Destiny guide - Eurogamer's updated guide to Bungie's multi-million-selling shooter

"In its short time on the market, Destiny has sold millions of copies and got many of us hooked thanks to its tight combat loop and disgustingly moreish gear grind. But even if you've played it for over a hundred hours, like several of the Eurogamer team, you probably haven't figured everything out. Do you have all the gold loot chests? Are you struggling to level an alt quickly enough? Are you caught levelling in the mid-20s and having trouble figuring out how and what to prioritise to advance further? And if you're deep in the endgame, are you unsure about the best exotic bounties to undertake?

Whatever the scenario, we've got you covered in this detailed Destiny guide, which replaces the more basic one we produced at the game's launch."

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