GTA V's First-Person Mode Highlights the Thin Line Between Open-World Games

Today, Rockstar announced that the remastered Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC will also have an all-new first person mode. The mode had been rumored a month ago, but Rockstar finally took the wraps off and showed the world. The company also revealed new details about the game, including the fact that it'll run at 1080p resolution and 30 fps on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with 4K resolution support on the PC version.

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Septic1268d ago

Rockstar really are in a class of their own. Just the incredible amount of work transitioning into FPS mode for this already third person game, its impressive. These guys are the best of the best. Respect

MasterCornholio1268d ago

Instead of doing a lazy remaster like some developers (Sleeping Dogs for example) they are doing everything possible to make the game feel next gen if you know what I mean.

I won't miss out on this.

starrman19851268d ago

I'm really excited for the immersion this will bring! Swimming in the ocean will be terrifying without the wider field of view and just discovering all the new things the game has to offer from a new perspective will be brilliant.

I wonder if the cover system in 1st person will be as you'd actually see it (looking down at your weapon ready to pop up/out and fire) I hope it is, as you can always have 3rd person activate for the cover mechanic.

I can't wait to find out!

RedSoakedSponge1268d ago

I heard you can customise how it works so everybody is happy. You can have it so when you go into cover in 1st person mode, it switches to 3rd person, or you can have it stay 1st person. Also the aiming system can be like a traditional FPS or you can have it to auto aim like in 3rd person. Really impressive amount of options it seems :) really pulling out all the stops!

NukaCola1268d ago

Maybe it will free float like TPS but in FP mode. Killzone had a solid cover system, felt like a TPS in First Person. maybe itll be similar to that.

MasterCornholio1268d ago

Sounds great and I always wanted to play a GTA game in first person.

alexg5871268d ago

Omg rockstar mutherf**kin kudos to you.. adding a full FPS mode to gta is just amazing to me. Glad i held out for the next gen version...looks beautiful

Agent_hitman1268d ago

I watched the trailer and the first game that popped up in my head was BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE, especially the combat scenes and the heist lol.

chrissx1268d ago

I'll be getting this remaster. Looks great

Hellsvacancy1268d ago

Yeah it's made me decide to get a PS4 early, I was gonna wait for Bloodborne but this remaster is too good to wait longer for

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The story is too old to be commented.