$10 Off Any Video Game 59.99 Toys R Us

"Toys R Us is currently offering $10 off on any video game priced at $59.99."

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Spenok1226d ago

It's not bad though. About a 17% discount doesn't hurt.

Though BestBuy has a deal that ends after tomorrow, that if you buy a game $40 or more, and get their Gamer Unlocked card, which is normally $120 for 2 years. You get that for $30 and you get 20% off all new games for 2 years. Plus other benefits on trading in games, buying used games etc.

So more or less, all new games will be $48 at launch for the next 2 years.

Demoa1228d ago

cool hopefully i can use this when i buy the master chief collection

PrimeGrime1228d ago

I'll be using this for Smash Bros. unless a better deal rolls around before then.

DivineAssault 1227d ago

Good! i just sinfully bough COD & will buy it again there to return it from where i bough it the 1st time...