GTA 5 PC gets 4k support and first person mode

The PC iteration will be the most visually impressive version of GTA 5, according to CVG's latest hands-on account. GTA 5 will run at 4K resolution on PC, and all 'next gen' versions of the game will include a fully-supported first person mode, complete with modeled car interiors and proper first-person shooting.

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ATi_Elite1268d ago

4k support and all the glorious mods that will come is well worth the wait.

actually looking forward to GTAV PC mods more than GTAV itself because of what was done to GTAIV by the modding community.

GTAV with Icenhancer mod OMG that will bring a PC to its knees at 4k

tee_bag2421268d ago

I'll be happy if I can get 2k @ 60fps. Can't wait for this. It's looking like alot of fun.

Bladesfist1268d ago

Do we know if the multiplayer on PC will have more players?