Metacritic Misrepresenting Xbox ONE VS PlayStation 4 Reviews

Mitch of RGN writes, "It’s a story as old as time, a community-based web platform is created and rules are set for it – but they are not equally enforced and eventually a disparity forms between one side and another. Now, before the pitchforks come up at my neck, I’m not accusing anyone of anything but rather suggesting that an inevitable trait of community-driven sites that rely on the content of other sites to end up with loose sets of rules that are ripe for imbalance.

The imbalance this article aims to point out is not necessarily anyone’s fault, and we condemn any obnoxious negativity attached with the community’s reactions to this report. Let’s try and instead offer suggestions on how to open up the process and system behind Metacritic so that it may reform itself to be more clear and concise for the game industry it serves."

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