Is it time for a PlayStation 4 price drop?

MWEB GameZone writes: "At the moment, PlayStation 4 is the clear leader as far as this console generation is concerned, but gamers are fickle. The Xbox One is not taking its beating laying down.

It's unlikely we'll see a PS4 price drop, but here's why we think Sony has another ace up its sleeve - if its willing to take the gamble."

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SonZeRo1352d ago

Didn't they already drop the price? oh wait that as only to undercut the Xboxone launch wasn't it :)

bouzebbal1352d ago

nope! it's selling like hot cakes. no need for price drop right now especially because the PS4 isn't expensive AND with all the good games coming out soon and the PlayStation experience in December that will hype it up even more..
we might see a price drop at next year's e3 but not before.

sonypsnow1352d ago

PlayStation 4 50% more GPU power is $50 more value than Xbox One $349.99.

Rainbowcookie1352d ago

The site from the link is an South African site and here it's quiet expensive concerning a weaker currency and import taxes. Games as well. I think Xbox won last gen here and the reason was they had better deals . The ps4 is doing well but to me waiting a pricecut would be awesome

breakpad1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

PS4 doesnt need a price drop has already excellent price/output -content analogy

plut0nash1352d ago

Definitely time for a drop. More sales for them imo.

Sillicur1352d ago

I might just be tempted to get one then !

BiggerBoss1352d ago

Its also less money for them. I think sony is biding their time to see how November plays out. If the xbox one still cant come out on top, then theyll stick to their guns and keep the ps4s price as is. Only if the xbox starts to gain some traction will they do a significant price cut

donthate1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Sony cannot really afford a price cut in my opinion.

The Playstation division is now propping up Sony's financial overall. Just last quarter, Sony lost almost $ 800 million, and that is with entire Playstation division earning $ 200 million. Without it, Sony would burn through a billion dollars.

Selling one million consoles at a $50 price cut, would instantly remove $50 million and the holidays in the US is known to sell up to 3 million consoles for each platform holder.

Problem is that whatever Sony has planned at this point is cast in stone, meaning bundles all are already ordered prepped and shipping to retailers.

That means, the only three cards they have is include a retail game with the console, offer some sort of gift/currency card with the order or a price cut.

All are costly to Sony and the value has already swung in MS favors enticing with games. I think MS is going to have a good Christmas.

Even Amazon shows strength, MS has 4 console SKU's in the top 40, and at least 5 SKUs overall. The last one is the sold out Sunset Overdrive Bundle. PS4 sits right next to the CoD:AW bundle at 14 while MS top SKU sits at 10.

llxKonanxll1352d ago

You don’t lower your price when your console is selling itself off of the shelves.

Sillicur1352d ago

At some point sales will start to stagnate though

BiggerBoss1352d ago

And that will be when they decide to drop the price

VsAssassin1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

And that point in time will not happen anytime soon. But don't worry, the next price drop will happen without that stagnation happening for the PS4.

Case in point: The PS4 needs not respond to the price drop of the rival console just because. The PS4 will still sell well even if the competition has a lower price tag. Remember that the PS3 sold at a loss during its initial years; why would Sony lower the PS4's price at this time when it is selling with great profit?

Edit: And this goes without saying: The PS3 still caught up with and surpassed the X360 just a couple of years ago, so I know the pop-culture is still inclined to game on Sony's console.

On a side note: The XBoxOne is indeed getting bolder with its marketing to not let Sony take the cake. However, this $50 off plus a free game really screams units moved over profit for MS. Though with the profile of MS being extremely rich of a company, this is a move they can pull off anytime of the day. Let's just hope this doesn't backfire somewhat.

Kayant1352d ago

What they need is bundles not a price cut. A price cut is silly because they lose money which they don't need to lose because the PS4 is selling on it's own without the need to attach "value" to it but obviously with moves like the $50 price cut in NA/continued free games at no extra cost MS have been doing they need be more aggressive to not be behind too much by doing good "value" bundles to compete better but a price cut is not what they should do IMO.

HanCilliers1352d ago

The suggested "ace" that the writer mentions is actually a very good idea. If Sony does that, it could really be the nail in the coffin for MS.

Sillicur1352d ago

Definately, I wonder how microsoft would respond to that

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