MONG Podcast - 58 - Are YOU Sick of PlayStation Plus Indies?

On this week’s MONG Podcast, the team discussed some of this week’s biggest gaming news like Destiny’s first expansion and Destiny 2, Dying Light’s reversal on a last-gen release, Star Wars Battlefront’s release date, November’s PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold titles, the total sales for PlayStation 4, Abiibo figurines being available for a limited time, and Call of Duty’s decision to make Zombie Mode a Season Pass only mode.

They also announced their official Patreon page and a new giveaway!

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NeoGamer2321385d ago

I'm not sick of indies. I am just tired of people thinking that recycled Indie games from other platforms (mostly PC) are considered innovative and creative...

Ra30301385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I agree with you I'm not sick of Indies. Not all of the PS Plus indies are good games IMO but someone else may enjoy what I dont. And it's a fact not all AAA games are great some are not even good just like some indies. And at least on Playstation they don't do you like Micosoft with Xbox and take a game like Forza and call it AAA then take what's no more than DLC content for the last release of their so called AAA title package it up call it a new game and take you for $60 more dollars. I was sick of that and that's why I left Microsoft.

blackblades1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I'm not sick of indies either, to me games are games I enjoy them all. I am sick of these articles and people that complains constantly. They probably haven't even play them and bad they mouthing them. To me its just people showing there true nature on here and makes me shake my head.

BVFTW1384d ago

I do complain fellow gamer blackblades, I'm not sick, I'm annoyed with the selection as I've already played most of those titles on PC and PS3 (a few of them are recycled versions or have been around quite some time), I'm a Plus subscriber since day 1 and on the PS4 front, this year has been a let down for me but on the Vita front, I can't complain XD (thus, this years hasn't been a complete waste). I understand that for people who haven't played those indie titles before will have a blast though, those aren't bad games.

osborn20091385d ago

I am absolutely not sick of them. It actually gives me a reason to play them. I never would have tried half of them out otherwise, and have found some really great games because of it!

GryestOfBluSkies1385d ago

i completely agree. i never would have bought mercenary kings, for example, and i ended up putting 60 hours into it

Foraoise1385d ago

For 50 bucks, yeah. Kind of. I mean, multiplayer makes up for it, but I realize, technically, I'm only paying for half a game, and I have to spend 50 bucks to unlock the multiplayer portion, monthly. So, I guess, overall, though, it's not the biggest issue ever. At least they're doing what they can to keep sales up and go over and above by giving us "free" games in addition. They didn't have to do that.

TL;DR: Im fine with it. Just wish the games were more AAA titles, or at least, less indies. That goes for Vita titles, mostly, as I can see why they haven't done PS4 ones yet.

MNGamer-N1385d ago

Some indies are the very best games I've ever played, so NO! I'm not sick of them! Of course some are hit and some are miss, but when you get a great one, it really is something special, a memorable experience you never forget.

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The story is too old to be commented.