This Destiny Triple-Double Shows You Why You Can’t Trust Your Blinding Grenades In Crucible

For those Titans out there that think their grenades can save them in the heat of the moment because they add a blinding effect, think again. This video showcases how a Titan can’t trust any grenade that doesn’t kill in the Crucible. Watch as the offending Titan dies in a triple-double kill massacre while the Warlock was blinded. Lucky for us, we get to enjoy this video from the Warlock’s perspective.

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JoeIsMad1299d ago

It's kills like these that keep me coming back to the Crucible. Though it's possible to do in all sorts of games, with only six people on their team, this guy wipes out five. Pretty good stuff.

UnwanteDreamz1299d ago

It was cool till he pulled out the shotty melee combo.

caseh1299d ago

He was firing blind, correct me if i'm wrong but that's called luck.

GameSpawn1299d ago

And that's why the share button was made.