More Spin-Off Titles Coming to Wii U in 2015, Says Miyamoto

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto is confident that Wii U will have a strong year in 2015 as far as software is concerned, with third-parties getting involved in developing more spin-off games.

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IronWaffle1328d ago

This will be great for Wii U sales but why didn't Nintendo have this game ready at launch or 6 at most, 6 months after? They had enough money to get this done, right?

protocol101328d ago

They have the money but that isnt the issue. Time is the issue. Nintendo is known for quality software and for a game the size and scope of Zelda to be done right, they need time. Miyamoto has talked about showing the game off several times in the past but they didnt feel the timing was right. Zelda is a franchise you should never expect to be a launch title or even a launch window title.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1328d ago

unless they pull a twilight princess situation

mikeslemonade1327d ago

Meh not interested. I think my girlfriend actually likes Zelda so I will watch her play it.

bouzebbal1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

man this just makes the wait for 2015 unbearable.
Zelda U
Uncharted 4
the same year here we go it's WAY over 9000!

guitarded771327d ago

2015 is gonna be EPIC

Uncharted 4
Halo 5
The Division
Final Fantasy (maybe)
Star Wars Battlefront (maybe)

Just give me a Gears and Metroid announcement at E3... and maybe a new-gen God of War and Gran Turismo announcement, and 2015 will be the best year in gaming for me personally. All the big franchises I love plus some new IP's. Zelda is the reason I bought a Wii U.

user55757081327d ago

confirmed! buying a wiiU now

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christocolus1328d ago

It will indeed be good for sales and releasing it at launch or 6months ago would mean releasing a game which wasn't ready and besides we all know Nintendo doesn't rush their games. They keep fine tuning and making sure its top quality before releasing.

I think its a great move to release zelda fall 2015 cos xbx1 and ps4 will also be bringing out their biggest games then and this will help push sales for the wiiU.

Gemmol1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Nintendo try to be perfect with Zelda, which is a negative and a positive. Uncharted on the other hand every 2 years and still get high ratings. I think nintendo could look at that game as a guidance for their top games, keep the same quality, but make it it like ps3....with 3 uncharted games.....Nintendo make history and put 3 Zelda games on one console in one gen... I would preorder ahead of time and pay for all 3 now, not knowing what the other 2 look like

Metallox1328d ago

If they were part of the same genre, I would agree, but in this case it doesn't make sense.

RosweeSon1328d ago

It's just not gonna happen PS3 has been here for best part of 10 years and yeah uncharted fantastic games but very short and not really the same style of game they are more on par with tomb raider especially the new tomb raider just with Nathan drake, Zelda main games barely come out once every 4-5 years and being as they are normally in the middle of a consoles life and nintendo consoles are normally updated every 5-7 years it just doesn't add up, I love my zelda games ever since ocarina of time but I've still got Minish cap GBA, the 2 oracle games a link between worlds, four swords (all ready and waiting on my 3DS) but yeah still need to get through those as much as new ones are always great I'm sure there's some older ones that have never been played finished skyward sword last month and the 2 DS ones last year, ocarina again on 3DS i will do wind waker again on Wii U but did it on GameCube and got a zelda backlog going on ;) but back to the point they don't come out every year or so otherwise we'd get bored of them and good things take time. Hence why theres only been 10-15 over 25 years

herbs1328d ago

Apples and Oranges. Uncharted is just a roller coaster ride while Zelda is an entire theme park.

pcz1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

you make a very good point. of course it was rubbished automatically by nintendo fans who troll the disagree button like it makes your point any less true.

people argue zelda is a bigger or a 'different' game so isnt comparable, but uncharted is a HD game with a detail rich environment. so yes, it is smaller, but it is also more detailed, contains more complex character models and environments etc.

a massive field in zelda up until now has been nothing more than blocky 'lumps' with blurry green textures pasted over them, populated by blocky trees and enclosed by blocky mountains... you see. while uncharted has exquisite attention to detail from top to bottom.. so which one takes more effort to produce?

you see, its all about culture, nintendo's culture isnt about giving fans what they want. nintendo are arrogant and only like to produce what they want. they also do everything in their own time. not because they are perfectionists, but because they dont care about making consumers wait.

dont believe me? how long have we been waiting for metroid, f zero, starfox etc. we know they will eventually come, but nintendo dont care about all the waiting customers.

that is the reason with every nintendo console you get a massively long period of time with no games, because nintendo dont have a sense of urgency, they dont seem to care people are sitting around with consoles they paid hundreds of pounds for, with nothing to play on them.

nintendo should invest in more studios and employ more staff so they can produce more games. because saying zelda is somehow bigger than uncharted in work hours is nonsense. as i said the only difference between the two is the work ethics of the two developers. naughty dog obviously are far more focused and driven to meet deadlines and goals, and as a result can churn out 3 massive games of very high quality in a relatively short period of time.

people should not defend nintendo being slow, its almost the same as defending incompetence. i for one am so fed up of waiting around, sitting through months of drought because nintendo havent got the consideration for waiting gamers to make games quicker.

Justindark1327d ago

zeldas way better then uncharted and it is also a much much much much longer game.

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Trolltroll1328d ago

Why didnt uncharted come out in ps4 launch window? Why is there no new halo? If you rush things you end up with problems like bf4. We should thank Nintendo, Playstation and Microsoft for not putting out subpar sequels to there keystone games just to make a window. All of those games deserve TIME not money. Money dosn't make good games (Destiny). Good games are worth the wait be patient.

freshslicepizza1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

killzone shadowfall and forza 5 proved this. both had mixed reactions from long time fans. nintendo isn't about to rush zelda just like sony isn't going to rush uncharted nor will ms with a proper halo. its also why nintendo is going to outsource more of their games with third party because they know they can't make games fast enough themselves.

RosweeSon1328d ago

Because they never have a launch zelda game taking out twilight princess which was basically a GameCube port Nintendo won't rush a game out and as they were busy tinkering away on zelda link between worlds on 3DS and then wind waker HD in between they've obviously been in no rush, it'll be here when it's ready and all the more better for it, Nintendo like myself know the console will be around for another 2-3 years they've not launched smash bros (can't wait) it'll be zelda same time next year with a bit of luck (can't beat a new zelda at Christmas thanks to ocarina of time) captain toad early next year in the uk anyway, mario Galaxy 3 at E3 with a bit of luck this new star fox and hopefully a new metroid as i know it's wanted, I'm yet to get round to the prime trilogy properly yet played a bit of the first one on GameCube got them all on Wii just finding time, but Wii U is doing and will do fine in its own Nintendo classy way.
Nintendo will not rush a game just to have it out on launch unless it's planned through and heavily considered it just won't happen look how long it's taken to get a sequel to the fantastic luigis mansion. Mario is normally the launch game Zelda is for when Nintendo and us have got our heads around the console the way it works and more importantly once Nintendo can get the best out of their systems and they always do.

Realplaya1328d ago

They just said they are finally up to speed on HD.

colonel1791327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

I wouldn't even care if it gets pushed back to 2016. When it comes to Zelda, I want the best game ever, and now that they are -supposedly- changing the formula, I want them to take all the time they need to create a great experience.

I would love another Zelda as epic as Ocarina of Time was at its time. I would love an instant classic, that even when you play the first five minutes you know they ride will be epic.

Kevlar0091327d ago

Aonuma had some producing duties with Link Between Worlds, every Nintendo game got delayed outside of Mario. Plus I'm sure there was a lot of planning and testing of ideas. Skyward Sword released in 2011, so 2 years between the end and start of a new development.

It's gonna be worth it.

cleft51327d ago

Microsoft has enough money to get Halo 5 out by console launch and Sony could muster up enough money to finish The Last Guardian. It's not about money, it's about taking the necessary time to polish a game and make it great. Once the game comes out no one will care about how long it took for the game to come out, so long as the game is amazing. Everyone will care if the game doesn't live up to the hype.

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Metallox1328d ago

I call it to be the most ambitious Zelda game since Ocarina of Time.

pasta_spice1328d ago

I thought Majora's Mask was more ambitious than Ocarina tbh.

herbs1327d ago

Both were epically ambitious for their time however I would give Majoras Mask the honour on account of every NPC in the game having daily routines that they carried out however I think Ocarina is still the better game.

Spikeantestor1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

You know what, I instantly agreed and hit the corresponding button. But a moment later I realized I didn't. While it's certainly true that MM was ambitious (and, if you ask me, better) most of what it was was built on what Ocarina already was.

Put it another way, MM refined things but Ocarina invented them.

herbs1327d ago

Good point Spike I didn't even think about it that way even though its completely obvious, if I could take back my original opinion I would lol.

Daredavil1328d ago

i am agree with you i never seen zelda games like this

swice1327d ago

I'm sorry. I can't just sit here and watch you struggle with English when I'm capable of helping you. Here's how your sentence should read:

"I agree with you. I've never seen any Zelda games like this."
"I've never seen a Zelda game like this before."

I'm honestly just trying to help.

MNGamer-N1328d ago

I am going to give up everything for Zelda WiiU. All of my responsibilities, my kids my wife, my job... nothing will matter except for saving the princess from the evil clutches of Gannon.

Metallox1328d ago

No more Ganondorf and weird villains, please.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

ganondorf is dead in both adult and child timeline.

But Zelda U will most likely be Zelda III

Hereiamhereibe21327d ago

"Ganondorf" has died many times, been resurrected many times, alot in the same way Link and Zelda are "reborn". Ganondorf is not a weird villian, in fact i have to give him credance as the most badass villian in video game history. What other villian will always look the boy/man in the eye who will kill him evetually and basically say "Come back, when you stand a chance!".

Kalebninja1328d ago

does anyone honestly think this splatoon game is gnna be so good it gets to be mentioned with zelda? that actually worries me they couldnt mention something bigger. to me it feels like De Blob with guns. hopefully more than the 4-5 big games we already know will come out next year.

Trolltroll1328d ago

You could have said that about any new ip following a other solid ip. From the reactions I saw at e3 I would say it looks like it might. Btw 11 games have been confirmed for wii u in 2015 (first party) I am sure tomarrows direct will help you see the light.

Kalebninja1328d ago

i said big games as in system sellers like zelda,xenoblade,fire emblem. nintendo said they are focusing on core gamers this new year so yoshi,splatoon,kirby, and mario party (while fun) wont cut it. they need to chuck out star fox this year and whatever they announce needs to be something that'll get back that big flock who switched to ps4 and attract new gamers. basically i'm saying 2015 is make it or break it for nintendo and they shouldnt let this good previous year have been for nothing.

Coachkeys1328d ago

They're just filling the consumer bucket. Zelda is the big fish, but you gotta make sure there's enough in that bucket to win over the buyer. So although Splatoon and Kirby aren't exactly system sellers, it shows exclusive variety which the other systems are still lacking.

AWBrawler1328d ago

i'd argue splatoon will sell systems

Concertoine1327d ago

I cant wait until a new animal crossing. They could do a lot with the network capabilities of the wii u.

Plusanimal crossing is bigger than ever after New Leaf

MNGamer-N1328d ago

De blob was a great game. I'm sure splatoon will be much beter.

telekineticmantis1328d ago

Not bad, I see 4 titles I want, 3 of them come out late though. Splatoom, Zelda Xeno, and hopefully starfox

Kevlar0091327d ago

I'm sure StarFox will come out by the Fall. Miyamoto said it had about a year left, and Iwata has been talking a lot of getting 3rd parties to develop content.

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