GTA 5 will use the DualShock 4 light bar to flash red & blue during pursuits, more

GTA 5 will have some pretty… interesting features on PlayStation 4 using the DualShock 4 controller.

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madmonkey011350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

good use of the DS4, i skipped this on ps3 in the hope it would come to ps4, so i will pick this up.

vishmarx1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

i like how the devs are using the neon,
not vital or useful or anything but fun none the less.
i still think the lightbar should have been on the upper side of the controller.
light falling on your face from below it gives a nice ambient feel without reflecting on the screen
not just that it could light up buttons during dark

it was in the front for the camera thing which is barely ever used

SniperControl1350d ago

Would have been so cool if the DS4 had been slighty opaque, and it glowed like the lightbar.

thereapersson1350d ago

Controller exclusive features...


Shad0wRunner1350d ago

The LED was placed where it is...because it has to be picked up by the camera, for games and Morpheus that use motion tracking.

It wouldnt have worked so well, if it had been on the upper part of the controller.

Massacred1350d ago

Kind of Cool. I wonder if they will use the touch pad for phone or internet browsing. Also hope you can turn this off, that will be very distracting to people sleeping around you

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joab7771350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

You are SOOOOO lucky. I wish I had now. You are gonna b blown away.

And i was actually thinking about that for Sleeping Dogs. What if the lights flashed and u could hear sirens in the speaker?

To be honest, while Dragon Age will most likely be my personal GotY, barring anything crazy happening, if GTA5 hadn't been last gen, it may have been GotY. It may still be the most next gen game released this yr. Far Cry and AC look good, just wondering how evolved the actual gameplay will be from last gen.

MRMagoo1231350d ago

I played it on ps3 once through on story and am just excited about playing it again on ps4 all over again it's such a great gta.

shivvy241350d ago

This feature is going to make me giggle like a 10 yr old child

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KwietStorm1350d ago

That's actually kinda cool.

spiceonpsn1350d ago

Finally, someone uses the full potential of the DS4..

Fullbucket1350d ago

Prepare to charge your controller very often xD

madmonkey011350d ago

play while you charge, so no problem at all.

medman1350d ago

Or even better, have more than one controller so one is always charged and waiting for action.

Perjoss1350d ago

Hold your finger on the charging socket on the back of the controller and rub your feet on your carpet while you play. Never charge your controller again.

MasterCornholio1350d ago

That's pretty cool. When the cops chase after my controller will emulate the lighting affect that the lights produce. Since I play in the dark I'll notice this for sure.

Pretty neat in my opinion.

Concertoine1350d ago

Sounds cool but i feel like it'll get annoying soon. All the rumble that happens when you drive or have a popped tire, and strobing lights would kill the battery so fast

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