Far Cry 4: the problem of narrative in a free world

Kyrat’s controlling voice is its flamboyant dictator, Pagan Min, a sharp-suited, silver-tongued psychopath who is as charming as he is lethal. Min and the leaders of The Golden Path are locked in a battle for Ajay’s soul. The outcome of Far Cry 4, we are told, will largely depend on how the player interacts with these conflicting forces and what choices they make.

But who really cares about any of that when you can flip a jeep filled with enemies off the side of a mountain pass with an elephant?

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madmonkey011350d ago

looking forward to picking this up. i enjoyed the last two and this looks like progression. undecided whether to go ps4 or pc though

fei-hung1350d ago

Loved far cry 3, and it proved that even in an open world game with tons to do you can have a good narrative running across the sandbox nature of the game.

joab7771350d ago

I think it's just where I was at that time in my life, but I got so bored of Far Cry 3. It seemed so repetitive to me. A little story, then unlock a tower, free a village,kill animals for mats...rinse and repeat.

Had the same issue with Infamous. It was gorgeous but it was story and then the same few missions over and over to unlock an area. This gen needs to provide more emmersive storytelling in the open world. Huge hopes for Dragon Age and The Witcher 3, as well as Batman.

fei-hung1350d ago

There is a huge difference in telling a story and variety in missions. Far cry told a good story but without the variety of missions as you pointed out. shadow of mordor is another culprit here and even though it had a nemesis system, it didn't add anything to the lackluster story.

Whilst I agree with the lack of variety in gameplay missions, I disagree with the story argument as they are 2 completely different arguments to be had.

fei-hung1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

The other problem you have now brought up is also other games that follow a similar process. DMC recently done a poor repetitive job with platforming then killing then story, so does tomb raider with go there, kill people, solve a puzzle, story and the list can go on. Far cry isn't the only game to be named.

The more important question is if the game is fun and people are enjoying it even though it may be written off as linear or repetitive, then why is it considered a negative? Hell even games like COD, BF, Pokemon and fifa follow the same old repetitive formula, so why is far cry 3 being singled out?

Sir_Simba1350d ago

I got Far cry 4 for free with a 970 today