Admit It, Haters: Advanced Warfare Is Pretty Darn Good

Even if you're a staunch hater of Call of Duty, you have to admit that Advanced Warfare isn't a bad game. In fact, it's a big step in the right direction.

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-Foxtrot1382d ago

Not really

It's just got a new lick of paint and the fact it's the first full on next gen COD game. Then there's Kevin Spacey...

At it's core it's still the same old COD formula they've been doing for years.

Randostar1382d ago

I think them trying really anything new is a good thing. Its really about time they added something new to the formula. The gun balancing is a lot better than the last 3 games (IMO anyways). Fun game, but with GTAV having First Person im not planning on buying any other games any time soon.

venom061382d ago

dude... its BLOPS 2 with Titanfall's DBL jumps and boost strafes... The maps are still too small, the guns still have no recoil, to many headglitching spots, no teamwork even REMOTELY necessary... so no it aint that good.. its any BLOPS 2 with DBL jumps.. but because that CoD fanboy site IGN said it was, then it must be on the level of the second coming of Christ

Cream1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Love it, great game play, graphics and changes... BUT the same old servers, and hit detection.
I was like playing the same game.

Yup and the maps blow.
Too small and felt like I was stuck in a Hamster Cage.

Septic1382d ago

I agree. From inconsistent visual quality, the SAME OLD mp but with some added Exo suit goodness, same B.S hit detection, HORRID spawns, meh map design, its just not as good as I was hoping it would be.

Its decent, but not billion dollar franchise decent.

Dudebro901382d ago

If you really think it's just new paint, you are blind.

The core of any franchise stays the same, but the changes made to the elements surrounding advanced warfare have completely changed how it plays.

Its pretty obvious you don't play it so your opinion holds no weight.

ShowGun9011381d ago

yes, the double jumping isn't just a new traversal technique, it completely changes how to play the game... anybody who thought they were good at the old CoD will need to change up their strategies for this one!

lipton1011382d ago

My question is: have you actually played it??? My guess is no because you wouldn't have posted that ignorant comment. I was an avid cod hater for years. A literal "break the disc in half" cod hater (ghosts). This one is something special and I can't stop playing it. Try the fucking thing before trolling... I meant commenting

Matt6661381d ago

I have played it and it is an addon for BL2, there could be more weapons to choose from, they could of also added new weapons and perks instead of taking a lot from previous CODs. Still can't see your body or legs when you look down (i want to feel like a person when running around, not a floating camera) the maps still could be better (like COD4 or WAW better) they should also add dynamic destruction.

ShowGun9011381d ago


not enough new perks? cause you did see each killstreak has add ons (basically perks) now right? and your exo abilities are basically perks you can activate.

sorry you cant see your feet. i guess thats a deal breaker for you lol!

while i do agree there could be more weapons, the weapons they included are pretty fresh, and each one ive tried are completely unique from the others in its class... not to mention the pro upgraded versions you can get outta drops. that in itself is pretty awesome!

plus, the customization is freaking AWESOME! my dude looks completely pimp!

Matt6661381d ago

They say they improved there graphics but when you look down you can't even see yourself. And yes a lot of the perks are from previous CODs. It is repetitive within places. Yes there are some improvements here and there but not enough to make it the best COD ever.

Harold_Finch1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

It wouldn't be the same franchise if it wasn't. The new Assassin's Creed has you assassinating people too, would you like that taken out so it can feel different.

It's a sequel, not a new IP, to moan about it beimg similar to the others makes no sense.

3-4-51382d ago

Newest feeling COD game since COD:MW for me.

It's a lot of fun. If their next game 3 years from now is anything like this I'd hope they make it just a slightly slower pace than this, but overall it's a really good FPS game.

Spenok1380d ago

It's all an opinion. I know many people who love it, and have said it's the best MP experience for CoD in a long while. Though I also know plenty of people who think it's kind of meh. So it's opinion, which this article is posting as fact.

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fluffydelusions1382d ago

Haven't played to comment but watching streams I see the 360 no scope is still going strong (at least on PC version I watched).

lipton1011381d ago

I've maybe seen it once during actual gameplay. Keep in mind those gameplay videos are from hours upon hours of play. When he finally pulls it off, he's like YES! It's really enjoyable man, I strongly recommend picking it up.

oODEADPOOLOo1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I hope they put more effort into the single player from now on, used to be best part of the series, but this games single player seems pretty good. Just not into the multiplayer anymore got tired of the formula, esp non sportsman like players that would just camp or do trickshots with sniper rifles.

I think alot of the animosity people feel toward the COD series would lessen, if they also included a lengthy and story driven campaign like they used to. Or atleast make a seperate game with the COD name all single player that takes longer to develop, but is of higher quality and leave multiplayer seperate, they could take on a medal of honor gap and take in single player only people and the multiplayer casuals.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1382d ago

Multiplayer is Ghosts with a different coat of paint.

UnwanteDreamz1382d ago

Funny you say that. I was watching streams over the weekend and people thought it was ghost dlc the guy was playing.

UnwanteDreamz1382d ago

Lol disagree all you want the streamer had to keep telling people it was the new COD.

HeavenlySnipes1382d ago

All the double jumping got people confusing it with Ghosts?

vallencer1382d ago

I mean, just going to throw it out there, they were most likely trolling. Streamers have trolls too. It isn't just forums.

Baka-akaB1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Not really , i'll just acknowledge that finally , after so many rehashes , theey seem to have decent graphics again and a new engine .

But then again while i dislike , loathe even the franchise , i dont want it to die unlike some people . I think some of its fanbase need to be satiated with this game , instead of it spilling over other games with different concepts , and transmutating them to cater to their whims

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