Here’s a list of upcoming improvements to CoD: Advanced Warfare mutliplayer

Sledgehammer Games is hard at work at improving Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with a bunch of new tweaks currently in the works.

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler1356d ago

prestige emblem reset? glad i read this before i prestige id be pissed if i lost my emblems.

ModernBioshock1355d ago

I'm assuming they are talking about the user created emblems getting reset every time you prestige.. At least I hope so because that is a bug right now

ImHyjack1355d ago

How about you fix the lag compensation I have 107/25 internet and I get punished by people running DSL or lagwire they are in God mode SMFH the game is broken

Utalkin2me1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Amen to that..... I like watching killcams. I will put 4-5 bullets in somebody and the killcam only shows me shooting once.

nicksetzer11355d ago

That's why I have been saying xbox record that, already have SOOO many bs deaths with a killcam that shows I didn't even shoot.

matt1391355d ago

DL doesn't necessarily correlate to ping though. You can have a much lower latency and have a slower speed than someone else.

InTheLab1355d ago

At least you can get a match. I can't even do matchmaking with these broken ass servers. Why is no one reporting this?

zerog1355d ago

The lag is probably because of your ping. I had 30Mbs fiber optic and experianced lag like crazy because I was getting a 128ms ping. The net I have now is only 6Mbs but I'm getting a 15ms ping and I've not had any lag at all in advanced warfare. Port forwarding might help but some isp's charge extra for that.

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Summons751355d ago

Maybe fix the bugs and lag before you continue you add in things that should have already been there. Activision...where releasing an unfinished game is acceptable.

hello121355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

The multiplayer is unplayable on xbox 1 whats the point of 60fps if the game lags like this, its not enjoyable smooth experience at all, hope its not just me i don't think my internet's to blame. I can see everyone is on bad ping's.

[email protected] Tonight has been really bad played about 7 games, yesterday was fine.I just turned the game off i was teleporting in some games because the lag was that bad. Its even effecting shot registering.

Allsystemgamer1355d ago

It's the same on ps4 man. Most games I get white pings but all it takes is that ONE GUY to drag the match down.

Clown_Syndr0me1355d ago

Its not just you. The odd game I play is really laggy, but even games that dont lag, the ping is usually one red dot for everyone.

nicksetzer11355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

It's unplayable on all systems, have it on my ps4 and xb1 (idk about last gen) and have not seen a full bar connection yet. (And I am 75/50Mb/s) it is because of COD's terrible lag compensation, makes everyone's connection match the worse connection basically.

Malphite1355d ago

Any knowledge if the PC version suffers from the same issues?

Just out of curiosity: Why do you have the same game on the PS4 and X1.

nicksetzer11355d ago

@mal nope, sorry. And mainly to play with friends on each console. Mainly play on xbox, but a few close buds have it for PS4.

Volkama1355d ago

PC version is just as bad, yes.

Kryptonite42O1355d ago

Agreed!! I have this for the xb1, and its terrible. Joining a match as a group of 4-5 people is next to impossible. People get kicked every time you join a game, and when you do get a game, its lag city.
I'm not a fan of the exo movements.. everyone just hangs out on rooftops or camps in a corner with their cloaking ability. How is a player supposed to test their skill when they get killed from an angle they can't even see 90% of the time.
I refuse to buy another COD game until BO3 comes out, and if that one fails to deliver, then I'm done with the franchise for good.

Kidmyst1355d ago

@ Malphite, on PC it's lagged once for me when I first joined a match but a player left and was fine so the issue seems to be there too. Bit problem I had last night is it took like 1.2 an hour to get into a game and says no matches found. But past COD games show how many players are playing that game type. So unless I am missing something I don't see how many are playing it in the menu.

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shloobmm31355d ago

I have yet o have any lag. Not sure what problems yall are having but my game has been silky smooth. That's with a 60 down and 10 up

Unreal011355d ago

Me neither, I haven't had any problems with Advanced Warfare, runs pretty decent.


so you don't get any insta kill, bullet lag, dying behind cover, empty a clip into a guy and nothing happens.... etc..

well enjoy, you are one of the lucky ones.

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Fil1011355d ago

Yeah fix the lag issues, not sure if this is happening for everyone but when I play TDM pretty much everyone has white bars and I pretty much have a lag free game but when I play S&D which is my preferred game nearly every game is full of red bars. I not gonna pretend I know how the servers work but something is wrong with the search lobbys.

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