Destiny proves that a mediocre game can achieve great success

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Bungie’s Destiny has had mixed reception from the gaming community and critics alike.

Destiny is by no means the greatest game ever made, as every decision Bungie makes is met with a mixed bag of either praise or utter disdain from players. Therefore, it comes as a bit of a surprise that the game now has close to 10 million registered users."

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HanCilliers1378d ago

So well done to Bungie and Activision

Sillicur1378d ago

Definately well done. They created hype and advertized well.

Hopefully the game's future will be a bright one indeed!

Conzul1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

And/or know how to drop their release during a massive drought for both consoles.

breakpad1378d ago

this has proved long before Destiny with COD which is not just mediocre game is a bad game

HanCilliers1378d ago

You talking about Ghosts? It was terrible indeed. Broke sales records yet failed in the eyes of fans

breakpad1378d ago

not only Ghosts ...generally the series overall is bad except the first Modern Warfare

christian hour1378d ago

Came in to say exactly this :) Activision have long been proving this, if not with COD they did it with the later guitar heroes after Harmonix moved on from it. And of course the exact opposite is true, Psychonauts (or insert your game of choice) proves that critically acclaimed games can achieve low sales and major financial disappointment.

It all comes down to the power of advertising and the vast majority of consumers afraid to leave their comfort zones.

Destiny is better than COD IMO, but I wouldn't call it a great game, but definitely beyond being a mediocre game. But maybe I'm just bitter after the horrendous grinds I've endured to reach lvl30. Raids are super fun with friends though :)

AngelicIceDiamond1378d ago

I guess any game can be a success if its over hyped.

Duke Nukem.

christian hour1378d ago

But guys, you can pick up a poo and throw it in a urinal. You all obviously missed the meta-symbolic references and deep messages Duke Nukem was trying to convey, you just didnt get it /s ;)

plut0nash1378d ago

Just proves that you do certain things really well, that's all that is needed for success.

Sillicur1378d ago

Very true sir. Hopefully they will also listen to community feedback and push out more content, especially endgame content, not like they dont have the budget for it :)

Yetter1378d ago

Fantastic marketing campaign and one of the best studios in the business made the game. Lets not pretend just any 'mediocre' game can achieve great success.

Sillicur1378d ago

Well said! The marketing campaign was fantastic. Definately not any mediocre game can achieve this level of success, but evidently it is possible!

HanCilliers1378d ago

So true, Activision knows how to make use of hype

WeAreLegion1378d ago

Short term success. Yes.

You lose sales after launch. Also, sales on future titles in the series and future games from the developer.

Scatpants1378d ago

I bet the sequel will do just fine if not better than this one.

WeAreLegion1377d ago

If the sequel is better, sure. First week sales won't even touch the first Destiny, however. Too many people got burned.

pwnsause_returns1378d ago

which means they better make sure the future DLC is a expansive as they say, cause the first expansion doesnt look like it. Hell they better start making radical changes with the sequel. like actually giving us better story and fleshing out the mythos of it IN THE GAME. not through some Grimore cards.

the game is beautiful, it plays great, i do like the concept of it, and like how they have these rolling limited events. but yea, they got to improve on story and PvP matchmaking.

Rimeskeem1378d ago

Call of Duty has been proving this for years

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