Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox 360 and Xbox One Issues

GameSmoke: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions have some major and minor issues including installations, downloading, errors, multiplayer lag, freezing, stuck, stats reset or rolled back, controller issue, audio problem and game crashes. Check the complete guide and fixes.

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OmegaShen1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

This game seems to have alot of problems on everything but the Wii U XD

Ps4andxb11382d ago

Havnt had any problems with the xb1 version either.

Probably just a minor thing.

Septic1382d ago

The only problem I had was when I turned my console back on from standby and the game carried on from where I left off but with half the frame rate. Really odd but I shut the game app down and restarted it and it was back to normal.

headblackman1382d ago

i haven't had a problem with my x1 ver. either. don't know what this person is going through with his game, but i hope he get it sorted out soon because this is a good game and it's a shame if anyone can't play it on any console or pc.

Cream1382d ago

Couldn't down load the game.
Obvious I prepaid via the bundle and they limited the traffic by preventing me from doing so.. This way they could collect more money from people who didn't commit to purchasing the game.
Smart but not right.

OmegaShen1382d ago

Besides some frame rate problems, nothing to bad for me.

ReturnToSanity1383d ago

Bashing Xbox for article views. It's typical in the 8th gen. Random nobody reviewers claiming PS4 has the definitive version, when in reality people who actually play games prefer the PC or Xbox version for a smooth high frame rate over a high resolution. It's the best way to play FPS games.

Mechanism1382d ago

You want us to call you a wahhhmbulance.. There's one of these articles for Sony's copies too..

Either way, the PS4 version is sharper, has no crushed blacks, and the MP (the most important aspect of COD) is 1080p, which the XBone is NOT. From what i saw, the only drops for PS4 in frame rate are in cut scenes.. Boohoo.

You guys are the biggest apologists out there.. Haha.

BillmadeAGate1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I'll take 900p with a solid 60fps over 1080p with constant drops in the frame rate anyday!!..

Ps4andxb11382d ago

Not a single game in the entire history of xb1 has ever had crushed blacks. Ever.

The anti MS gang simply turns on full range rgb, which by the way is only meant for monitors, and hey presto, the blacks get crushed.

When you use the tv correct settings of rgb limited, the black clarity is how it should be.

Its sad how you and others get tricked into believing this propaganda and forces you into brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty just means you limit your own options.

Your mind has been closed by people who want your money.

Ju1382d ago

"I'll take 900p with a solid 60fps over 1080p with constant drops in the frame rate anyday!!.."

If this would actually be up for debate I could maybe agree with you. But it isn't.

Cream1382d ago

I love my Xbox one but will not hesitate to rip it. That drives the standard up. Neither systems users should be sheep.
with that said, I like the 360 dash board more and its allot easier to join games with Friends.

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Gore-Content1382d ago

Dude, don't make an ass out of yourself.

freshslicepizza1382d ago

play the game, enjoy the game, but for the love of god stop playing games here.

CernaML1382d ago

There was literally an article about the exact same thing but with "Playstation" in the title earlier... can you be anymore butthurt than you are now?

Oh by the way, the PS4 version has a rock solid frame rate online. Its good to have the best image quality with rock solid performance.

No_Limit1382d ago

It is funny we get fanboys on both sides trying to blame bias from a site that wrote 2 identical articles pertaining to PS4 and XB1.

What have gaming become when pointing figures at one another and conspiracy theory about bias exist.

InTheLab1382d ago

I'm usually less than two bars on the 360 and that's with port forwarding. The game's servers are just trash dude. Has nothing to do with the fanboy war raging in your mind.

Could it be that once again, a billion dollar franchise cut every corner possible to pump out a so-called 3 year developed game? What are they doing with the billions? Certainly not making top quality games or supplying us with quality servers.

This isn't about Xbox....more like Activision dun goofed.

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gnothe11383d ago

haven't experienced any lag,stats issues..controller issues or audio issues what so I got the game for both the 360 an xbox one....(free next gen upgrade) their talking about a completely broken game an AW isn't now...are these supposed problems limited to only the xbox?

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InTheLab1382d ago

You do know that you are just one of millions that bought the game, right? Just because it's not happening to you does not mean the problems with this semi-broken game are not real.

Go look up some youtubers like Thunder or JiveTurkey. Look up the ones that don't have a backdoor contract like Ali-A or Tmartin and they will tell you that on both Xbox1/360 and PS4/3....the lag is insane.

Funantic11383d ago

No problems here on X1 for me. Activsion and Slegehammer will work out the bugs and kinks. This game has no where the amount of glitches BF4 had when it released.

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