Grand Theft Auto V - Old-Gen Versus Current-Gen Comparison Part #2

GTAForums member 'Mastah' has shared some comparison shots between the old-gen and the current-gen versions of GTA V. And in order to properly showcase the differences, GTAForums member 'RaduG' has created the following gifs.

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TheStrokes1382d ago

Everything about it just looks so much better. The first pic with the Deerfield was cracking! Online is going to be twice as much fun now.
Let the chaos commence!

Septic1382d ago

Yeah man. That first pic really hammered home just how much of an improvement this is. With 30 players online, more dense traffic, more detail and FPS mode, this will be a right laugh!

TheStrokes1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Some draw distance too! Aye, I can just imagine quality chases through streets and then onto the terrain trying to escape someone during online missions. The 1st person view is going to add so much more too. I wasn't that bothered about it when I heard it was coming to new-gen, but that's quickly buggered off lol.

inveni01382d ago

I rented this game for a few days from Redbox and didn't buy it. Not because it wasn't good enough, but because I just didn't. With the changes for PS4, boy am I glad I didn't buy it on PS3. Now I don't have to re-buy, and I'll be playing the definitive version. (Until PC comes out, but I'd rather have it on PS4.)

ramiuk11382d ago

1st person in GTA will make it an entirely new experience imo.
i didnt even think about gta as i played it last gen,but after watching 1st person gameplay im tempted to order it.

john21382d ago

That 1st person mode will be really interesting, especially when it comes to mods. Superman mod with 1st person cam? Bring it on.

TheSaint1382d ago

I was annoyed that there was no discount for previous owners, then I saw that first person trailer, now I'm fine with paying full price.

Massacred1382d ago

Prob will get it eventually, but not for 60 dollars. Just changing the camera and upgrading the graphics isn't enough. I was looking for meaty single player DLC

Moe-Gunz1382d ago

I agree $60 is a bit much. Especially when it's only really adding a gimmick and not much else besides the fresh paint. I either wanted to see SP Dlc or the heist missions be included that should have been out a long time ago.

I personally feel R* gets away with crap other developers can't.

bauer0071382d ago

They get away with things because they actually deliver, if Ubisoft actually made a decent game once in awhile then they would face alot less criticism!

GHOSTxx4201382d ago

They already said heist were coming shortly after the new gen release.

TheMapleNerd1382d ago

I would still buy it for full price if i didn't know sites like g2a, i had a amazing december in 2013.


The thing is though, when you look at R* and what they delivered with GTA5, they really delivered a lot of good stuff with the original.

it was not perfect, but it still outshines almost everything from last gen and to be frank, as far as HD remasters go, it has already outshined most of them as well.

Look at what they delivered as free content for the game compared to what bungie are trying to deliver with their "expansion" Dark Below.

I am already more impressed with it then I have been any of the other remasters. In principal I don't think anyone should be paying full price for a remaster, but boy... if there is one game I think deserving, I think it's GTA5. YES, even over last of us which personally I wasn't that impressed with.

Akira20201381d ago

I've never owned GTA5 on the previous gen because I knew it would come out for next gen. Therefore, I don't mind supporting Rockstar and paying $60 like everyone via last gen.

Can't wait!

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illAmpRefugee1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Should i get this gta i missed out on it last gen but honestly i didnt think gta4 was great couldnt even play through it more thn once? How many hrs is the story if ur not messing around alot. And u only do some side missions?

user56695101382d ago

looks good. but i never really understood the hype about gtav gfx anyway. are they giving more missions or finally giving people heists? seem crazy its going to be $60 with all the money they made plus the broken promises. its not like theyre going to lose money by putting this out on next gen consoles.

3-4-51382d ago

Super hyped for GTA, then after I beat the game in 4 days I was kind of disappointed.

I expected more and the physics and driving in GTA4 are far superior.

This does look like a solid update to the game though, and one I wouldn't mind owning eventually, but at a reduced price.

I'm not paying full price for the game again, but for those of you who get to experience GTA5 for the first time via this version, well congrats, you get the better initial experience and I hope you love the game.

It's solid, but could have been so much better.

* Did they add stealing and selling cars for money like a garage in GTA 4?

In GTA after a certain point you could do that whenever and the better cars would get you more.

I can't remember if that was in or not in the same way.

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Genuine-User1382d ago

This is the best definitive edition in my opinion.

john21382d ago

Definitely. If only all those HD remakes received this 'HD' treatment

Illusive_Man1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Glad it is 1080p/30 on both consoles according to Rockstar. It looks great.

Alsybub1382d ago

If you get a single disagree then we can guess what kind of person clicked that button. ;)

Very good that Rockstar have achieved greatness on both platforms.

MysticStrummer1382d ago

The kind of person who doesn't think parity is good…?

jrshankill1382d ago


The fanboyism on this site is extraordinarily bad.

Case in point, I posted a picture of my PS4 screen having issues with downloads. A few idiots posted "You don't have a PS4 because your a Xbox fanboy".

Even seeing with their own eyes does not help.

But to be honest, I maybe would have took a further resolution hit in order to get 60fps.. but I am still happy none the less. Looking forward to playing it all over again :)

jdubrady1382d ago

I know I will get hate for even bringing up the idea, but i wished they made the option to play the game in 60fps, but at 720p. Im not sure if theres enough power in the consoles to pull 60fps in an open world game, but I think it be nice. The game will be fun regardless so probably wont even care once I start playing it :P

MasterCornholio1381d ago

As long as the framerate is rock solid it should be a great experience.

P.S I said rock solid because I heard that the frame rate is locked at 30.

Forn1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Not just visually better but also more pedestrians and stuff makes for a fuller/richer world. I wasn't going to get it in PS4 orginally, but now I'm thinking I might.

angelsx1382d ago

[email protected]

Before you ask, it looks amazing. Magical, even. At times, with neon blazing over the storm-sodden Vinewood streets, puddles dancing with rain splats - as the full spectrum of PS4 particle effects and lighting coalesce - it looks like a tiny miracle: easily the best-looking new-gen game yet. At others, it's 'merely' impeccably high-res and comfortably familiar.

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