At Least Three PlayStation 4 Titles Are Being Made By Korean Developers

"G-Star is Korea’s biggest video game show and Sony Computer Entertainment Korea will be there with a huge booth. Games like Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition, and Dragon’s Crown for PlayStation Vita will be there.

In addition to those, there will be three Korean developed games for PlayStation 4. The names of the games were not specified on SCEK’s list, but should be revealed when G-Star opens its doors on November 20. One PSN distributed game is Kingdom Under Fire II, a sequel to Blueside’s series that has been in development for over six years. All three of these will be distributed through PSN."

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Neixus1299d ago

Hopyfully those korean titles doesn't include mini-nukes inside of them

1299d ago
PFFT1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

NCSoft, Bring Blade and Soul to the PS4 please!

Not gonna like Korean MMORPG put Japanese MMORPG to SHAME!

Godmars2901298d ago

All that game needs is an actual physical model. Being able to block, perry and be knocked around rather than simply staggering someone.

FarEastOrient1298d ago

The reason why the original wasn't being sent to the west is the several layers of censorship for western approval. This included story elements so the only way to play it is on PC with lang mod.

Eonjay1299d ago

Kingdom Under Fire II has been in development for 6 years but I can't wait for this. It simply looks amazing.

vishmarx1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

agreed , i had no idea what this was until i saw something really cool in the gamescom montage reel and asked around.
wheres the hype?

NiteX1299d ago

Yeah I'm really hoping it's a good game.

Skate-AK1299d ago

Anyone know what game the article picture is from?

Godmars2901298d ago

Its in the right lower corner of the article's pic.

Skate-AK1298d ago

Ah thanks. My iTouch wouldn't load the website and the name is cut off on N4G.

Spenok1296d ago

More games is always a good thing :D