PS4 Firmware Update 2.01 Coming Soon; Will Fix Rest Mode Issues

Sony Computer Entertainment just mentioned on Twitter that the 2.01 firmware Update for the PS4 is going to be released soon.

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AgentSmithPS41293d ago

Finally my PS4 will be able to rest in peace. No more spinning in its grave instead of coming to life when I call upon it to do my bidding.

RedDevils1293d ago

AgentSmithPS4, you mean your PS4 finally died?

AgentSmithPS41293d ago


No, I hope it never dies because it has not yet truly lived! There are so many great games that await, and the VR of course. That reminds me I should probably buy that protection plan.

My 360 is dead, lightning took it before I'd even finished the great Batman game :(, it even (trolled me) destroyed the HDMI port in my monitor which fooled me (back then) into thinking I'd gotten a new dud PS4, I had to get an adapter to DVI and the monitor still works fine.

FanboyKilla1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

yesterday sony fans were here saying it wasnt a problem. hyperbole. but sony says there is an issue that they will fix with an update to their update.

OB1Biker1293d ago

Wasn't really a problem for me as my PS4 rest mode was finally working alright but if anything I found out more convenient to charge my controllers on standard plug and just switch off my PS4

Silly gameAr1293d ago

It was hyperbole, because not everyone was having problems. Now that 2.1 is coming soon it will fix the problem that those people were having.

And, what's with this update for an update thing? Is this the new cool thing for trolls to say?

MRMagoo1231293d ago

No yesterday they were saying it want a widespread problem which it isn't and just because they are fixing it doesn't mean it is either it just means they are fixing a problem some people have.

RedDevils1293d ago

I don't have the problem which is why I thought it a myth

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Darth Gamer1292d ago


There is a fix and it takes all of 3 minutes to do. It worked for me and a friend who had this problem as well as many more that I read about.

Turn on your PS4. Then, go to the settings tab. After that, go to Acct Management. After that, locate the one that asks about your email. It should be the top one. See if it states that it is not verified. If it says this, click it and hit the button to send a new email to be verified. Check your email on your phone or computer and click the button to verify it and then, go back to your PS4 and click that your email is verified. ALL FIXED!!! You should be now able to put your PS4 in rest mode.

LOL_WUT1293d ago

Thats good news hopefully in a future update they add a search option for the Music/USB app really difficult trying to scroll through a huge playlist ;)

RedDevils1293d ago

I wish you can import the damn music instead so we can create our own playlist

joel_c171293d ago

Im glad i didnt have any problems with the latest update :)

MasterCornholio1293d ago

Me too. I'm happy that they will fix issues for those that have problems with 2.0.

fhizikz1293d ago

Wait for an update to fix an update lol

fallacious1293d ago

Isn't that what happens to everything? MMOs have updates, new OS like OS 8 has updates with bugs, that's why they release another update to fix it. So what's your point? Or are you just trying to nitpick?

crusf1293d ago

Coding an update isn't easy mate. You have it easy as the consumer but as the programmer ufff.

ColeMacGrath1293d ago

Don't see any problem with that, unless you want to keep the bugs and issues.

MNGamer-N1293d ago

They know they f**ked this up. Those poor IT programmers. I feel sorry for them, they are now working overtime. I need out of the IT industry myself... ugh so much burnout. That's why I'm not mad. I am patient, and feel their pain.

Eidolon1293d ago

I don't think this is an IT problem. :O

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