What I Want From Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

A brand-new Nintendo Direct right before the holiday season makes for an exciting time to follow Nintendo. After all, we haven’t had a traditional Direct since this past February (E3’s Digital Event doesn’t count). In a year chock-full of Smash Bros-centric broadcasts, we now have one that will focus on “Wii U and 3DS titles releasing by the end of 2014, and beyond”. However, beyond games, there’s one only one thing on my mind. This article talks all about it.

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GameCube1231382d ago

I want to see a little more Pokemon ORAS news, maybe some Smash Bros., a look at Yarn Yoshi, a hint at Zelda could be nice, and maybe a release date for the new 3DS in the US before the holidays

Trolltroll1382d ago

I think two smash directs was enough. Don't think there is mutch more to anounce about it. Bring on Devils Third and Splatoon. I have my fungers crossed that retro has been working with a certain bounty hunter lately. And if platinum makes starfox I will probably cry on the spot.

ABizzel11381d ago

The rest of the 2014 line-up, and a look at everything known for the 2015 line-up. Although I doubt we'll get to see the big holiday for late 2015, which I believe will be Zelda, Star Fox, Xenoblade, Devil's Third, SMT x Fire Emblem, and the other 2 games under developers (Project Guards / ???)

Pokemon ORAS, Smash (with a release date), Captain Toad, to finish up this year.

2015 (first half)
Yoshi's Woolly World, Mario Maker, Splatoon, Mario Party 10, Kirby Rainbow Curse, Mario vs. Donkey Kong,

2015 (second half)
Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Star Fox, SMT x Fire Emblem, Devil's Third, Fatal Frame V, and the other 2 IP's being made (Project Guard / ???)

I think we'll see the 2014 titles, and the first half of 2015 titles. And once again Nintendo already has a strong line-up for THE ENTIRE YEAR of 2015 and we still have GDC, E3, Gamescom, and TGS (although they don't really do much at GDC or Gamescom).

ABizzel11381d ago


But there's always a tad bit of hope there XD

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LAWSON721381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Smash has enough news, there is even a 30+ min video detailing the game. IMO they should focus on other things. Hopefully the new 3DS gets dated as well.

3-4-51381d ago

I hope the announce game we previously didn't know existed.

N4g_null1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

The nnid were we could possibly share games temporarily or play our games on any wiiu or 3ds cross buy would be sweet. Nfc nnid support, I have enough codes. Support for bitcoin in the eshop.

More and more games..

Mega ton would be all wii games are playable thur the new 3ds via eshop! How about that 3ds as a vita setup? Remote console play? Or a gamepad attachment that lets us do that.

More zelda news would be great I'm liking what they are doing so far. I actually want another last story though.

What if treasure made the next starfox with platinum help?

LAWSON721381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Well that mega ton just flat out is not possible, literally. A 3DS is not ever going to be able to run a Wii game.

IMO a mega ton would be a full pokemon experience on Wii U taking advantage of what the system offers.

N4g_null1381d ago

It runs a slightly scaled wii xenoblade. .. oh I was talking about the new 3ds.

Nekroo911381d ago

You're so wrong.... Xenoblades Chronicles confirmed for the "new" 3ds because it uses a more powerfull cpu and its a Wii game.

LightofDarkness1381d ago

No, he's absolutely right: Xenoblade isn't being emulated on the new 3DS, it's being fully ported by a development team so it runs natively. The 3DS and Wii run on completely different CPUs/GPUs with completely different instruction sets (and dev tools, compilers etc.), not to mention the lack of full 3D motion controls on the 3DS. The new 3DS has no where near the power required to emulate commercial Wii games, but specially crafted ports of Wii games, running entirely on native 3DS code (with some compromises to visual fidelity, as in this case) are possible. It would not be possible to just throw a Wii game on the 3DS, it would require dynamic recompilation into 3DS code to run at all (probably around 1 FPS), which is high-level emulation, meaning inaccurate and buggy and still wouldn't be fast enough to play any games because the hardware isn't a high-end PC. It takes a modern high-end PC to emulate the Wii at a high-level at playable framerates, and it took those guys years to get it to that point. The new 3DS is roughly powerful enough to run a Wii-level game with native code, meaning it's GFLOPS are comparable to the Wii (around 61 GFLOPS). To playably emulate it, you need a CPU around 110GFLOPS and GPU around 2.5TFLOPS, for a total system throughput of 2.61 TFLOPS, or 2610 GFLOPS. Do you think a 60-70 GFLOPS machine is going to produce the same results as a machine that is over 37 times faster?

iSuperSaiyanGod1381d ago

Pokemon XD 2 or something like stadium type of wii game would be amazing

N4g_null1381d ago

You guys have some reading comprehension issues. It's a port of the old wii game. No one has confirmed what the new 3ds has in it yet. Could be a shrinked wii chip or an arm that has the api needed to display a wii game. Remember when snes games came to the gb advance?

Nintendo does this a lot. The wiiu was the only time a console mimic the handheld in interface.

You could easily get the ir bar working on the new 3ds... why would you when you could just rewrite the controls or patch it.

I never said it ran all games but a Megaton would be they are working on it. I'm not sure why you guys are hostle? It's just opinion.

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LAWSON721381d ago

How about announce the differences between ORAS

Bronxs151381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

My prediction is something similar that they did for mario kart. When you buy smash before a certain day. You can get to chose another free game from a list of games.