Twitch Reinvents Itself as a Game Streaming Site After Banning Sexually Suggestive Clothing

Twitch recently updated its rules of conduct to include a policy that says streamers should dress appropriately. Many are baffled by this decision.

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Snookies121383d ago

Good, that's how it should be. If you want to see people half-naked or naked, go find sites that cater to that lol.

fluffydelusions1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Pls. I can go to the corner store and see women dressed the exact same way as they are on Twitch. If they get viewers and get paid, even only for there looks why do you care? Does it somehow affect you?

Snookies121383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

It doesn't have any effect on me, and has nothing to do with them. It has to do with an official site that you go to for "gaming". Not to see people half dressed, trying to get money for their looks or how they conduct themselves. You'd get kicked out of a restaurant if you started taking off clothing, or weren't dressed properly. Because people go there to eat. Just as you should get knocked off Twitch for doing the same thing. People go there to see game streams.

DarthZoolu1382d ago

As a gamer I'm viewed as sexist and i over sexualize everything so I'm totally for this change.

NarooN1382d ago

It's a gaming site, not a porn site. Those dweebs are giving donations to these girls to just exist basically when they could easily go to a free porn site or even go to another streaming site literally dedicated to that type of thing.

It doesn't affect me personally, but I totally back twitch's decision because it makes sense. It's just absolutely ridiculous to see a stream where the chick's webcam feed is taking up 90% of the screen and the game is relegated to being in some 1x1 window at some corner of the screen.

MRMagoo1231382d ago

I agree with snookies , it's a gaming site about gaming not tits and arse , if the teens are that horny there are free porn sites on the Internet, if you can't get viewers/subs without getting out your baps you aren't made for game streaming you are made for online porn streaming. I am glad they did it and I can bet the women/men that were getting views just because they had their bodies out have lost a bunch of subs because most don't have a personality that can keep viewers.

Death1382d ago

Here's a thought, if you don't like pretty girls that have gaming feeds, just don't watch them. No one is forcing you to watch the feed, but people like you that complain force these ladies off the site and remove the option for those that actually enjoyed it.

MRMagoo1231382d ago

Well lucky no one agrees with you at twitch and they want to keep it as a gaming site not a tits view site, these "women" can keep streaming if they want to they just cant use their bodies to get donations now, I think its a great idea because now legit streamers can get more views because they dont get pushed down the list from all the horny teens watching the tits cams.

As someone else pointed out in a forum I was in about this before, you get male streamers playing hearthstone and are legendary ranked playing amazingly well that get $10 donations max, then you have these "women" that are very very average at the game getting $600 donations because they are nearly nude, if you cant see that as a problem with a game site I dont know what to tell you.....but like I said I am glad the owners of twitch get it, its doesnt matter if you do.

Death1382d ago

So what you are saying is the horny teens are no longer getting what they want and the nearly nude girls aren't getting donations to play games from the horny teens. Meanwhile the legendary nerds are still bangin out $10, but now everyone is happy.

I can't believe you actually think the "legit" streamers will get more activity with the new restrictions.

I didn't visit the site and check out the nearly nude girls. It was my choice not to do this. I'm not sure removing choice is ever a good solution. Why you feel your rights or opinions are more important that others is beyond me. Gaming and nearly nude women aren't exactly strangers.

MRMagoo1231382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Like I already said who cares what you think twitch did the right thing and thats all there is to it, they arent gonna allow prostitution on twitch just because they get some horny teens using the service, they want it to be a site taken seriously, they are even doing things with esports.

"I'm not sure removing choice is ever a good solution" They arent removing choice, these slutty women and men have the choice to join a porn streaming site, no one is stopping them. The same way as you can walk around your own house nude but you cant do that at the local shops. Before you say people have the choice not to look, they also have the choice to complain and twitch also has the choice to make the rules for their own company how ever they see fit.

Maybe because you dont use the site much you wouldnt know but you go look at the most popular videos, you have to scroll through a bunch of tits to get to anything gaming related.

" Why you feel your rights or opinions are more important that others is beyond me"

Who even said that? wtf are you talking about rights for? its a private company you have no rights on that site you dont pay for it, it is theirs.

edit: disagrees wont change twitches decision, and I am done explaining to teens why it has happened, go watch some free porn its not hard to find

I wont be coming back to this thread to view replies, so have fun among yourselves.

WitWolfy1383d ago

Girls be like "Just testing out my new headset"