Celebrate Killzones 10th anniversary with the Killzone: Shadow Fall 10th anniversary expansion pack

The Gamer Headlines wrote: Time to feel a little bit older because today is the 10th anniversary of the Killzone series and I better you forgot to get it a present. Well don’t about that because tomorrow Guerilla Games will be releasing the Killzone: Shadow Fall 10th anniversary expansion pack.

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KiwiViper851295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Now That's how you do a 10year anniversary!!

RIP Halo2 Anniversary + the rest of the MCC


TheWatercooler1295d ago

The expansion pack is a good idea. I can't believe Killzone is 10 years hold

And Viper. This has nothing to do with MCC why bring it up? Are you going to troll every PS4 article?

KiwiViper851295d ago

Its a 10 year anniversary, of course its eligible for comparisons to halo 2 anniversary.

Yep, as long as my bubbles last. Kinda like how you troll any good news about Xbox.

PS4 fans can sure dish out insults when they have the upper hand, just giving it back a little.

radler1295d ago

God damn. Watching that video was just plain depressing, truth be told. Seriously, go compare gameplay footage of Radec in KZ3 to this, it's like night and day.

What have they done to Killzone :(

Silly gameAr1295d ago

Radec was in KZ3? Hmm. Not in the version I bought.

radler1295d ago

Yeah, Radec was in KZ3, along with a bunch of other old maps like Blood Gracht and Saluman Market etc.

Silly gameAr1295d ago

Ooooh the Retro map pack. My mistake. Sorry about that.

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GameCube1231295d ago

Loved the Killzone trilogy, 1st game was my favorite of the first 3, but I never got a PS4 yet, so can't comment on 4

Gearfox1295d ago

I feel your pain. I loved the first three but I don't own a PS4 and while I do have a brother who both owns a PS4 and a copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall he won't let me play it.

On the plus side I own a copy of Killzone Mercenary and its a beautiful little game, especially since its on a handheld. Shame I can't skip the cutscenes but then again there there to mask the games loading screens so I can't really complain.

radler1295d ago

You're better off having not played Shadowfall, it's absolutely terrible. Seriously, KZ2 & KZ3 were excellent games and Shadowfall is just a bland uninspired mess. It's really disappointing to see what they've done to the franchise and unless they go back to what made the old games great, then KZ is dead in my opinion. Same goes for my friends who used to be big KZ fans too.

SoapShoes1295d ago

^ I totally disagree, ShadowFall has great mp and co-op. The single player had nice levels and scenery and good gameplay. The story wasn't good but it wasn't bad either. Then again none of the KZ games have had good stories. I love the back story it just doesn't get told well in the game. :/

Khronikos1295d ago

The MP in SF is LOADS better than 3 lol. This guy up there has no clue. No auto aim. Plenty to do. Great DLC and support. When it goes PS Plus it should attract some new fans. The campaign was fine for me. Not the greatest but certainly not that bad.

Scar-1295d ago

Favorite fps this gen hands down can't wait for the new skins and maps.

Scar-1295d ago

Hilarious I get thumbs down for enjoying a game more than most other people pathetic.

Gore-Content1295d ago

Isn't it sad that the only good news about PS on this site are coming from the official PS sites?

Qrphe1295d ago

No, it just shows how salty the sea of tears is

NegativeCreep4271295d ago

I think it's much sadder - no that's an understatement. More like pathetic - that someone like you feels so smug right now after drinking your own fanboy kool-aid.

LamerTamer1295d ago

Too bad this is MP only. Some new campaign missions would have been nice.

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