Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One Footage From Halo: TMCC Leaked, Shows Agent Locke, Arby's New Look & More

Retailer breaking the street date of games and shipping Legit retail copy early to customers is nothing new in gaming industry, but the aftermath such action is nasty. Halo: The Master Chief Collection for Xbox One is scheduled to launch on November 11, 2014 but few lucky Xbox One owners have already receive their legit retail copy early and as a result some surprise are leaked on internet, one of them is full Halo 5 cutscene/footage from Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

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lifeisgamesok1298d ago

Looking great

Return of the sci-fi masterpiece

AngelicIceDiamond1298d ago

I agree.

This looks to be way off footage. Clearly a leak and not finished.

But even then it looks damn good.

TheRedButterfly1298d ago

I've said it many, many times within my personal circles of friends, but Halo is some of the greatest Sci-Fi to come along since Star Trek/Star Wars. Especially if we limit it to this side of the turn of the century. Easily.

The standard game stories are phenomenal alone, but throw in the expanded universe? You've got some Grade A(AA) universe building right there. Mass Effect a solid second, but nothing reaches Halo's level.

Septic1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Nice but its deffo CGI. Looks great though!

Isnt this Halo 2 side story stuff? I know there are some eztra cinematics with Agent Locke that accompany Halo 2 Anniversary. I doubt this is for Halo 5.

AngelicIceDiamond1298d ago


I'm like 90% sure this all in game. Halo 4 story structure was all in engine.

DevilOgreFish1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

It looks great, I don't think though that this is in-game, halo 4's intro if i recall was CGI so.. if this turns out to be in-game i'll be lost for words, definitely.

opoikl1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

To me it looks like the Arbiter in the remastered cutscenes of Halo 2: Anniversary is a lot more detailed than the one in this video, so it looks like it's at least in-engine. Brilliant work on 343's part!

Off topic: why doesn't Europe get a similar price cut on the XBoxOne? And why can't I trade in my Xbox360 on the European Microsoft store for credits towards purchasing an XboxOne? It's like they really don't care about European consumers (apart from the UK that is). Sad really, because I know a lot of people who are eagerly anticipating some kind of price drop in the near future and refuse to pay 409 euro for the console (512 USD, a ridiculous amount).

Volkama1297d ago

Why would Halo 5 footage be included in the collection? We're getting a multiplayer beta at a later date, and some of that content may or may not be included. But CGI and/or campaign footage?

Nah Septic is right, this is probably the expanded Halo 2 CGI that sets up Halo 5.

Septic1297d ago

For all those disagreeing, prepare to eat crow because VOlkama and I are right. This is the supplementary CGI footage for Halo 2 Anniversary.

Want to place a wager? Who ever is wrong has to dance to Backstreet Boys and film it for all of N4G to see.

BallsEye1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )


waiting for it to release with this graphic and you saying then it looks like crap.


No, only Halo 2 anniversary got CGI cut-scenes. All other halos were always in-game.

shloobmm31297d ago


Have you seen the Blur CGI's? There is no way that's CGI based on everything else I have seen from them. I would imagine if they are doing CGI cutscenes they would be the one to handle it.

redwin1297d ago

If this is Halo2, I'm preordering Halo5 and 6.

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fallacious1298d ago

Mass Effect is the true sci-fi masterpiece. Everything about the series is just incredible.

Volkama1297d ago

Mass Effect 1 set up a sci-fi masterpiece. 2 and 3 were great games in their own right, but they took the narrative in a more generic direction imo.

Jughead34161298d ago

Can't wait for this. Should have my xbox by Christmas.

otherZinc1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Yes, next week can't get here quick enough!

I'm looking forward to Halo Nightfall.

I hope I can watch the movie as the game loads.

jrshankill1297d ago

Return of the best.

See ya' later COD and Destiny

ifistbrowni1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

if you guys haven't seen it yet, the xbox one has a free documentary up of "The Making of Halo 2."

I found it worth the time to watch it. There were plenty of looks at actual in game footage and since it was on my TV, i got to crank the surround sound a bit and watch in 1080p.

FanboyKilla1297d ago

Who cares if its cgi? It is halo. It is only on xbox one. It is f n awesome. It is the game that all games after it fall waaaaaay short of. Long live the king.(Halo theme starts to play. Soft at first, but gets louder and louder.)

See you guys on the battlefield.

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lolosgolos1298d ago

This footage was shown by 343 in a documentary which is on YouTube now. whats the meaning of leaked?

theRell1298d ago

I've seen that documentary a good 18 times, pretty sure it's not in there.

lolosgolos1297d ago

Sorry just the voice over session is in the documentary not the full clip shown in this video. Leaked indeed

shloobmm31297d ago

Yeah this is not in the documentary.

Mister_Audrey1298d ago

This looks like a CGI cut scene. I'll be impressed if it's in-game, which I doubt.

BiggerBoss1298d ago

Arent all Halo cutscenes CGI? iirc they have a specific company do their CGI, so no its not real-time in-engine footage

HOLDERofFOOD1298d ago

Nope. Almost every halo used the in game engine or something similar to my knowledge. Pretty sure Halo 2 anniversary is the first one to have Blur doing the cinematic a other than Halo Wars.

Nolando1298d ago

ONE speculative idea as to this cut scene is if this is a added cut scene in halo 2, since I read somewhere they were adding content into halo 2 to flesh out the story more and connect more with halo 5. SO It could be CGI because its a halo 2 cutscene...

BiggerBoss1298d ago

@holder really? I thought blur did all their games but guess not. Thanks for the correction

its_JEFF1298d ago

@BiggerBoss is correct BLUR Is doing their CGI, just like the footage shown above. They do amazing work.

And to anybody wondering, that ain't in game. No console game will reach that level of graphics this gen. just ask yourself, is that possible on PC? If it's not, then it's not happening on the consoles... And no, I'm not a PC gamer.

spicelicka1297d ago

No that's only for Halo 2 anniversary. In halo 4 they had only the opening and ending in CGI, everything else was in-engine.

Also spartan ops cut scenes were CGI. I don't think they'll make halo 5 CGI, most of it will be in game. That's how it should be i feel.

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Walker1298d ago

It's one of Blur's MCC CGIs !

nerdman671297d ago

Well, this is how Halo 5 is expected to look in game, so it might be a scene made on the halo 5 engine.
We wont know for a while

DoubleM701297d ago

Not only that they say DX12 will be implemented on Halo 5. Just like Fable legends is using DX12.


These fanboys can't handle that it's probably not in engine, NO ONE has proof just speculation... People are pathetic, especially on this site... I swear they act like you just threw their baby when you said that lol... Nerds dressed like sheep, and btw that's both camps ( Sony and MS ). It would be impressive if it was but I doubt it was... Let's hope they can maintain the Halo feel while striding in new directions.

shloobmm31297d ago

This is not CGI. If yall have ever seen the Blur footage you would know this is most definitely not that. I guarantee that is in-engine. This looks good but the Blur CGI is out of this world

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Paytaa1298d ago

My god Arby looks so sick. I'm also really digging the persona of Agent Locke. Can't wait to see how 343 handles this story because I have nothing but high hopes for this. The king has returned.

mysteryraz111298d ago

thats crazy if thats in game