SAGN's Wii Crusade!

This is a South African gaming site who is going to extraordinary means to get their hands on a Wii almost 3 months before its due in South Africa. Follow the story from Day 01 [which happened today] all the way too when they get the Wii from Australia [which is the same region as SA that being PAL] on the 7th of December. The lengths these guys go for games is scary! Join the Crusade!

P.S. They are also investigating the gaming scene in Brisbane Australia. Check out their discoveries as they find it!

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MicroGamer4371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

Come on guys. You're camping out in Australia when you only have 3 months to go at home?? I can see if you had a year or more to wait, you might be desperate, but come on. Is it really worth the expense of airfare and accommodations to be the first to have one in your country? And what do you do if it breaks? Your local Nintendo affiliated repair center probably won't fix it since the serial number was shipped to another market, so it's back off to Australia to get it fixed. Then you have region coding, power supply and video signal considerations. If just one of them is different in your home market than where you're buying your system from, you're going to have problems playing it when you get it home.

ChickeyCantor4371d ago

if it breaks, they will get a new one......if they can pay for all that then why not a new Wii?