COD: Advanced Warfare - 10 Minutes Of Pure Gameplay Footage With Max Settings At Glorious 60FPS

DSOGaming writes: "In case you were unaware of, YouTube has enabled 60fps videos on all members. And since NVIDIA has released a new driver that adds official SLI support to Sledgehammer’s title, we decided to capture ten minutes from the game’s single-player campaign mode."

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GameCube1231297d ago

I can't say I've ever seen a better looking FPS game

Septic1296d ago

Really? Aside from a few set pieces, this isn't all that. Killzone: SF is graphically a lot more superior imo.

Dudebro901296d ago

Uh not Shadowfall looks good in pics, but in motion its not nearly as good looking.

yezz1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )


Yeah right..

Spenok1294d ago

Lol Dudebro are you serious? Methinks you haven't played KZ Shadowfall.

Neixus1296d ago

Crysis 3 and Killzone:SF looks better.

spicelicka1296d ago

Battlefield 4 and Killzone from last year look better than this, but it does look pretty amazing compared to the last COD.

user56695101296d ago

game looks fun but it definitely looks like doodoo. i think kz2 looks better than this and that was a last gen game. im seriously curious as to how much time the actually spend on cod games. they are fun but never impress me gfx and gameplay wise. most of the time its just copy and past, of the the trends thats going on. i see battlefield headed down this road. see hardline copy paste with popular trends. the tv scene is stagnated with cop tv shows its not surprising they went with it even tho people are sick of them.

im going to play the new cod most likely my friend is getting it. buy buys them every year for some reason, and sells it back to the store if he doesnt like it better than the last. me im broke, so no go.

3-4-51296d ago

This game live on XB1 looks beautiful.

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Neixus1296d ago

Glorius 60fps?

More like 58fps

But seriously, why did youtube change it to 58?

Father__Merrin1296d ago

might I ask what is the cost in £££ for having everything on max? is it the price of a console...

1296d ago
windblowsagain1296d ago

Is the story the same old take over the world crap.