 hours the gameplay bored me to tears and the fear was just gone because i didnt care
and ive spent almost 50 hours(20 on survival+27 akumu)on evil within and still playing it for plat .
imo the gameplay is even better than re4.
and i realized this on akumu when i was forced to utilize each and every mechanic when we barely had any ammo. its brilliant how rewarding planning your fight becomes, when you cant take a single hit or spray bullets compared to blasting ammo in re4.

i actually drew mental maps before fighting each boss to figure out exactly when and how im gonna stun it , send it into traps or actually shoot it for once.

pasta_spice1352d ago

Alien Isolation was a few hours too long but I thought it was a much better example of the survival-horror genre than The Evil Within was. I can't help but wonder if people would be so forgiving of The Evil Within's faults if Shinji Mikami wasn't behind it.

-Foxtrot1352d ago

"alien was scary as hell but after 6 or 7 hours the gameplay bored me to tears and the fear was just gone because i didnt care"

Exactly...things just died down

You seemed to do the same things over and over where most of the places looked the same.

Least the Evil Within had some variation and some trippy sequences which reshaped the levels you were in. You could go from wandering in a hallway then suddenly your inside a mansion.

Plus with Evil Within I usually ended up starting over if I missed a few shots on an enemy JUST to save ammo.

camel_toad1352d ago


"Plus with Evil Within I usually ended up starting over if I missed a few shots on an enemy JUST to save ammo."

Hah me too. So many times I restarted certain parts just to maximize my ammo conservation. Its very soothing for ocd ;)

ritsuka6661353d ago

At least this game is better than Resident Evil 6... =(

VsAssassin1352d ago

That's comforting to know. I am planning to pick this up on PS4. For me RE6 was just too much of what it shouldn't have been. Even my nephew who likes pump-action in games disliked the campaigns outside Leon's.

Austin481352d ago

gameplay yes its better but Resident evil 6 had better graphics.

Kivespussi1353d ago

The core game in my opinion is fine. But technically the game is absolutely horrible from framerate to camera angles and from black bars to AI. Might be just a piss poor PC port which causes most of my problems but still I was disappointed with the game.

-Foxtrot1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

The only biggest criticism for this game is the horrible story structure, dialogue and voice acting.

They seem to think because you are outside a cutscene you can't have any dialogue, the sections when you are with your partner they never seem to speak that much until you get into a cutscene. It's not like in Uncharted or the Last of Us for example where the characters would interact with each other or actually have reactions to things going on around them.

So lets save you save one of them from a trap or find one of them after things have went to shit, you only get the "what's going on" stuff untill your in a cutscene, NOT the 5 minutes you spend with them walking around to the next section where you get that cutscene.

Things aren't really explained to you aswell, I thought things would be wrapped us nicely in the end and you would get the last piece of the jigsaw to put everything together but that doesn't happen.

Really good game on it's own but that's where it fails, I honestly hope he does a new game next, taking note of the flaws. If this had Last of Us styled acting and a well structured story it would of been fantastic

jhoward5851352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

I disagree with the article...The Evil Within was a good game because It did something right that I see lacking in many games, it kept players active in the game; there was always something to do from gathering weapons, health, etc. The controls were always moving which I like.

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