Is Activision's success solely based on good marketing?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Is Activision one of the most valuable interactive entertainment companies in the world, or is its third-quarter financial results only a sign of how well Activision drives marketing?

We debate why saying Activision's better than expected financial results is only because the company knows how to drive advertising campaigns is a very narrow respective."

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SonZeRo1382d ago

Good marketing and having access to succesful IP's with huge fan bases helps.

joab7771382d ago

Yeah, it's just marketing. Like it or not those fan bases exist b/c millions everyday continue to play CoD and it or not.

venom061382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

HELLLLL YESSS their success is based on brilliant marketing (and having IGN as your lap dog doesn't hurt either)... Literally, AW is BLOPS 2 with DBL jumps (look up Titanfall) and boost strafes, but you'd SWEAR it was something new and fresh ... Its absolutely amazing how they get away with this.. And please dont say, "IGN gave Destiny and mediocre score", because while they did, they CONSTANTLY cover it like was GOTY worthy.. What other game have they rated as "mediocre" have they indirectly praised beyond belief by giving it constant exposure? Its going to be even more apparent next year, when the next CoD game comes out that DOESN'T have double jumps and boost strafes, and they market that as something "new and fresh" and sheeple will flock to that only to bitch and whine 3 months later..

CongoKyle1382d ago

Reminds me of the final scene from Wolf of Wall Street, kinda. Good marketing does bring tons of success.

caseh1382d ago

'Good marketing does bring tons of success. '

So does lying out of your ass, something most publishers have mastered this gen.

hazelamy1382d ago

people don't buy the same series year after year in the numbers a series like COD does through marketing.

not a fan of the series myself, but millions love it, that's because of the games themselves, not the marketing for them.

at this point i don't think it would make much difference if they didn't even advertise the COD games.

mcstorm1382d ago

@hazelamy your right is great marketing but also making the game accessible for everyone.

COD is a game that everyone can play from the core to the new gamers who just want to jump in and play.

For me ive lost the excitement for the YOY release games like COD, Fifa, BF, AC and more but I can see why people buy them year on year.

People don't like a lot of change in games/technology.

Its just the IPhone and Ipads. They are not the best tablets/phones on the market but they are simple to use and hit most peoples needs and not much changes in the UI year on year so people keep buying it.

At the end of the day if it was not for games like COD, Just Dance ect gaming would not be as big as it is today and every though there are - sides to yoy games (For me) it helps push gaming into the masses and this is needed to help keep gaming growing.

TheArkatek1382d ago

Yes because underneath of it all the new COD is a 7 at best. Way to fast, maps way to small, still no need whatsoever for team work, with the jet packs COD has now turned into a COD Jump fest. Titanfall, COD4 and Black Ops II are still better

HanCilliers1382d ago

Exactly my concerns as well, it's going to have a negative impact on AW as a competitive title

Sillicur1381d ago

Well said, though im sad to hear about the new COD in such a light....Will still try it out myself though

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