PS4 System Update v 2.01 Live Now

Sony recent PS4 firmware update 2.0, while chocked full of cool features, needed some extra tweaking and the latest update addresses some of those issues.

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ftwrthtx1205d ago

Nice quick fix released for 2.0

Happy to see them on top of their system.

Volkama1205d ago

They should consider a "preview program" like Microsoft. The releases might be less frequent, but having this stuff tested in the wild by the more astute consumers would benefit everyone.

PS4 has a pretty wide audience now, and they won't all be following gaming websites to see how to deal with a console that won't wake up from rest mode.

Silly gameAr1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


It was going to happen sooner or later and probably from a troll. I can't go to a PS article anymore without some xbox fanboys trolling it up. I would actually like to see some legit comments again instead of an xbox mob squad attacking like they've been doing pretty hardcore lately.

This is good news, but they would spin it and somehow make it a negative for the PS4. They've been doing it since late last month.

Ooops. Wrong reply.

levian1205d ago

Yea I'd agree. I had no idea WTF was happening with my PS4 when it wouldn't turn on from Standby. Happens every time my system goes to Standby now, it's annoying as hell to have to unplug it each time I want to play.

bu3ouf911205d ago

Great Idea, Totally agree !

thereapersson1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Lots of scared little Xbox fanboys in here disagreeing from the shadows.

Sony answered the few complaints there were on this issue in a timely fashion. It was unfortunate that this inconvenience had to appear, but it's good Sony was quick to fix it.

@ Volkama

I agree, an update "beta" program would certainly benefit users in the end. I think Sony's growing pains due to a major network overhaul for this generation have been pretty reasonable thus far. We mustn't excuse them from their duty to keep upgrading their data capacity and stability, however. The network crowding issue that occurred upon release of 2.0 was pretty shameful, IMO.

LightofDarkness1205d ago

"Lots of scared little Xbox fanboys in here disagreeing from the shadows. "

Wow, paranoid much? Perhaps some people are displeased that such a broken update was released at all and do not agree with the sentiment that they are "on top of their system?" I had no issues whatsoever, thankfully, but I'm not about to patronize legitimately concerned customers by suggesting their problems amount to little more than fanboy whining.

thereapersson1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I do not excuse Sony from their mistakes; I've had one PS3 YLOD on me and another that would freeze every time I would log into my system profile. I know what console issues are like, and Sony is no exception to the rule. However, when they (Sony) provide a fix for them them I'm not going to continue whinging like a baby if the problem is, for all intents and purposes, remedied. Even with patches to fix issues, there are those who will always experience some ongoing issue. That is how technology works.

Furthermore, you do realize what site you are posting on, don't you? If you think it's anything but trolls hiding in the dark you would be mistaken.

Alsybub1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Well done for steering a PS4 article to a console war debate. Why even bring the Xbox up?

Do you realise the paradox of your statement?

Unreal011205d ago

^ alsybub

But why do you get Xbox fanboys flooding into Sony articles when there is a problem? Does that not start the console war nonsense?

By the way, good comment thereapersson

HiddenMission1205d ago


Thing is you're wrong it wasn't a broken update. For some as of yet unknown reason a small percentage of PS4 users experienced this issue. Even if the did do a beta preview program that doesn't mean it would have gathered just the right people who would have got this issue in the preview program...thus the update would have released and some would have still experienced said issue.

Unless you preview the update with every user you won't know who is susceptible or not.

Most likely what happened is the components inside the PS4 might come from different vendors but are supposed to be the same components when in facts one of the vendors might have made a rev change and not informed Sony. This could easily have caused the issue and it happens all the time in the manufacturing industry and I know because I work for a large manufacturing facility.

These kinds of issues aren't so black and white as to simply say that Sony dropped the ball...only an ignorant person would believe a billion dollar company would open themselves up willingly to this kind of bad PR.

Think 1st before commenting...

ftwrthtx1205d ago

A beta program would only work if they physically mailed out the update on USB or gave testers a download link. Not a bad idea, though.

XanderZane1205d ago

Few complaints? Tell that to the 60+ pages of PS4 owners would have had to deal with this issue over the past week. Why would Xbox fanboys be scared of this mess? You sound scared or maybe a little insecure. It wasn't a quick fix. Quick would be 24-48hrs.

UnHoly_One1205d ago

"A beta program would only work if they physically mailed out the update on USB or gave testers a download link."


Xbox has been doing beta releases of their System updates for years, back to the early days of the 360. We don't get our updates on a USB or through a special link, we just get them and nobody else does. It's tied to the console ID.

Why couldn't Sony do the same thing?

RedDevils1205d ago

I thought xbox fangirls have Sunset overdrive and some of the so called exclusive, it's seem their best game is trolling on sony relates article

ramiuk11204d ago

im a big sony fan,always have been even when i was a 360 gamer but there online system needs a huge upgrade still.
im not sure they predicted the amount of people playing on htere network ??because its record setting every month.
but now they know its crowded place they need to improve the system immediatly imo.

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Detoxx1205d ago

After update 2.0 my PS4 got f*cked.. It randomly ejected BF4 during a round and now it keeps making the eject disc sound, preventing me from putting a disc in it.

What do guys :( ?

thereapersson1205d ago

I've only had a similar problem once, where once I ejected AC: Black Flag, I couldn't put another disc into the drive until I restarted the system. It hasn't done it since, and in case you are wondering, yes I know how to put discs into the system.

Detoxx1205d ago Show
Crazyglues1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

@ Detoxx this error is not from the 2.0 it's really just a common problem that sometimes comes up when an update is done..

As I got this same problem happen when I did 1.70 or one of the older updates, I forget the exact number but the problem was the drive just went ballistic. (it happens just have to reset your Blu-ray Drive)

-Solution --> First hold down the power button until the system beeps twice. Then wait about 30 seconds until all system lights are off, unplug the power cable, and leave it for three minutes. Then when you turn back on / wait until it is fully back on / Then when it's at the menu screen put the disc back in. Your PS4 should then run normally now.

Good Luck Detoxx, hope this helps, it worked for me back in the day that's how I know it works, so try that.

||.........___||............ ||

caseh1205d ago


It isn't update related, common fault.

Try pulling the power like crazyglues suggested. Failing that, slide the HDD enclosure cover off and down the edge of the console alongside the HDD itself there is a small screw.

Grab a long, thin phillips/cross-head screwdriver and give it a 1/4 turn clockwise and power your console up.

If both of the above fail it's a return to Sony job. Conclusion I've drawn is the screw isn't tight and the console tends to vibrate quite a bit when it initially powers up or reads a newly inserted disc. Causes the screw to turn by itself and voila the manual disc eject kicks in.

Nekroo911205d ago

the same happened to my console i tried to fix it (playstation video) but it didnt work , it seems that the rubber on the bottom of the console was causing that problem, at least for now.

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XanderZane1205d ago

YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!! There is a God. Yes, they should definitely test these firmware updates thoroughly before releasing them to the public. This last week has been pretty embarrassing. At least now I can update my system. Maybe I should wait a couple days, just to make sure no other issues come up.

jrshankill1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Well, I don't know if this is happening for anyone else, but the update has made my downloads go at a snails pace.

It was saying 6 hours at the beginning of the download. I had no problems like this before the update. Also yet to test anything else on PS4, just Escape Plan.

Speedtest gives me 78.33 MBPS on the laptop.

Again, downloads were fine before the update. It looks like it will take a hour on a half to download a 3.39gb game... on a 78mb connection.

@ ftwrthtx

I will try a router reset after the download. Thanks for the advice :)

ftwrthtx1205d ago

Did you try restarting your router? had a similar issue and that fixed my problem.

kassler1205d ago

I have a 100 Mbit/s and it took a hour to download 217 mb. Is it because of high traffic on PSN?

ziggurcat1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

your comment history indicates that you don't even own a PS4, so nice try.

that, and a FW update wouldn't affect your connection speed one bit.

edit: and you realize that the image you've posted says that there's 31 minutes remaining in the DL, right? every time, and it doesn't matter what you try to download, it always shows a ridiculous time it takes to download, but quickly whittles itself down to the actual time it takes. this happens on PC as well, you just only decided to notice it now because you needed an excuse to say something negative.

@kassler: no, it's because you made that up just now.

Spenok1205d ago

Definitely. While it's never a good thing to have to roll out a fix in the first place, it only makes sense some will be needed here and there. It's not new, even though people act like it.

Rest mode was the only issue I had with the update, and I'm for sure glad it's being fixed so quickly. A week of shutting it off completely wasn't really a big deal.

2cents1205d ago

This is good news! Nice turnaround.
As Volkama said, a preview program would really help keep the wolves at bay. So many PS4's in the wild in multiple regions, makes getting wide geographic data a breeze.

XanderZane1205d ago

Took them a week to get it fixed. I wouldn't call that quick. Considering Sony's only solution up to this point was to keep reinstalling the faulty 2.0 Update again and again. I'm glad they finally got it fixed though. I'm still going to wait a few days before downloading this. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice.....

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madmonkey011205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

to save people clicking through, there is no change log, its just a stability update as you would expect. nice to see them moving quickly to fix the reported problems, fortunately i have not come across any of them myself

LonDonE1205d ago

One of the great changes with the new update is that Sony now allows you to change your email address associated with your psn id so in effect change your sign in id which is a god send for me since when i PS3 first launched i used a email address to create my psn id but lost all info for said email address.

And for a long time i was trying to change my email address to my main email address which i use but couldn't.
Sony allowed me to put my new main email address as my contact preference but when signing in and etc the old email was still the one associated with my psn i.d.

But today i was trying to check how much time i had left on my psn plus subscription as i imagine allot of people who bought ps4 at launch like me will now be running out, so anyway when i clicked on the psn icon in the ps4 system settings and then account info i saw it said account email not verified and so i clicked it and found it had my old lost email address but to my surprise it had an option to change my email address and sign in i.d which i did!

And so now i have my main email address which i use for everything properly linked to my main psn profile which i have bought over thousands of pounds worth of content with! its a peace of mind knowing now that my main primary psn profile is now properly secured with my main email account.

So any one who wants to change their sign in i.d and email address just follow the steps above and then verify the email address after psn sends a link to it by clicking it and bobs your uncle your good to go!!

No if only psn/Sony allowed you to change the name of said psn account like xbox live does? that would be great! but i suppose one step at a time and i am more then happy enough to have changed my sign in i.d and email address you never know maybe one day we will be able to change the gamer tag like with xbox live and like xbox live it will only be able to be done once a year.

ftwrthtx1205d ago

The email change has always been an option, it was just buried deep in the menus. They should have made it easier to find.

DigitalRaptor1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I want to be able to change my PSN ID. I don't see how it's such an issue. Like you said, XBL has that as a premium option, and i'd happily pay to do it if Sony would oblige.

ftwrthtx1205d ago

@DigitalRaptor: Quite a few people would gladly pay for that feature.

BLow1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Yeah after hearing all the fuss I actually put mine into rest mode since everyone was having the problem. No issues so I felt so lucky...hope this fix was quick enough to all the haters since this update was a COMPLETE DISASTER. Wonder if that guy will write an update? Or if this article will reach 1000 degrees? Haha who am I kidding. We like name grabbing attention getting COMPLETE DISASTER headlines...ha...ha...ha...ha( in classic villain voice)

BTW, I am happy this fixed the issue for people having problems. I am aware that it affected everyo... I mean...some people...haha. Lighten up people...I'm j/k... Now can we get back to all the great games coming out again...well at least until the next DISASTER of course.

uth111205d ago

I'm sure it's still a complete disaster though. We'll just have to wait for new headlines to find out why *eye roll*

Dabigsiebowski1205d ago

Nice update Sony! 2.0 has some killer features and with this little polish I'm sure it's a lot better!

xActionBasturdx1205d ago

Quick fix as's hoping nothing else gets screwed up

Genuine-User1205d ago

Everything's working fine on my end.
Booting up from rest mode is almost instantaneous now. Much better than before.

mochachino1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

My boot from rest mode isn't instantaneous, it's pretty much the same as booting from completely off.

Does yours still show the playstation logo, then the safety warning from rest mode or just go strait into the main OS?

Mine flashes blue while it shows the ps logo and safety warning then goes white and enters into the os.

dantesparda1205d ago

@ mocha

Mine is like yours.

JMyers1205d ago

I hope this fixes the messaging system. This has been slow for me since the update... Like really slow.

jukins1205d ago

That's weird after 2.0 messaging and friend list actually work right for me and others from what I'm hearing.

JMyers1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

My friends list was slow, but messages were okay, with invites being super fast.

Now my messages get stuck at 97% when sending. When receiving, I get them like 20 to 30 mins after they have been sent.

My internet and connection to the network is fine though.

Why o why1205d ago

Lol. I noticed that too. My messages would hang near the final 10 percent like I was sending a file. There was nothing instant about that messenger...