Activision: Both Sony & Microsoft Are "Very Committed to Winning;"Optimistic on Xbox One's Price Cut

During the financial conference call for investors and analysts that just ended a little while ago, Activision Chief Financial Officer Dennis Durkin gave his insight on the performance of PS4 and Xbox One, and on the recently announced holiday price cut for Microsoft’s new console.

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GameCube1231382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Personally I cannot imagine either console getting a massive upper hand this gen. While PS4 has the power, not all devs are going to be willing to take advantage of it. Xbox has the superior online, and both have brilliant exclusives. I'd say Xbox has 2014, mainly due to the price drop and exclusives, but I could be wrong. The large install base of the 360 in the US will likely be looking for their next console this holiday season, and to stay on the same online service is generally the most logical choice, however PS3 gamers will be looking for their next console, and with PS4 exclusives releasing soon and those that already did, I imagine sales of the consoles will mimic their 7th gen counterparts

qwerty6761382d ago

it will probably win November in the US. obviously its the most important territory for them.

but even in UK PS4 is selling better. and theres been no indication the rest of world is suddenly going to favor the xbox this holiday.

GameCube1231382d ago

Agreed. Xbox is essentially USA only at this point. I don't see millions of gamers ever switching to the box in other countries regardless of details. Just culture differences

DarkZane1382d ago

I seriously doubt Xbox One will win November and December in the USA. PS4 will likely win again. Even something like Titanfall in march or a free game in september didn't work. At this point, pretty sure the PS4 will win the generation everywhere, US included.

mikeslemonade1382d ago

2:1 is a huge gap^. If you extrapolate that becomes 80 to 40 mil. Many of the core Xbox fans got the PS4 first and have made that their console of choice for this generation. Their friends will follow suit and pick the PS4.

GameCube1231382d ago

Where is your source saying that most Xbox fans bought a PS4? Considering the sales are still close to less than 15% of the console sales of the Xbox 360, I really doubt that. Every Xbox fan I know either is buying a Xbox One or has one

TFJWM1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

What do you mean that Xbox has 2014?

Globally they are down about 5 million and down about 1 million in the US in sales(just for 2014).

Is it possible they can catch PS4 in the US, sure but I doubt it. Is it possible to catch them Global, nope.

TheWatercooler1382d ago

Both Sony & Microsoft Are "Very Committed to Winning;"

Yet it seems only one company actually knows how to. Guess which one? The one dominating

n4rc1382d ago

What's winning to you?

Sales numbers only really matter to fanboys.. Money made is what defines winning to the businesses. If ms decided to sell Xbox ones for $49.99 and throw in 5 free games, they'd sell 20m in a year.. But what does that accomplish?

Sony would trade every one of those ps4 sales to make the money ms does..

So let's keep the childish nonsense to minimum mmmkay?

RosweeSon1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Xbox has 2014?!... You have seen the ps4 sales yeah and this is only after 1 year. Ps4 will easily match the 80 million of PS3 I think it'll be way closer to the original ps1/2 sales both of which cleared 100 million... Each! Microsoft have sold around 85 million Xbox 360's and barely 5 million ones worldwide! Even Wii U has sold more and that's apprently the worst console ever... It's not I've owned one since day one and have absolutely no intention of it going anywhere but you don't think there will me a massive gap, there is absolutely no way on this earth Microsoft will Match the sales of their Xbox 360 ever! They'll be lucky to shift 50 million and that will be a BIG ask, ps4 as mentioned will easily clear the ps3's sales it's already sold over 13 million in its first year with no truly worthwhile system selling games, not to mention how many of the 80-85 millions Xbox 360 were replacements for out of warranty/no longer working and now faulty systems I know I alone had the standard white then an elite and then another then the Star Wars console, they weren't exactly reliable for the first 2-3 years ie a lot of multiple/double sales where people are just replacing faulty goods Xbox one is gonna struggle to sell much more than the very original Xbox certainly nowhere near 360 levels 30-50 million at best, sorry even the Americans are choosing ps4 over homegrown Xbox month after month, that says it all for me the Americans don't want their own products, why would I then? Hmm. Fight/Game On! But yeah never gonna be as close as last gen was, no chance.

Foehammer1382d ago

3 points

1st, MS has already said that the X1 is outselling the 360, also seen here:

2nd, consider that this result is predominantly with just 13 Countries as the other 28 were JUST aded throughout September

3rd, 360 had no Next Gen competition for a year and X1 is still outselling.

Now that both consoles are in the same number of Countries, expect X1 sales o accelerate even further from 360.

Pogmathoin1382d ago

Let them fight over our business with great games..... Better than your fantasy global sales war...

Edward751382d ago

Well said pogmathion


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Fro_xoxo1382d ago

I'm just glad I've got options. .

I love the competition because I'm benefiting from it.

kalimero21382d ago

xbox one will win november and US, but if in january microsoft brings back price to 400$ then PS4 will win at least first 9 months of 2015.

SmielmaN1382d ago

I'm not sure if nov/dec will be a slam dunk for MS. There's been such a fast adoption of the PS4 that if anything they could "tie this holiday in NA. The rest of the world tho may see another large Sony sell through, imo. Nobody saw this gen unfolding the way it has, but here we are.

RosweeSon1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I did, I know it's easy to say but still not bought a Xbox one and won't until it's reduced further and they've settled on their plan that has been backtracked since day one, ps4 on the other hand whilst may not have the games at the moment (most is available elsewhere) still was the console for me I knew it was a day one way back at the time they revealed the console, they didn't even show us the actual thing from that day i knew that was the console then they showed us and settled on a very reasonable £349 for the console (PS3 was £425 9 years ago so yeah ps4 is Very well priced) what with Microsofts show being mainly about watching TV on your games console? I knew they were in trouble then all the always online and now resolution gate every other game, it was clear to see Sony were back to the ps1/ps2 and we all know that means nintendo and whoever else is in business at the time fight it out for 2nd and 3rd it was the same with ps1 n64 and sega Saturn and it's the same as ps2 GameCube and dreamcast ;( which got replaced with original Xbox, nobody can take away how good Microsoft did with the 360 after all their reliability issues to still be neck and neck on sales with Sony who until then had been all conquering in the market specially with a technically inferior console even if most devs favoured 360 they did fantastic, all good things come to an end tho and as I saw Sony were not gonna take this lying down from that day i myself saw we had a repeat of older gens on are hands Sony Rule like it or not and Nintendo Microsoft slug it out for 2nd and 3rd. So much so I bought a Wii U and PS4 both on launch xbox one is way off being purchased specially as I only packed away my 360 last week and I'm now moving onto my PS3. Sony have their moments specially back in the day but they have done nothing but listen this time around and they have been so far nothing short of fantastic, ps+ isn't giving away AAA no but then until Sony started offering games for our money we were getting anything at all, even Nintendo give away a free game here and there these days and now so do microsoft, this would NEVER have been thought of had Sony not been doing so well from it.

n4rc1382d ago

Well that's says it all doesn't it?

"They showed me a box and said it was a ps4 and I was sold.."

Cmon..... You had your mind made up before you had a single fact.. Which is perfectly fine.. But you cant play it off like its anything but that.. You're nitpicking one and turning a blind eye to the other.

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Illusive_Man1382d ago

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