Far Cry 4 - PC System Requirements Revealed - Recommends GTX 680, Requires 30GB Of Free HDD

Far Cry 4 is almost upon us and NVIDIA has revealed the PC system requirements for this upcoming open-world game.

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Father__Merrin1382d ago

these kind of open world games are quite easy to run, the fun thing about pc version you can tinker setting untill your confortable with it.

Braid1382d ago

Easy to run? On the contrary, open world shooters require a lot more power than standart corridor shooters. Have you played Far Cry 3? That game needed quite a monster to run at a stable frame rate.

System requirements here looks reasonable, though.

Th3o1382d ago

I do agree system requirements are unreasonable, at times they do this to avoid conflict.

Most likely they are saying that the 680 GTX is ideal for 60 fps, and running everything max.

Again, that would be my 2 cents.

The last far Cry 3 was pretty well optimized I could almost max out the game on my alienware 14. I usually ran it in DX 9 though, and I hit 60 fps @ 1366x768 pretty consistantly.

the 765m is much weaker than the 680 GTX so I wouldn't be worried.

Although DX 11 only is a bit of a bother, considering some ppl opt for DX 9 for better frame rates.

Tzuno1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Bullshit, i finished far cry 3 with a ivy bridge celeron and hd 7750 on 1080p and some tweaks to the graphics medium even high on some things avg fps 18-26.

Agent_hitman1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Not bad for HDD space (30GB files only), unlike the crappy FF13 PC version that wasn't an open world but the damn CGI cutscene eats up a lot of space for almost 60GB.

xPhearR3dx1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Just an FYI, Nvidia is giving away your choice of FC4, AC:Unity, or The Crew if you purchase a 970/980. I actually purchased a GTX STRIX 980 two weeks ago but I contacted Newegg last night and they gave me the promotion anyway so I got FC4 for free. So if you bought either of those cards in the past few weeks, try checking in your your retailer and they may hook you up with the promotion.

Really looking forward to playing this. Although with GTA and Dragon Age, I'm not sure when I'll get to it haha

sungam3d1382d ago

Oh really?

I bought a GTX 770 like a year and a half ago. 1 month after I bought it nvidia came out with a promo they gave away I think it was assassin creed black flag and some other game, forget what it was might have been far cry 3?

So I rang up my local comp part store where I bought my card, they said too bad. So then I emailed nvidia, they also said sorry too bad.

Stingy bastards, $550 card back then

So I just pirated the games.

Tempest3171382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

So, Nvidia is stingy for not giving you a free game, when you didn't buy your card during the sale period? And that entitled you to pirate the game? Holy shit logic.

Edit: Forgot to mention, where/why the hell did you buy a 770 for $550? Wasn't that the $400 tier card?

sungam3d1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

That's $550 AUD.

And yeah. Didn't entitle me to anything.
I just pirated it anyway because I could.
Bought it later on a steam sale like I do with all games I enjoy.

You really have no idea how expensive hardware and games here are in Australia, and censored.
xbone - $600
ps4 - $600
$50-$60 a game for Americans $90-$100+ for Aussies because of 'reasons' even though our dollars are basically on par in exchange rate.

Go figure

Th3o1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )


It also depends on region and currency conversion.

I live in Canada and we pay about 10$ extra compared to Americans due to exchange rate (sometimes even more per game), the PS4 is 50$ more.

The reason for us is because most game sales and purchases are handled in US currency, so it comes out in an advantage towards the Amercians most of the time:) (lucky!).

Also I would assume Australia makes a very small gaming population when compared to let's say Canada and America. So they tend to make games cheaper to increase volume.

While I assume with the reduced population of gamers in Australia when compared to would say they have to sell x * % of difference to come out the same.

Is it greedy? Probably. Is it fair? No. Is it logical? Yes if you think about it.

I'm not economist nor am I a business man but I assume it works something like that.

As long as you buy the games u pirated imo it's a good F U to the developers to start giving out trials of the games or at least we don't get stuck with an 70$ shelve filler.


I know what reviews are but they are not set in stone nor do they speak for everyone. Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion.

Tempest3171382d ago

That makes sense, I didn't realize AUD and USD shared the $ symbol

xPhearR3dx1382d ago

Well, it depends on the retailer. Newegg has always had pretty good customer service. In fact, when I contacted them about the promotion, I told them "I don't expect you to honor this since I bought the card before the promotion, but I had to at least ask". They didn't give me a hard time or anything, they just said "no problem" and sent me a promotion code.

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Sir_Simba1382d ago

I also got Far Cry for free

boneso821382d ago


Im glad december is quiet for new releases, will give me a chance to catch up with Oct and Nov games.